1. GoldmanAerospace

    Team Shazoo Porche 992 Cup 1.0

    My twitter: I can make a livery for you or for your team! Contact me: Aerospace#7144. A positive review will also be an excellent support;)
  2. Cipha

    Race Assist v1.0.0

    Race Assist is developed and tested on old iPad Models. It should adapt to other screen sizes well, but I can't gurarantee it's pixel perfect. Features: - Current Lap - Fuel remaining / Laps remaining / Fuel alert - Car damage - Tyre pressure / temp / wear - Brake temp (only visible when...
  3. serek4

    SimHub gaps overlay v1.0.0

    Simhub relative leaderboard overlay screens screen 1 screen 2 Overlay uses ACC Simhub Dynamic Leaderboards Plugin Setup information on GitHub
  4. Harkules24

    2022 Good Smile Racing Audi Evo II 1.0

    An Audi Evo II Skin based on the 2022 Super GT Good Smile Racing AMG. Not the most professional livery but it will look good from a distance. Huge credit goes to Tatit for the faithful original Merc livery which I used as reference
  5. lafansujie

    Bmw Studie Team 2016 Bmw M6 Gt3 1.0

    Bmw Studie Team Bmw M6 GT3 from the 2016 season of Super GT. Driven by Jörg Müller and Seiji Ara. If you like my work consider leave a 5 star rating or just a like.
  6. Great Racing Action In Opening Ferrari Velas Esports European Event

    Great Racing Action In Opening Ferrari Velas Esports European Event

    The European arm of the Ferrari Velas Esports Series kicked off this week in fine style, with four entertaining races and 12 drivers progressing to the next stage of this exciting championship. Changing pace from the traditional format associated with Ferrari Esport activations of previous...
  7. ACC | Misano | Track Guide + Setup | Tips to be faster

    ACC | Misano | Track Guide + Setup | Tips to be faster

    Get access to this Setup and two other versions for you choose which fits the best to your style - https://************/product/misano-ferrari-488-gt3-evo-setup/
  8. European Ferrari Velas Esports Series is Here (Live Stream)

    European Ferrari Velas Esports Series is Here (Live Stream)

    A welcome return to the Ferrari Velas Esports Series begins tonight, as the European portion of this exciting virtual tournament kicks off with four races across two different simulations. Following the standout success of Kamil Pawlowski last season, Ferrari returns to our screens once again...
  9. D

    Honda NSX GT3 Evo Meyer Shank Racing IMSA 2019 livery

    Wanted to recreate the MSR IMSA 2019 livery for the Honda/Acura NSX. As this was for a 9hr endurance race At Kyalami in ACC I used some artistic licence on the doors to show the Kyalami logo. Also used some yellow to black gradient painting too. First two photos are the real world livery...
  10. D

    ACC Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT3 skin - Le Mans 2013 Art Car inspiration 1.0

    A scratch-made custom skin for the Aston Martin V8 GT3 for ACC. I took my inspiration from the Le Mans 2013 Art Car that was fielded by the works Aston Martin squad, with a unique rendition to the traditional Gulf livery. Obviously it was made on a relatively different car so I took some...
  11. ProjectKhan

    BMW M4 CSL - 50 years BMW M 1.0

    My interpretatin of the new BMW M4 CSL on the GT3 Version. Feel free to contact me and name me a hex-code for better color accuracy on the Frozen Brooklyn Grey, so I can update it in better quality. Enjoy!
  12. Lorenzo in a benzo

    Custom triple screen resolution in ACC w/ SRWE

    Hi all! I've seen numerous posts on this forum talking about the difficulty to set up a custom triple screen resolution (in my case being 1x34" 21:9 and 2x27" 16:9) due to Nvidia surround's lack of options, but SRWE (see this video ) seemed to do the trick. However, after testing all sorts of...
  13. CivElox

    Porsche Cup Bacardi 1.0

    Hi Guys so here is my Bacardi Skin for the Porsche Cup Car To be honest i had nothing to do so i designed this car ^^. please leave a comment if you find some failures or you just like the skin;)
  14. ranzteezy

    BWT Aston Martin Vantage V8 Skin for ACC 1.0

    I am not associated with any of the sponsors/companies that I've placed into the design, this is just a fictional livery that I did for fun.
  15. G

    Control Freeze

    Hi, I have a knew Pc since a week ago and strangely sometimes my controls freeze while racing. The screen doesn’t freeze or anything just my throttle, brake, steering and shifting. So for example I had one time I was going Towards a braking zone and right when I wanted to break my controls froze...
  16. C

    Lovely Dashboard v1.4.0b

    A multifunctional feature packed SimHub Dashboard (DDU) and a matching Stream Overlay. Download the latest release and read more on GitHub NEW! Join Lovely Sim Racing Discord Server and help develop a better version. A new iRacing update is on its way, and I'll need beta testers. If you're up...
  17. C

    Cancer Research UK - AXR - BMW M2 1

    Here is my custom team that was made for my entry into the Boonatix Mixed championship.
  18. O

    CSP wiper animation for Guerilla Mods BMW M6 GT3 ACC (v1.4) 0.1

    This config adds CSP wiper animation to the Guerilla Mods BMW M6 GT3 ACC v1.4. The car can be downloaded for free from the Guerilla Mods forum. Notes: This requires Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.76 or newer for the animations to work. The wiper will only be visible in game, not in the showroom...
  19. Giacomo D'Angelo

    SVKR Hub liveries (normal and paint edition) 1.0

    [IT] Queste sono le livree ufficiali di SVKR (@svkrhub su Instagram) che verranno usate per un campionato. Dato che tenercele per noi ci sembrava scortese, io e la loro crew abbiamo deciso di pubblicare delle versioni semplificate appositamente per voi, da usare in qualunque momento e in...
  20. lunasther

    Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 - 'Red Five' (Williams FW15 Inspired livery) 1.0

    1993 Williams FW-15 inspired livery for Assetto Corsa Competizione Installation instructions: Unzip, paste both folders (Cars, Liveries) into C:\Users\<Your_Username>\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs