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"BLURRED NODE (RIM_LF) WHEELINDEX[0]: CANNOT LOCATE OBJECT" Error When launching with custom modded car

I am brand new to creating mods for Assetto Corsa and I have run into an issue. I'd like to think I'm moderately tech savvy but if I'm being honest I just know how to follow tutorials and only vaguely understand what I'm doing. So Basically what I've done is taken an existing 1988 honda prelude si mod and put some different wheels, tires, and mirrors on it, of which I got from various other cars. I've loaded the persistence files from each of the cars I got parts from and I fixed all the issues content manager notified me of with the cars data and such but when I try to launch a race with this car I get this error message

I found a couple other people with the same issue but I didn't quite understand how to fix it. I read something about editing the wheel dummy but I don't quite understand how to do that, nor do I know what it means. Also the mirrors I added don't seem to be working as intended. It seems to show the gauge cluster texture over the mirror. Your help is greatly appreciated as I would love to learn more about modding this game and how it works.
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It means the car's blurred_objects.ini is trying to show/hide an object named RIM_LF and your car doesn't have that anymore.


Either edit them out of blurred_objects.ini (just erase entire file probably) or put them back on the wheels where they should be, ie WHEEL_LF -> RIM_LF -> non-blurred mesh, WHEEL_LF -> RIM_BLUR_LF -> blurred meh
Thank you. Deleting blurred_objects.ini now lets me load into the game and drive the car. For future reference I'm assuming I would add the blurred mesh through my 3d editing software. I still have a couple problems though. My issue with the mirror persists. Here's what it looks like:

Since I pulled this mirror of of a different car do I need to attach it to a node on the base car, or perhaps make a new one? I know the the mirror part itself is misaligned. I'm going to go back into my 3d editor to fix that and a few other problems. There's also no sound for the car but that seems like a simple fix. It appears to be an issue with the naming of the files since I made a copy of this car. Other than that the wheels clip through the fender but I'm sure I could fix that with some suspension tuning.