help needed

  1. J

    Please i need help. my car dont start. latest

    I need help, this is my first time building this car and it dont start. Thanks
  2. G

    Satsumas battery instantly dies when starting please help! 29.05.2020

    The car should have gas, oil, coolant, and be wired. Please help me figure out why it just cranks and never fully starts. The battery is always dead after I crank it for the longest. Very very frustrating.
  3. M

    Tactile Transducers/Bass Shaker Help

    Hello all! I'm looking to add tactile transducers/bass shakers. Mr Latte has given me the bug in wanting to add them to my 8020 custom sim racing rig. I mainly race iRacing and a little bit of ACC and PC1, and PC2. My sim racing seat is a Kirkey 65 Series 17" seat. All points of contact with the...
  4. GoshiAU

    Random FPS Drop while mid lap

    For a strange unknown reason, my game drops down to 30 fps while i'm in the middle of a lap, my PC can run the game at 80-120 FPS just fine without any problems but recently it only sits around 60-70 fps now with FPS Drops to 30 FPS, is there a way i can fix this ? it happened to me before which...
  5. fernando03


    So, I just bought the game today so I could cruise around in a big map in some road cars with my brother, but when I try to join the server, it says " Can't connect to remote server". I forwards the TCP and UDP port, and I also opened them in the firewall. I think it is the HTTP port that is...
  6. R

    General Single practice races don't load properly from Content Manager, but do from Steam.

    [RESOLVED] Hello! So, after I replaced the AE86's engine sound with an R34 GT-R V-Spec's engine sound, some things started to happen: As mentioned in the title, single practice races aren't loading correctly when I hit "Go!" in the bottom right. I get sound, and the window pops up, but it's...
  7. R

    Content Manager Setting wont save to Assetto Corsa.

    Help why this setting (CTRL+Z / Gear 7) wont work on actual online game esp in Drift Playground Tando Buddies car (on test work fine). My Setup is: TS-PC RACER THA8 Shifter USB Handbrake The things that i tried. which didnt work. Fresh reinstall (i uninstall then delete all files from the root...
  8. A

    My game has stopped glancing left and right

    When I press the glance left and right buttons on my wheel (Thrustmaster TMX Pro), the game just zooms in rather than actually glancing. I had to reinstall the game after reinstalling Windows due to some error. The game never had this issue with glancing before, only after the reinstallation...
  9. J

    Problems with CM and CSP

    After my first few issues last week I got another one. CM won't load into Sessions and just shows me the "Loading Data for Custom Shaders Patch" Message for ages. AC Launcher starts the game as usual. After a good minute or two following Error Message pops up: I also can't load any CSP...
  10. I

    I need some help

    Well, I'm new in this so well sorry for any error... So, i recently downloaded a ECU mod (DonnerTechs's), and when i bought it on the mechanic some parts (the eletronic screen and the cruise control menu) fall under the mechanic ground, and I can't pick them up. I was taking them to car and they...
  11. J13

    Help with moding skin - colours not correct

    hi guys. I'm trying to make my first ever mod - a skin for the Haas car. I have followed all possible guides i can find but the finished product in game is very dull colour-wise (see pic). the colours are ment to be bright red and bright blue. any advice would be appreciated.
  12. abrimaal

    FIAT 125p for Race 07 and related games 202007

    This is a pre-release. A converted 3D model. The car is drivable, but missing the interior. There is no interior and cockpit at all. I am looking for collab in finding and adapting cockpit to this car. The rest of graphics I will do - lights, shading, textures, cameras. There are two variants -...
  13. L

    When I create a custom livery and make a folder in 'Liveries' containing the necessary files, my livery disappears in-game

    I followed all the steps of Boonatix's Video on creating s custom ACC livery, but when i enter the game, it isnt there. I have the DLC and followed all the steps correctly, but my whole car is missing. Does anyone have any advice?
  14. GrumpsTV

    porsche 911 2019 General all round setups?

    Is there a thing like a general set up? If so ya boy here needs it i love the car but struggling with tweaking the set ups from aero to other little things that can make a difference! Anyone out there got some handy tips for a new Porsche 911 driver who want to use the car long term? Thanks...
  15. anthony32904

    Error in assetto corsa

    hey I was wondering if anyone could help me fixed this error in assetto corsa AC\camerashadowmapped.cpp (299): CameraShadowMapped::renderPass AC\cameraforwardyebis.cpp (1266): CameraForwardYebis::renderApplyEffect AC\cameraforwardyebis.cpp (1182): CameraForwardYebis::render AC\sim.cpp (2564)...
  16. KarneUSZ

    Fixing Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel

    Hey! Some time ago i bought a Mad Catz wheel. It was really cheap, but not without a reason, cause it was broken. More specificly , it was a gear failure. Someone just treated it with a little to much force. :P The gear looks like this: Yea i know its a little bit dirty and dusty, but it was...
  17. H

    MSC - Satsuma Just Judders and cuts out please help guys vers 2

    satsuma starts but only idles with choke fully out and cant seem to tune the carb , please help ! also when i go to drive it judders and stalls .... ohh and mind the mess haha
  18. Littlefysh

    CPU Usage

    I'll start from the beginning. A year or two ago I bought RF2 to give it a go. Unfortunately I'm a student so I'm restricted to a laptop at the moment, but I thought if it didn't work, I've got it ready for when I can get a proper setup. So I gave it a go and my CPU usage was horrible. Gameplay...
  19. Parkles

    TM TX Doesn't function anymore

    I had just gone through a move from state to state, and before I moved my TM TX worked just fine. But then when I had arrived at the destination, and tried to set everything up, my TX doesn't work anymore. I noticed that the mode light is stuck on green (doesn't toggle to red) and that the xbox...