1. MarkFelix

    Oracle Red Bull Honda | 2023+ Fantasy Team Package | Honda Works Return | Modular Mods Team Package. Patch 1.15 compatible

    A scenario where Honda come back officially and put their logos back over the car, including the front and back of the rear wing. This mod includes: -Car Livery, Steering Wheel Decals -Driver Suit and Cap adjustments -Adjustment to Max and Perez helmet and caps
  2. Tarquin

    Michael Shank Racing NSX GT3 - 2017 IMSA WTSC 1.0

    Michael Shank Racing Acura two-car effort in the 2017 IMSA WeatherTech sportsCar Championship. The #86 car with black front fading through grey cross hatch to white, commemorating Acura’s 30th anniversary since its establishment in 1986. The #93 team car, representing 1993, the year Honda...
  3. Its_Tdm_Thomas

    Red Bull Honda Racing 1.0

    a very simple replacement of the oracle logo with the honda logo : )
  4. A

    VRC (Virtual Racing Cars) Formula NA 2018 Skin Packge 1.0

    Custom liveries for the 2018 INdyCar season, this mod is built upon the fantastic VRC Formula NA 2018 mod by the great folks at Virtual Racing Cars. A great review of the physics involved can be viewed here (). Installation instruction: *** You musty have the base mod from VRC for these...
  5. I

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 White RedBull RB18 Honda tribute 2

    This is my recreation of the RB16b Japan tribute livery applied to the RB18. This has been updated to support both FH 2022 versions. It includes the white driver suits, gloves, and special Japan themed ACSPRH helmet skins for both drivers. Also included is the _standard version that has a more...
  6. thejqka

    BAR Lucky Strike Honda - RSS Formula 2000 1.1

    Hey guys! This livery is inspired by the seasons following 2000, bringing more black and red to the design. I hope you like it! :D Of course this comes a a complete team-package, including a custom pitcrew and box! You now get two variations in this pack. The regular Lucky Strike livery...
  7. thejqka

    Honda Racing Formula 1 - RSS 1970 1.0

    Heyo guys! What if Honda competed in Formula 1 in the early 70s? Here's my concept! The car is pakaged for the regular version, but works on the S variant as well! Just copy the folders over. Big thank you again to Bence for the amazing screenshots! Check out is IG...
  8. alecking448

    2022 NTT IndyCar Series 1.00

    2022 NTT IndyCar Series This Mod group contains every car livery from the 2022 season. Including Driver suits, Helmets, and Gloves for each specific livery. Just drag the mas file into the DallaraIR18_2020 install folder and enjoy. The talent file in the pack will be updated as well to feature...
  9. walczu

    ALL-INKL #29 #86 WTCR 2022 2 skins 1.0

    ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport WTCR 2022 Drivers: #29 Nestor Girolami #86 Esteban Guerrieri for Honda Civic TypeR TCR 2019 by Tommy78 Thanks to Tommy for permission to use the base of skin and for fantastic car. Thank you friend!
  10. AMG35 Design

    Honda NSX Evo MSR and WTR Liveries 1.0

    IMSA is one of the best racing series' out there, so here are the two 2022 Acura ARX-05 DPi liveries draped over the Honda NSX Evo for ACC! Wayne Taylor Racing and Meyer Shank Racing are two of the most successful outfits over in the USA, and now you can take their distinctive liveries out on...
  11. Alerk73

    McLaren Honda 1.0

    Installa con ERP Archiver
  12. PB4


    Hey ACCler´s, in a world where HONDA RACING and BWT would team up, this could be a version of their livery. Who knows :ninja: Enjoy it
  13. hellokittylover82

    Honda Racing My Team (Concept) [MODULAR MODS] 1.1

    This is a concept livery for Honda Racing if they ever were to join F1 again as a team. This is purely fictional and the sponsors are as well. I have no plans for making a full MyTeam package unless the mod turns out to do well. DISCORD: AMO Mods If you want to join AMO Mods discord for help...
  14. walczu

    Team Engstler #9 #18 WTCR 2022 2 skins 1.15

    Engstler Honda Type R Liqui Moly Racing Team WTCR 2022 Drivers: #9 Attila Tassi #18 Tiago Monteiro for Honda Civic Type R TCR Fk7 by WSC (Virtual TCR)
  15. RouTaeX

    Formula one Bar 003 Honda and Minardi PS01 by MHRacing 1.1

    Based on the formula one season 2001, we are releasing the Bar 003 and Minardi PS01, these mods coming around with new features as sounds and physics. Those are older projects and we've also made further progress in certain things at that time, as for example regarding to the visualization of...
  16. Lil Rusty

    Honda Integra DC5 | ADVAN/Mugen Skin Pack 1.0

    Skins from the game R: Racing Evolution (Ridge Racer spin-off). Created from scratch for the Honda Integra DC5 made by jet399 aka Jack Thorpe. ADVAN Blue: ADVAN Red: ADVAN Orange: Mugen Yellow: Mugen White: Mugen Blue: notice: photos of the Mugen skins are outdated, now the roof has its...
  17. Mikis94

    Honda Civic VTI Skinpack 1.0

    All skins are based on the Gran Turismo 2 (with "Civic Sedan" plate) Pack includes: Taffetas White Vogue Silver Metallic Lightning Silver Metallic Starlight Black Pearl Burning Red Pearl Clover Green Pearl Adriatic Blue Pearl "Lightning Silver Metallic"
  18. O

    Marlbros Tailgate Team 2022-07-24

    My friends made parody smoke logo's for apparel, this is what the team would look like.
  19. MJQT

    Honda NSX by Niels Heusinkveld, Siim Annuk v1

    I've heard several people say that this Honda NSX street car for rF1 by Niels Heusinkveld and Siim Annuk is one of the best mods for the sim. I'm inclined to agree. @Niels_at_home I'm guessing would now feel he could do much better, but I think this mod is very much worth driving and sharing all...
  20. DigiBric

    AlphaTauri Honda LCR MOD 1.0

    This mod replaces custom pilot Honda LCR Castrol. Pirelli Tyre MOD: