1. Gabimaix

    PPFilter help

    So I recently started to play around making my own ppfilter with sol but I somehow messed something up... Idk when but the rear lights, instead of a mix of white and red, are now simply red which as you can see from the screenshots here it doesn't look very good. This is how it looks with my...
  2. A

    [Help] Changing FFB breaks input

    Hello, very new both here and to PC racing in general. I'm using a G29 w/shifter with the latest driver, Logitech Hub (LGS wasn't working for me), and Windows 10. I'm used to a stronger FFB in the top few degrees of my wheel, AC is currently providing next to no resistance until pretty steep...
  3. W

    General Volumetric lights not working

    Hello, for some reason they don't seem to work On and off they seem to look the same, I don't see the volumetric effect, maybe some other content manager option is interfering? CSP 0.1.76
  4. R

    How to create a series with multiple add-ons cars

    Hey guys, I downloaded 2018 Holden ZB and 2018 or 2019 Ford Mustang from V8 Supercars, and since it's impossible to find a actual mod of V8 Supercars with ZB and Mustang for Automobilista I need to put 2 mods in one, so I can race and make a offline championship, I have no clue how can I do...
  5. seanoh123

    Rain FX - Ground too bright

    Hey, Not sure if it the correct place to post this but been tearing my hair out trying to fix this. I've installed CSP paid and tired to play on Shutoko project with Rain FX but when I drive with the rain on it goes to this: Is there a way to fix this? Currently running natural mod if that...
  6. HDM Melis

    Tracks Newbie to Blender and modding needs help implementing street track!

    I'm new to making circuits blender, but have an alright understanding of how the basics in Blender work. I have made the basic layout and pitlane already, but when exporting as FBX and trying to import it into AC editor, I can't see it. Could anyone have a quick look at the Blender file, and...
  7. V

    Apps Kseditor doesn't open

    Kseditor doesn't want to open, I don't have any idea on what it could be Just open it, it's process runs for a second or two and it closes, also tried the modded version and it too doesn't open Did someone else had this error?
  8. A

    Having a lot of trouble with the Eau Rouge

    I know that you can go up it without stopping accelerating, but no matter how much I try, I either turn right into the right side chicane or I go straight out of the track on the left side when the hill ends. For reference, I'm arcing on a R8 LMS Ultra. Can someone please help me?
  9. J

    Cars Modding help, Grey spline coming out of car/ windshielding cloning

    So I'm new to modding and just trying to do some lite changes to a car for my own personal use. I am working in blender and converting in KSeditor for the KN5, when i export out of blender though I get this weird problem that I have pictured. the model has a shifter animation that i dont think...
  10. Pyyer

    Tracks Jeddah Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix Add-ons Extension (jeddah21 Version)

    Pyyer submitted a new resource: Jeddah Formula 1 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Add-ons Extension - All the track environment from the F1 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Read more about this resource...
  11. T

    can someone help me make a track with 3ds max

    im looking for somebody that can help me with the textures and the overall making of it Discord TFCSARSS#6661
  12. Lucas Mulati

    Problem with textures and .veh files.

    I am having some strange problem which I simply couldn't solved. Right now I'm making a mod, and all the parts of the cars are ready. I want to use this parts on multiples vehicles, with different textures. The problem is: I have already done the .veh file with the DefaultLivery, Extra0, Extra2...
  13. jpplayz033

    Can't load into races assetto corsa

    Recently factory reset my pc and reinstalled Assetto Corsa. but now when I try to load into races it just stays on the loading track and doesn't go anywhere, it was working fine before the factory reset. I've reinstalled the game and verified game files but it still doesn't seem to load, I've...
  14. Chris Temperino

    Thrustmaster wheel causing Game Controllers to run at a snails pace?!?!

    Idk what is causing this but when ever I go into my Game controllers app to change the wheel rotation the app slows down like i need to constantly click the mouse to get a response. it has gotten to the point that even when play GTR Evo/Race 07 i cant even configure the controlles. Someone help
  15. N


  16. Y

    DFGT settings for drift?

    Hello, I'll get straight to the point. I have my Driving Force GT wheel and I generally use it to drift my asseto corsa, but I have a little problem. I made adjustments to the game so that the steering wheel when doing a drift turns quickly, but for this the force feedback must be at a high...
  17. S

    Reverb g2 crashing

    my VR keeps crashing when loading onto a server in CM but works fine in solo lobbys. need help.
  18. Langheck_917

    Skins Assistance with Fairlady Z model/Texture map

    Seeking assistance with a Fairlady Z model which is listed for download over on ac.totsugeki. I am hoping to replicate some historic racing skins for this model, as well as tinker with the performance data. However, in the showroom, the car appears completely crystalline and does not appear to...
  19. jenn ball

    annoying window bug in VR

    Okay, so I've got this problem on a few mod cars where the window creates this "stamp" kinda effect from the inside, and I can't see out of it. It's extremely annoying since I can't immerse myself into the VR experience properly and have to avoid driving certain cars altogether because of it...
  20. S

    Assetto Crashing after a few seconds in track day mode

    Howdy! So I'm going into track day mode and after around 5 seconds my game crashes to Content manager. Strangly this is only happening in Track day mode and not in other modes like practice or race mode. I've attached my whole logs folder as I don't know what file I should link otherwise. Log...