1. Ghiaman1334

    General Content Manager problems

    Hi all, Got a Content Manager issue: tried to go to the 'Categories' tab of the car select to filter the cars, however CM comes up with: 'Navigation failed Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.' This also happens with tracks. What does this mean?
  2. Abhishek Adhikari

    Need someone to mentor me to get into sim racing for free

    I'm a beginner, never driven a real car but understand car physics quite well. I own a Logitech G29 and play at 60fps and 60Hz monitor. I want to learn sim racing. Get my laps better, better braking, no slide and learn a little bit of drifting also. Can anyone help me?But for free as I have no...
  3. R

    I can't see rain on the windscreen and wipers do not work. Who can help me?

    I have a problem in assetto corsa. I installed sol wheater mod, the latest costum shaders patch and the wet track mod. I also installed the shaders extension rain app. When i go into a race(launched from content manager) with rain enabled, i hear the rain dropping and there is a trail of water...
  4. Ghiaman1334

    Cars Rfactor to Assetto Corsa car conversion?

    Hi there, I'm trying to convert an Rfactor car pack mod to Assetto Corsa, but I'm new to this. Could anyone link me a good tutorial/guide on converting from Rfactor to AC, so I can get started? That or just tell me a few key things I need to know?
  5. Ghiaman1334

    Laptop Keyboard not working

    Hi guys, Got quite the major issue... the keyboard on my laptop has stopped working. The keys do not type. Some shortcuts work, like Ctrl-Alt-Del, and the Windows key works, otherwise I'm getting no response. Oddly enough they work in notepad but I can't rely on notepad for everything lol Can...
  6. aaron1234124

    How to Disable Mirror box on server

    So i just made my own dedicated server, how do i turn off the mirror box at the top of the screen?. I pressed F11 but its saying that the server config is forcing it on. And i cant find where in the config u turn it off Any help would be greatly appricated Thanks :)
  7. Ghiaman1334

    General F1 mods?

    Hi all, Long post, hope this doesn't sound too demanding, I'd just love some help. So, this may be a weird thing to do, but I'm attempting to set up a sort of F1 mega-campaign on Assetto Corsa, with F1 cars and mods and tracks continuously over the years from as far back as possible. I've been...
  8. T

    General how do you uninstall a mod from assetto corsa content manager?

    im a noob at all this stuff but basically I installed a mod without creating a mod folder in assetto corsa content manager and now I want to uninstall it so i can reinstall it in the mods folder
  9. S

    Simucube 2 Mounting Bolts snapped

    Hi, when I tried to loosen the nuts on my Simucube 2 Pro the head of the bolt literally snapped off. To me it felt like the Bolt was a lot tighter then when I installed it (Maybe the vibration somehow jammed the thing?). Has anyone here encountered a similar problem ?
  10. Ghiaman1334

    General Rollovers TCR '18 not available?

    I've been redownloading my mods because my game majorly broke, and I've come up on a problem. I downloaded The Rollovers TCR pack (2018 - with the newer Civic model) while it was available on the website under 'free mods', but now it is no longer available. Is there a way to get this mod pack...
  11. Ghiaman1334

    Monaco? More like NOnaco!

    I hate driving the Circuit de Monaco. I can't get the setup right, I get spooked by the barriers and lift/brake more than I should, I get wing damage every 5 seconds, the hairpin can do one, it's practically impossible to overtake... I don't think I've ever finished a Monaco GP in any F1 game...
  12. B

    Moving from 4 wheels to 2

    Evening all. Last week I decided to move over to moto gp games, having spent all my life on granturismo and forza (normally top 5% global). I have to say, very challenging. Been playing for about a week now and at 60% difficulty, no racing lines, manual gears, need TCS for the GP bikes and...
  13. eod696

    Problem with track signage

    I took this screenshot from atop the windmills at Zolder, around Lucien Bianchibocht looking down the straight to the Kleine chicane: What on Earth has happened? Why are these giagantic "Pit Show" signs floating in the sky? They wiggle to and fro like flags or something too... It didn't...
  14. Ghiaman1334

    AC no longer starts?

    So, when I start a race in Assetto Corsa Content Manager, even if everything is base game and not a mod, it will give me the loading screen for loading the session, then cancel the session and boot me back to CM. When I try to open AC via the real AC shortcut, it just won't load the main menu...
  15. Ryo96

    Custom Logos

    So, I was following a couple of tutorial about import custom logos with Unity but there are some steps that I don't Understand. Like - Import your logo into Unity. Do I have to create a new empty project or do I have to use the workshop template? - Export the AssetBundle. Ho to do it? I don't...
  16. Littlefysh

    CPU Usage

    I'll start from the beginning. A year or two ago I bought RF2 to give it a go. Unfortunately I'm a student so I'm restricted to a laptop at the moment, but I thought if it didn't work, I've got it ready for when I can get a proper setup. So I gave it a go and my CPU usage was horrible. Gameplay...
  17. D

    Sounds Creating Aventador SV Sounds (Capristo)

    Hey all! I am new to the AC modding community, and have a background in flight simulator sound modding. I am working diligently on a Capristo Exhaust for the Aventador, as I believe it captures the spirit of the car quite well, and the default sounds are too tinny, and lack the grunt of an...
  18. Driver Motive

    Steering problems with TMX

    Hi I have a problem with steering pls help. Check the video.
  19. E

    help car does not work 2019-10-16

    my car wont start help.
  20. L

    Help me please! I'm going crazy. Satsuma is fully built (+wiring) and won't start

    So the thing is that the Satsuma has been built but I can't ignite it. I tried many things and nothing works. I think I'm not missing anything from the wiring stuff. Maybe it's something related to the battery, but I can't understand the reason. It all seems ok to me. I really need help here...