content manager

  1. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Updates (Tracks, Kunos) v1.0

    simple mod that updates the game's track metadata for a more clean and consistent look. (ignore baku lol) an example image DISCLAIMER: - this mod overwrites the original "ui.json" files. Make a backup.
  2. M

    New Error in Assetto Corsa after playing 20min

    Hi Guys! Like the title says, i got a problem with the Content Manager. Im on the newest CSP (1.7.8) and on the newest Content Manager. Everytime when im playing, i get this Error about 20-30 minutes after. (see Picture) Now im clueless of what i could do. Because i tried -> - Whole Computer...
  3. eyes_of_lince

    Need help | CM keeps crashing in race mode :(

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. I have been playing AC for quite some time but in the last couple of months, I begin to be interested in experimenting with some mods... That's why I installed content manager. Everything was smooth and works well.. except when I wanted to use it against AI...
  4. Wickd51

    Assetto Corsa Content Manager No Red Lights at Race Start

    Hello, I start a race on Content Manager. When I'm in the acutal game and press on the play buttom the "red race lights" should pop up as they did all the time. I didn't know what happend to my game but as i started my pc like all the time and launched into an race against AI I had no red race...
  5. Sfsfxv

    Custom Shaders Patch freezing and crashing on the server

    Hello, I have my own server, past 2, 3 weeks everything was perfect but since 8 of June (3 days ago) game start crashing. I'm using content manager, last version, custom shaders patch, before I used 0.1.78-pre. After realizing 0.1.78 I started using 0.1.79-pre. On the server, after 5, 10, 60...
  6. McBlacklist

    Assetto Corsa Photo Result VERY Bright

    Hello. I'm new to Assetto Corsa photography. I've googled my question with many different keywords but haven't found the answer. The question is: whenever I press take photo in replay it, always shows a 'progress bar' below and takes around 6 - 7 secs, but the result becomes very VERY bright...
  7. M

    All tags removed 1

    i removed all of the tags from all the kunos cars including dlc. the most annoying part of reinstalling AC for me was removing all the Tags from the cars through content manager , i always group the cars using my own tags. So this saves you about an Hour of time :) just copy all the folders...
  8. W

    General Volumetric lights not working

    Hello, for some reason they don't seem to work On and off they seem to look the same, I don't see the volumetric effect, maybe some other content manager option is interfering? CSP 0.1.76
  9. Mardii_B

    AC server error

    Hey everyone im having a bit of trouble and im at the end of my tether. after 2 days of trying to work out the port forwarding on my router i finally managed to get my AC server to run and show up in the lobby, how ever now i get a lovely (sarcasim) orange triange beside the server box that...
  10. Sylana

    Numberplate Livery Icon Generator for Content Manager 1.1

    Make your livery icons with just one click easily Less work for skin creators and people who just want a clean UI One example for livery icons created with the generator only: You need to have the following fonts on your PC installed, otherwise you'll get just the default fonts from CM...
  11. wanderson4722

    Cars DLC Not appearing in Content Manager

    My first time posting, I just want to thank the Race Department community for how much content you guys provide! I purchased a DLC in the Assetto Corsa game (PC-- Porsche 919) and everything works fine as long as I am not using Content Manager. When I try driving the 919 on modded maps (and use...
  12. A

    Assetto Corsa Ferrari F2004 Dashboard Bug

    Hey, after installing CSP and Sol the RPM, speed and delta readouts on the dashboard of the F2004 became faded. Would be very grateful if someone can help me fix this bug.
  13. leocchi

    Can't play certain maps at night and lighting problem

    So suddenly I have a problem with my Content Manager, some maps got an error when I launch it at night. (For examples I load the Shutoku Project map at night) Usually I didn't get this error before, and I didn't do anything with the lighting fx or using any lighting mods. It just suddenly got...
  14. GreenRanger090

    reoccurring problems with content manager

    Every time I get on content manager there seems to be a new problem that is there for me to fix before I can just play the game. I never mess with my settings and I don't do anything fancy, I get on content manager and try to start a practice race on any track and my camera will sometimes be...
  15. S

    Reverb g2 crashing

    my VR keeps crashing when loading onto a server in CM but works fine in solo lobbys. need help.
  16. M

    Content Manager + NLR Motion Platform V3 - How to?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the community and I wasn't able to find an answer to my question on google. So here it goes... sorry if the question is redundant. I used to play Assetto Corsa as is. Now I invested in a nice rig and I am trying to update it with some visual mods. In that process I...
  17. P

    Assetto Corsa - G29 Clutch acts like a button

    As in the title, my clutch acts like a button, in content manager, in the "Clutch" section, my clutch appears as "Clutch Pedal". It seems like everything is alright, but no, even if I just press the pedal lightly, it goes straight to 100%. In the other games it works fine. Here is the...
  18. S

    General Problem with steering after content manager installation

    Hi, I have a problem with drifting after content manager installation. Car slides like front tires don't exist. Before that, I could drift consistently. I didn't change any option in the game. I'm using option "pro" and drive with t150 with generated LUT. I already tried removing SOL...
  19. C

    Low Screenshot Quality

    i started learning how to take good screenshots in assetto corsa and in replay it was beautiful, but when i checked them they were blurry, i even taked a windows screenshot and i checked them side by side windows screenshot wasnt blurry at all. windows one is 2.26 mb and assetto corsa is 498kb...
  20. TinMan_JB

    Assetto Corsa rain tyres in custom championships

    Hello, fellow simracers! Rain tyres and wet physics in AC (using CM & CSP preview) work in single races/weekends/practice, but not in championships. Is there a hidden setting that enables use of rain tyres and wet physics in custom championships, made with content manager? If anyone knows sth...