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content manager

  1. T

    Help me optimize Assetto Corsa via Content Manager

    Hi everyone, recently had to update my PC because it broke and now I'm planning to make things more serious regarding my sim racing passion. TL;DR: What are the most fps hitting graphics options in CM and which Ambient Occlusion option should I use for the smallest fps impact? My previous PC...
  2. Grafik Mods installieren in Assetto Corsa | FOTOREALISMUS in nur 5 Minuten

    Grafik Mods installieren in Assetto Corsa | FOTOREALISMUS in nur 5 Minuten

    How to setup all important graphic Mods in Assetto Corsa. Disclaimer: Video in German!
  3. K

    Error in Assetto Corsa

    I will be very grateful if someone helps to solve my problem: AC\glrenderer.cpp (200): GLRenderer::end AC\splashscreen.cpp (158): SplashScreen::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (288): Game::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (288): Game::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (142): Game::onIdle AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run AC\acs.cpp...
  4. dougmcd

    Content manager issue after any session

    Since the last AC update from a week ago, results from any session no longer show up in Content Manager menu. Also, replays aren´t saving despite having auto-save activated. Any idea on whats causing it?


    #assettocorsa #simracing #racinggamesSo I did the hotlap in the RSR on Monza in my previous video, I became fairly confident with the car and handling so I...
  6. K

    Apps CarTuner/Sol/Content Manager/WeatherFX interaction help

    Just like the many headaches/trials that the real life hypercars are experiencing in the WEC as of current, it challenged me into deciding that I need my own hypercar mod in the game as it is relatively easy to cut corners in developing a brand new car (take existing LMP1, add weight, reduce ICE...
  7. F

    AC CM replay function tanks frame rate

    No idea what happened, suddenly the ramerate drops to 1 or 2 fps when I pause the game and stays like this at replay or photo mode. Hardware utalization is close to zero %. Same when I start the game directly on steam or content manager. Ran Steam file varifaction and also reinstalled it...
  8. Z

    Content Manager - Custom tracks F1 Previews 1.1

    Set of outline circuits to F1 standards. the thumbnails contain the name of the circuit, the year. A rain version is also available for users of the rain mod circuits: Wet mod installation: Installation guide 1. Dowload the file 2. Unrar the file wherever you want 3. Open Content Manager 4...
  9. Ghiaman1334

    Technical Problems - Crash Diagnosus?

    So my Assetto Corsa was fine yesterday, able to use mod cars on mod tracks and everything. Today, it struggles to even do base game stuff. Only concrete change, I think, between yesterday and today is my disabling of McAfee, as it keeps deleting my Content Manager as a 'virus', even on the...
  10. G

    General Stuck in 2D

    removing post. i wish there was a delete post option
  11. T


    Hello guys, i have a problem with my assetto corsa, when i launch a race from the game, the race doesn't start, and when I launch a race from Content Manager, I got that error. Dou you have any idea to fix it please ?
  12. The_Thicc_Kobudai

    "BLURRED NODE (RIM_LF) WHEELINDEX[0]: CANNOT LOCATE OBJECT" Error When launching with custom modded car

    I am brand new to creating mods for Assetto Corsa and I have run into an issue. I'd like to think I'm moderately tech savvy but if I'm being honest I just know how to follow tutorials and only vaguely understand what I'm doing. So Basically what I've done is taken an existing 1988 honda prelude...
  13. E

    I'm having a problem with Custom Shaders Patch

    I tried installing almost all the versions of Custom Shaders Patch but i always get some sort of error. This time tried using v0.1.72, i opened the game through Content Manager and got this error shown below: And after this error game crashed and Content Manager gave me this error shown...
  14. Chipi40s

    Game Keeps Crashing After Starting Anything In Singleplayer With CM

    So i recently install sol 2.0 and had an issue when starting up a practice session in single player mode in Content Manager. I had Sol 1.0 and horizon shades installed with track and car mods aswell as the sidekick mod whihc ran perfectly before i installed Sol 2.0. I kept getting the...
  15. DetonatorAgent

    "Race Canceled" while trying to load a race

    My AC Content Manager keeps crashing when loading a race. I'm trying offline, and it works on a fresh install for a race or two before not working with any combination of car or map, modded or vanilla. None of the separate launchers work in settings and I can't seem to reverse it. AC will...
  16. dbmcristi

    "Race Canceelled problem

    When I start a race in Content Manger with kunos cars and tracks in any gamemode(practice,race ,etc)it says race cancelled. I tried to start a race in the official launcher and It's not even showing the loading screen. Installed/reinstalled asseto from steam and nothing had changed. ///I used my...
  17. K

    Sri Lanka license plates for Content Manager 1.0

    2000 type 2013 3 letter type All provinces and diplomat Petrol, diesel and electric vehicle types Front and back colors Wide (similar to Europe) and regular (similar to Japan) size Unregistered (CXX-XXXX) red plates Normal map for all textures Wide 2000 type on EVO VIII To install copy the...
  18. UolterUait

    UU Car Previews Presets GT5 Smoke 1.0

    Here is a preview preset I made almost a year ago. It's basic and it could be improved a lot but I don't use it anymore so it's up to you if you want to edit it. I'm uploading this because I still see people that either use it or asks for it and so i thought the best way was to just upload it...
  19. WolfSchnitzel

    Can someone get me this file or something? The race wont start without it apparently.

  20. Bieri777

    Can't get onto a specific server

    Hey, I want to join a server for a event on this weekend. This issue is known almost 2 weeks. The host said that he did everything he could and I should search for the problem on my site. If I load the cars the loading screen stops after the last car and shows me "unexpected error". If I press...