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  1. brammo_00

    Skins Helmet Vvsor change standard driver model

    Hi, I have a question about the helmet visor in assetto corsa. I know it is posible to change the collor of the visor but this is not the way i want it to change. Whenever i change the collor of the Helmet_Glass_2012.dds i do see a visual change but only slightly. I think this is due to the...
  2. Assetto Corsa Week: Preparing for Bilster Berg Trackday

    Assetto Corsa Week: Preparing for Bilster Berg Trackday

    #AssettoCorsa #TheExtraMile #BilsterBergYou can download the car here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2007-subaru-impreza-wrx-gd-tuned.33356/You ca...
  3. mboyd5

    Tracks Trigger size for ambient track sounds

    Hi, I've recently figured out how to add ambient track sounds using CSP thanks to the tutorials posted on here but my problem is how do you make the trigger size larger? It seems to be limited to around 10.4 metres in game and for whatever reason it won't bind to the object using the...
  4. S

    Making and engine with Physics Editor

    Just wanna say: in love with physics editor! I's so easy to make an engine!!! I have two questions: 1- The blue line is COMPRESSION IN NM. I don't really know what its mean. I understand that power in hp is defined by torque x rotation. But compression seems to be a separate item. First...
  5. F

    F1 2020 Visor on helmet

    Hey everyone, does anyone know if it’s possible to change the color of the visor? In my opinion the standard black visor on the helmets kill the helmet. There are almost no drivers in real life who use the black visor. I would love a colored visor as it also makes the helmet more realistic. Can...
  6. Kyuubeey

    Physics Pipeline + tools 0.6

    18.07.2021 Version 0.6 - Updated Analyzer, made default sheet generic - Updated Damper, made default sheet generic - Updated Stabilizer, added more data - Updated Load Curve Helper, added more data - Corrected misleading statement in Pipeline engine.ini section - Corrected or removed misleading...
  7. The_Thicc_Kobudai

    "BLURRED NODE (RIM_LF) WHEELINDEX[0]: CANNOT LOCATE OBJECT" Error When launching with custom modded car

    I am brand new to creating mods for Assetto Corsa and I have run into an issue. I'd like to think I'm moderately tech savvy but if I'm being honest I just know how to follow tutorials and only vaguely understand what I'm doing. So Basically what I've done is taken an existing 1988 honda prelude...
  8. Sven Hielscher

    Blender rF2 Studio Application Template v0.2-alpha

    Application Templates for Blender allow re-use of configuration and contents, which is perfect for those that often have the same workflow and don't want to fiddle in the menus first before being able to actually start working on their project. These rF2 Studio Application Templates are made...
  9. monitor

    Skins how to get the mazda rx7 tuned 'gt wing' skin working?

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_6MAzaqGFTs3AhViSdNXjPskn8YwlzrN/view?usp=sharing here is the .dds file. I pull this template from the ac main folder and so far I had no luck getting it working also tried and fail to run the caliper one. Thanks in advance for your help
  10. G

    F1 2020 Has anyone created a mod manager for online/offline games?

    I enjoy online play with a few friends, but I would also like to use mods in my solo and Myteam careers. I understand you can copy your base game files and have two sets, modded and unmodded. What i am looking for is a manager where i select online or offline and it sets the correct files and...
  11. Lucas351

    LucasDesigns' 2021 Season Mod Final

    Welcome to my new F1 2021 Season mod for F1 2020! · YOU'LL NEED TO INSTALL MODULAR MODS BEFORE INSTALLING THIS MOD IMPORTANT: · Names cannot be edited (Aston Martin, Alpine, Alonso...) · You can't play online (including post Time Trial records) · Not compatible with any other copy paste mod...
  12. C

    Sounds Sound modding

    Looking for a sweet heart to help me with a project i am working on. Need help with editing a sound bank (got as far as extracting and attempting to rebuild the sound bank in FMOD and lost the will to live) 1. Want to add siren to horn (unless a better option is available) 2. Reduce volume of...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    One To Watch | 8 Top Mod Tracks For Assetto Corsa By Simracing604

    Our good friend Mike at Simracing604 has put together another great video where he picks out 8 of his favourite mod tracks to download for Assetto Corsa. Sim racing is pretty awesome, made all the more so by our incredible community that continue even to this day to produce exceptional quality...
  14. D

    Cars Modding Vehicle Data

    I'm trying to change some values for a car, specifically the R34 GTR (Mod, not Kunos). Now I've been able to mess around with a few things to get it performing more reasonably (along with some visual modifications) but I'm having trouble with some finer details. The main issues deal with Aero...
  15. J

    Can anyone help me with the .AIW and .CAM on this track?

    Hi everyone, I'm having pretty severe issues with this track. Someone made it for NR2003 long ago, and I'm trying to convert it to rFactor. I fired up my old laptop, which has Windows 7, to run the ISI AIW Editor. For some reason, as soon as I use the editor to make any changes to the .AIW...
  16. mboyd5

    Sounds 2 step mod - Turbo'd Ford V8 powered Chesta!

    Reverse engineered a mates 2 step mod to work on other cars with my sound mod. Still a WIP but will be releasing soon just need to check with permissions with whoever made the 3d model.
  17. runzavion

    F1 2013 [Question] How to replace correctly engine's sounds?

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I have a question about modding I wanted to replace a v6 engine to Marussia, and I used EGO File Converter to edit carsetups.xml in audio folder. I rename the Marussia engine bundle with the v6 engine. It works and the game didn't crash, but when I tested the car...
  18. mboyd5

    Ford GT40 V8 Turbo and N/A Sound mod 1.0

    These are the settings in the engine.ini that need to be changed in order for it to sound correctly. Don't forget that if you change the RPM value in the engine.ini, you will need to change the RPM|Torque values in the power.lut file RPM - 8500 LIMITER - 8500 LIMITER_HZ - 140 IDLE RPM - 1000...
  19. AdmiralKaneki

    F1 2013 First time modding

    I wanna try modding F1 2013 with more modern style design (2018 F1 font, 2018 style OSD). What tools should I use for modding visuals like these?
  20. mboyd5

    350 Chev Naturally Aspirated 1.0

    Title says it all. Read the youtube description for engine.ini settings so that it doesn't sound weird on the car you put it on. Sub to my channel if you would like to stay updated with my other mods. Enjoy!