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modding community

  1. The_Thicc_Kobudai

    "BLURRED NODE (RIM_LF) WHEELINDEX[0]: CANNOT LOCATE OBJECT" Error When launching with custom modded car

    I am brand new to creating mods for Assetto Corsa and I have run into an issue. I'd like to think I'm moderately tech savvy but if I'm being honest I just know how to follow tutorials and only vaguely understand what I'm doing. So Basically what I've done is taken an existing 1988 honda prelude...
  2. AdmiralKaneki

    F1 2013 First time modding

    I wanna try modding F1 2013 with more modern style design (2018 F1 font, 2018 style OSD). What tools should I use for modding visuals like these?
  3. Dat-Mudkip

    Physics Broken Rear Axle on Rebuild; Help?

    I found a mod on a website that consisted of 2017 NASCAR Cup cars. (Well, technically three mods; one for each manufacturer.) It turns out that whoever made this mod treated it less like a stock car and more like a GT3 car, as there was a lot of stuff that I felt was either inaccurate or could...
  4. XRRoy

    General Is There Any Other Modding Team Like IER and Rollovers?

    Hello people, recently in love with Porsche 911 GT America by IER, I was wondering if there's any others like them? Making free mods with top-notch quality?