server manager

  1. poobum123

    Can't find my own server in Assetto Corsa

    First off, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section or something idk. So basically, in the past i have been able to create and join my own server with friends, but now i can't even find my own server. Over lots of testing, the server managed to pop up but i couldn't connect (don't remember...
  2. D

    a question about the qualy modes on the server

    I have a question about the qualy modes on the server and I can't find any info Hi guys, I am a community administrator, we have been using ACC for a long time but we have a concern that does not overcome and we are trying to use this option in the Qualy mode ... "Qualify Standing Type" (1 for...
  3. L

    create two servers on running order with content manager!

    Hi guys, I created the first server on running trim with the ports open in the router and it works, when I go to open the other ports for the second server it doesn't work, do you have any advice for me?:(
  4. S

    Server Port Forwarding Help xfinity

    Hello, new here and I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I've Google and searched first for an answer already! Trying to set up port forwarding with my xfinity router. However I can't seem to add two ports (tcp and udp) using the 9600. My router says unable to duplicate channel. Do I...
  5. Macchinista

    ACC Server Manager (ENG-ITA) V 1.6.6

    Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce you to my new ACC Server Manager software. The software allows you to manage all the files needed to run Assetto Corsa Competizione server quickly and easily. It was created with the idea of helping even the less experienced in the creation of servers for...
  6. Firoz92

    Restricting only Sim(wheel)/console/keyboard Server for Assetto Corsa

    heya guys... i want to know how to restrict a server for a specific controller type only. Basically we want to launch separate Qualification Servers for separate controller types as a Wheel racer will have a distinct advantage over a keyboard player.... Just to make things fair for everyOne...
  7. J

    Public Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server Setup Issue

    Hi all, new here! I convinced a couple buddies to get the game and wanted to setup an online server we can play on. I have setup a few servers for other games so I have been through the check list a couple times. For some reason, it just refuses to work and after doing a fair amount of...
  8. neesve

    Can you host a assetto corsa server on a VPS

    Hi there, I was wondering if i could host my own assetto corsa server on a Virtual Private Server instead of my own PC? And if it's possible, where do i need to start?
  9. Plynth3r

    Can't join my own AC server

    Everything seems to run fine. I opened the ports and installed Microsoft Loopback Adapter (otherwise it wouldn't work), my friends can join, I can see the server and can attempt to join too, but after loading the cars the Content Manager shows a "Race Cancelled" message, and apparently the...
  10. J

    Unable to launch Server Manager

    When I click on the acServerManager.exe icon, the blue loading wheel pops up for half a second and then goes away. I tried reinstalling the server manager and deleting all the presets to no avail. I do have content manager, SOL and after either fixing some car mods (Analyze Previews) or the...
  11. gotzl

    ACCServerManager 0.3.0

    Small web application to manage Assetto Corsa Competizione servers, build on Django. Allows to create/edit multiple configs and deploy multiple server instances. Will in future also allow to browse results (as soon as ACC is stable...). See the readme for instructions on how to run it, you'll...
  12. Hecrer

    AC Server Manager v1.7.9

    Our aim with this tool was to make server management for AC as seamless and sensible as possible, and to add some new features that AC hasn't seen before! Please read the readme.txt included in the download for installation instructions! Features: Quick Race Mode Custom Race Mode with saved...