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AC Server Manager

AC Server Manager v1.7.9

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Our aim with this tool was to make server management for AC as seamless and sensible as possible, and to add some new features that AC hasn't seen before!

Please read the readme.txt included in the download for installation instructions!

  • Quick Race Mode
  • Custom Race Mode with saved presets
  • Live Timings for current sessions, with Admin control panel
  • Results pages for all previous sessions, with the ability to apply penalties
  • Content Management - Upload tracks, weather and cars
  • Advanced Car Details - View statistics, powerful search, modify tags and more
  • Schedule events (with optional recurrence rules), with a built in calendar of events
  • Sol Integration - Sol weather is compatible, including 24 hour time cycles (session start may advance/reverse time really fast before it syncs up - requires drivers to launch from content manager)
  • Championship mode - configure multiple race events and keep track of driver, class and team points with built in sign up forms
  • Race Weekends (premium) - configure complex race weekends with custom filtering and sorting between sessions
  • Automatic event looping
  • Server Logs / Options Editing
  • Content Manager integration
  • Accounts system with different permissions levels
  • Linux and Windows Support!
  • Multi-Server Management (premium)
  • Lua Plugin Scripts (premium)
For more information you can check out the GitHub page, the entire project is open source so feel free to have a poke around if you'd like.


If you have any questions please check the Wiki to see if they have been answered there!

There is a full album with images of each page available here.

If you'd like a server but don't know how/have the resources to do so yourself, we offer server hosting complete with Server Manager at emperorservers.com. We also sell a premium version of this Manager there with loads of great advanced features!

If you're interested you can join the community on our Discord.

Finally, if you feel like donating to us then we'd be very grateful! You can do that through PayPal.

Thanks for having a look at/trying our project, we've been working on this for a while and hope that it helps some people out.

Latest updates

  1. track selection improvements, real penalty fixes, misc bugfixes

    Added: Improved the Track selection dropdowns in all Race Setup pages. You can now see more...
  2. Updated Custom Race page, Race Weekend and Championship Improvements

    Hi everyone, hope you're doing well! Lots of nice stuff in this update, happy racing! Added...
  3. Sign Up Form Fix

    Hi everyone, just a small update but an important one if you want to use sign up forms without...

Latest reviews

Fantastic tools, only if it doesn't need a $30000 4-years CS degree to get it to run
i cant acces the server manager
This site can’t be reachedlocalhost refused to connect.
hello guy can i run 2 server 2 time ?
It's getting too good, but in the online night races the replay saves during the day! Will this be resolved?
Fantastic bit of software for running a server for me and some friends. Has a lot more features than I'll ever use, too.
Really worth while, I struggle with some of the advanced features like ACSR integration, but as far as running a championship, automatically handling the sign-ups and points? Its brilliant. You guys earned a donation. Thanks for the software!
I was just setting up a game when I thought to myself.. HOW??? How did I EVER get a server running without this...
awesome tool, looks nice and has awesome features
Absolutely essential for running a dedicated server.
Really excellent! I first installed AC server by hand on linux, but instantly found the time required to configure a server for a single scenario bordering on insane. This really makes configuring the server super easy.

I like it so much, I'm considering contributing to the development with some feature that owuld be nice to have.
I've used it since v1.7.4. This is the best way to manage AC servers, especially on Linux. The code is actively maintained and supported. It has a tonne of valuable features like saving disk by only installing server-side mod content, a permissions system allowing half-trusted friends to set up races and not break all the config, and great integration with Content Manager, Sol, Discord etc. Very much worth a donation to access Premium too.
More than happy using Server Manager on my managed AC server. Provides a decent front end GUI for setting up races quickly and effectively.
Swap in Assetto corsa !!!!!!!
Another perfect update with a lot of new funtions!
This is a must have if you are running a dedicated AC server.
Best Server Manager by far and the dev team are the nicest guys always willing to help! I host my servers through them and its the best!
I can't imagine how I'd manage my 10+ AC servers without it. It's definitely made life under isolation more enjoyable for many of my friends as well!

- RedEyeNinja
Had to leave a second 5 star review, so I could say just how awesome this software and the authors are. An absolutely indispensable tool for anyone managing AC servers, which continues to get better and better.
I have bought this tool and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G best tool ever to create a custom race and setup an entire championship.
Updates are frequently and support awesome.

Thank you! And I think I am going to buy it again because the initial price was too low!
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