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ACCServerManager 0.3.0

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Small web application to manage Assetto Corsa Competizione servers, build on Django.
Allows to create/edit multiple configs and deploy multiple server instances.
Will in future also allow to browse results (as soon as ACC is stable...).

See the readme for instructions on how to run it, you'll need python and pip. The code is open source and hosted on GitHub.
Docker users can use the image from docker hub.

*It's in early development, don't expect too much :)*
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Latest updates

  1. Release 0.3.0

    ### Notable changes * added tracks of ACC 1.0 * cfg edit: eliminated save button, changes are...
  2. Release 0.2.1

    ### Notable changes * user settings are now located in accservermanager/local_settings.py *...

Latest reviews

Very nice APP , simplifies the server management alot :) Keep up the good work!
The product is still in development phase, and the installation on Windows can be hard for non-IT person. One need to install Django and lot of dependencies to start. I know python and django a little so I can handle, but it needs to be simplified. Anyway, afterwards it works fine and is a big support to generate ACC server config files, which helps me a lot, because ACC server documentation is very poor. Keep up good work and develop this application please! Good luck!