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  1. G

    Cars Animating Spring in 3ds max makes kseditor crash while importing the fbx

    I've looked around for something similar, but I've only found people having similar issues with tracks. I'm trying to animate the rear suspension of a RTR mustang, and everything works properly until I try adding the skin onto the spring to make it "compress". I followed the video x4fab posted a...
  2. ladaniva7

    Tracks KsEditor crashes when importing .fbx

    Hello. I'm building a track and i need to have fence somewhere. Now kseditor works with one fence, but if i have more of them, it wont open the file, it just crash on import the fbx. I installed 4gb patch, now it just loading and nothing happens, but it doesnt crash. Please help. thank you
  3. M

    Tracks Trouble with kseditor

    Whenever i import my fbx file into the kseditor i just get this black thing, how do I fix this?i fix this?
  4. cogonieznajom

    Problem with Race Track Builder / ksEditor

    Hello, I have a problem with the objects in Race Track Builder / ksEditor. I create the route in RTB, then import to ksEditor and export to Assetto. I have two problems: 1. Objects with a collision in RTB behave like a concrete wall with glue and after impact, the car sticks to them. 2...
  5. R

    Color issues when opening in ksEditor and Assetto corsa.

    Hello everyone. There was a color problem when creating the tracks. No symptoms appear with modeling software.(use Blender 2.8) But ksEditor and Assetto corsa show symptoms. Some colors of the object are unnatural. The night is particularly unnatural. This symptom. I will show you the...
  6. chakyan1011

    General Problem opening FBX file in kseditor

    I had made my own street track of Hong Kong in Race Track Builder from Steam. I used two Xpacks. Then I exported it and try to open it in kseditor. It says it has error, here is what the exeception is: ************** 例外狀況文字 ************** System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException...
  7. martynas555

    General Assetto corsa KSeditor null meterials (help)

    I recently started modifying cars and when ever i load it on kseditor i cant save and the car its self has no textures on it its just black mostly and on the material tab it says NULL on everything.. not sure how to apply the textures :unsure:
  8. E

    Impossible to import fbx files to kseditor...

    Hello, I can no longer import to assetto corsa kseditor any fbx exported from 3d studio max 2012, not even a simple box. Either "binary" or "ASCII" in fbx v2012 crash. I've imported from the internet a random model in fbx and it does work fine (!) Anyone familiar with this issue ? You can...
  9. Cyneo

    General Problem with "ks Tyres" material in AC editor and the cockpit mirrors reflection position

    Hi everyone, I'm Cyneo and i'm new in this forum. I have 2 problems : 1º In AC editor, when i select "ks Tyres" material for the tyres, i set the material but appear reflexes in a part of the tyre and when the car is ingame, the tyre shows this reflection in the same part of the tyre and when...