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Cars Animating Spring in 3ds max makes kseditor crash while importing the fbx

I've looked around for something similar, but I've only found people having similar issues with tracks. I'm trying to animate the rear suspension of a RTR mustang, and everything works properly until I try adding the skin onto the spring to make it "compress". I followed the video x4fab posted a long while ago and used the script he put in the description (ac_dir_helper). If I just put the spring into the SUSP_LR "group" it imports fine into the editor and ingame. Right when I Make it compress normally with the script, it wont import into the editor. Instead it shows that its importing for 20ish seconds, then closes/crashes. No logs get posted in the crash_logs folder. Ive tried out the new KsEditorAt from x4fab and a 4gb fix since its x86, but to no avail. I made the spring normally with the 3ds max helix, 7 sides, the usual. I tried using the spring that came with the original forza model but it didnt work properly so I ended up making my own. Unfortunately I cant post the model because its not mine, sorry.

My bad if this has been asked before tons of times or I posted it weirdly, thanks!


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