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  1. E

    How to upgrade from G920 - Recommendations?

    Long-term goal Ever since I met RasmusP, and he told me about his personal transformation after upgrading from a G920 to a ClubSport base and BMW GT2 wheel, it has been my dream to get a Clubsport setup. After researching all of their wheels, the Porsche 918 wheel seems perfect for me. I'm also...
  2. O

    What means this is not a ready to race kit?

    Hey guys, I have a question about the Accuforce DIY Steering KIT: https://www.simxperience.com/products/accessories/accuforcesteering/accuforcewheeldiykit.aspx On there website they say, that this is not a ready to race and a DIY kit. So do I just need to buy a Wheel...
  3. D

    Sell sim racing wheel with lcd screen,bodnar board NKK switches UK

    I was going to use this for myself but I enjoy building them more than racing these days sadly and only do the odd practice and league races. there is a small scratch on the screen on the top,everything was brand new for the build but somehow I managed to scratch the screen a little,you can see...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    WRC8 WRC 8 The Game

    Kylotonn Racing Games have confirmed this September will see the release of the next officially licensed World Rally Championship video game - WRC 8. Imaginatively titled as always, the eighth instalment to the steadily improving WRC franchise of games is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation...
  5. M

    Wanted Accuforce V1/V2 complete

    Hello everybody, [Sorry, I eventually bought a nice CSW v2.5 set, which is enough for my limited capabilities ;)] I'm new to simracing and currently building my own motion platform (SFX-100) as a hobby project. As a replacement for my Fanatec I'm looking for a DD system, particularly the...
  6. motopreserve

    Sim Commander freezing

    I’m running an Accuforce V2 using Sim Commander software to create the the FFB profile for Assetto Corsa (Content Manager launcher). I have the feel fairly well dialed in. Double click the icon on main page to start the CM session using that profile. All is well until about 3/4 through short...
  7. VTre

    OSW purchase / build advice needed (for rally sim)

    Hello everyone. Short story: has anyone got experience with accuforce? Or in general any other setup for rally sims? Long story: I have been intensively researching this topic for the past week, but the amount of options available is a bit confusing, so I am hoping someone with more experience...
  8. dazzyb2k3

    ( SOLD ) UK SimXperience GS-4 Motion Feedback G Seat ( SOLD )

    THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD I'm having a clear out of some gear i've acquired from my time in the industry. One of the more interesting items is this SimXperience GS-4 Motion Feedback Seat. This is a really cool high end piece of kit that gives 6DOF feedback using servo plates to simulate G Forces...
  9. rikirk

    Sell (US) - Fanatec CS Formula Carbo + SRM USB Kit & QR for AccuForce V2

  10. Pset

    Dashboard BMW M6 GT3

    Hello, I present to you my project outstanding achievement, the dashboard of the BMW M6 GT3. 3D printing for the case, Arduino for electronics, Nextion HMI 4.3 "and 16 leds. The Project : 3d Model in Fusion 360 : After many test of 3d print : Electronics : First test on my...
  11. whaletail

    Accuforce settings

    With the release of the Japanese and Porsche DLC, I'd like to get back into AC, but I could use some help setting up my AF. When I last played AC, it felt great with my CSW V2, but in April of last year I joined iRacing, and ended up buying an AF. Unfortunately, The AF seems to have largely...