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Kylotonn Racing Games have confirmed this September will see the release of the next officially licensed World Rally Championship video game - WRC 8.

Imaginatively titled as always, the eighth instalment to the steadily improving WRC franchise of games is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC this September, and promises to be an all round improvement on previous iterations of the long running franchise.

New for WRC 8 will be a revised physics system across the many varied different racing surfaces within the game, plus the inclusion of what looks to be an already very impressive looking dynamic weather system, presumably adding a feature to allow the 100+ official WRC stages to be experienced in a variety of different weather conditions.

Of the new dynamic weather, Bigben and Kylotonn had the following to say during a brief press release to accompany the brand new announcement trailer:

"A new dynamic weather system has been developed to add random elements to the driving experience, but also to increase realism in the game. Managing the weather is a real challenge for the drivers: modified grip, car settings adjustments, tyre selection optimization, weather team relationship to ensure the best tips and information on the latest conditions. More than mere visual effects, climatic conditions become crucial, especially in the management of your career"

Of course with the title coming out toward the end of the year, the new WRC 8 release will replicate the 2019 FIA World Rally Championship season, including the latest cars and drivers from the official teams' of the category. Featuring over 50 drivers, including the returning multiple champion Sébastien Loeb in his new Hyundai, 14 different events across over 100 individual stages, WRC 8 certainly lacks nothing in terms of scale.

Most importantly of all for sim racers looking to get their rally kicks, Kylotonn have promised that "WRC 8 will go above and beyond WRC 7, especially in the steering requirements and the realistic physics of the vehicles" - one of the weaker points from previous releases.

As well as the class leading WRC cars, the new game is also set to feature a selection of vehicles from the WRC 2 and Junior WRC categories, alongside a number of historic cars. Team management is also set to play a role in the expanded career mode, with the player able to improve their car by way of upgrades and team developments, of which more details are expected to be revealed in the near future.

Exciting times for fans of sideways action.

WRC 8 releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam/PC September 2019.

WRC 8 Release 2.jpg
WRC 8 Release.jpg

Check out the upcoming WRC 8 sub forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news, discussions and conversation prior to the big game reveal this September!

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nice, last one was a fun way to spend an evening, though the physics were clearly below par, felt like floating on a board rather than having four wheels touch the ground. Stages were best ever, all the new bits sound fun. definitely buy, but definitely in christmas sale or black friday.
Couldn't play the last one since it refused to register both my devices (I use a T300 with G27 pedals plugged in separately), hopefully they fix it for this game. Not expecting a full-out sim, just a fun stage with different stages than DiRT Rally :p
I hope WRC 8 will already enable to read telemetry data !
Now I can't use my hardwares like digital dashboard, gear indicator etc. while i play WRC 7 which is a shame......

Car 3D model still looks primitve. The suspension move more than IRL while tyre/wheel width seems narrower
I bought WRC 7 at release, played for 2 hours and refunded it the same evening; so excuse me if I don't have high expectations. The developers are obviously more concerned with sales than stability and longevity.
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Maybe not the best place for this question, so please PM me with comments. I have a PS4 with a T300 wheel and want to get into rally driving. What are the best options that have decent stages, cars, navigator, etc for a beginner?
Quite looking forward to this, WRC7 had some issues, but it also had great stages and overall was a lot better than many people would make you believe. It would certainly be nice if they included FOV options and seat position this time around, as well as improve the input device support.
Really love the lighting. Lighting, texture color levels, post fx are much more realistic looking than 2.0
Fresnel on cars is set up a bit weirdly it seems, making it look more like 1/64 cars.

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