( SOLD ) UK SimXperience GS-4 Motion Feedback G Seat ( SOLD )


I'm having a clear out of some gear i've acquired from my time in the industry. One of the more interesting items is this SimXperience GS-4 Motion Feedback Seat.

This is a really cool high end piece of kit that gives 6DOF feedback using servo plates to simulate G Forces. Really quite realistic and exhilarating to use. It also has a small footprint so is a great halfway house for those without the space who want motion type feedback. Amazing by itself but If you combined this with a full on motion platform the results would be epic.

It is in fantastic condition. Not had much use at all. Has a ton of mounting holes and height adjustment. Comes with a Kirkey Seat Cover, cables and instructions.

Please note you will need a copy of SimCommander to use it. It is compatible with all the games that Commander supports.

Would like £500 (Over $2000 new)

I am based in TW7, West London and would prefer a collection if possible but I can probably arrange UK shipping with a bit of leadtime and an extra charge to cover packing and courier fees.

I wouldn't rule out shipping overseas but would obviously cost a lot.

Drop me a message if you are interested or need any further info.


PS. It's more comfortable than you might think :)


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Hi question about the G4- or G5. Can the seat be adjusted? So that i can lower the back, for example driving in open wheelers i like to lower the backside.
Many simracing seats can be adjusted like in real life with a lever. I like to know if this is possible with G4 or G5
Not sure about the G5 but the G4 doesn’t have any adjustment. It's well positioned though. I never felt the need to have it more upright or reclined.