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OSW purchase / build advice needed (for rally sim)

Hello everyone.

Short story: has anyone got experience with accuforce? Or in general any other setup for rally sims?
Long story:
I have been intensively researching this topic for the past week, but the amount of options available is a bit confusing, so I am hoping someone with more experience or with similar requirements will be able to point me in the right direction. I am looking to upgrade from the mainstream g920. I am based in the EU, Hungary.

I am a rally driver IRL, so system compatibility with the Rally titles is a top priority - Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Assetto Corsa + rFactor via rally mods.

The general opinion I found is that servos with higher torque rating allow for more details. So even if I dont need very strong forces - as all rally cars have powersteering - a stronger motor would allow for better realism.

Other obvious factors: price, availability, user community

So based on reviews and guides I essentially found 3 paths: AccuForce from USA, SimuCube based kits from Europe, or build an OSW using parts from all around.

- AccuForce:
-their FFB software, SimCommander, seems to be most advanced - e.g it can use its own game telemetry based FFB and has a wild amount of settings
- supports all the sims I am interested in, seems to have a big user community.

-599 USD for the DIY kit seems great, but due to shipping costs and the cost of importing + tax I exptect a sum ~930 EUR in Hungary or ~775 EUR if I import it to the UK.
- no response to my communication attempts, I wonder if customer support is any good and if the process of ordering would go smoothly.
- standalone system, so I am not sure about future upgrades.
- single motor option: 13 NM, 10.000 PPR

SimuCube based kits, I found the following to apply to all of them:
PRO: based in the EU, so simple order process; upgradeability (can add biss-c encoder); community, complete kits come with warranty
CON: The compatibility with Dirt Rally products is not out of the box and need some manual fiddling. The common FFB software - mmos - looks very simplistic, not a lot of features - at least compared to SimCommander.

- simplicity: PRO: the SW20 V3 is 675 EUR with the 9 weeks delivery or 775 with 1 week delivery + 40 EUR shipping. Their FFB software looks even more minimalistic than MMOS.
- simracingbay: old kits are out of stock, the new V2 is currently not available (next batch in August). Price is on the higher end, I havent found much about their "New Simucube Software" and sim compatibility.
- augury: there is a 30NM option, but price is on the expensive side. 1090 EUR + shipping.
- simtechracing: only 20NM option, but comes with Biss C, a bit cheaper than Augury

SimuCube based DIY OSW
In general, I am not 100% confident what are all the parts I needs. Based on the complete kits, and the simucube wiki, I need the following parts:
- IONI pro 179 EUR
- SimuCube 169 EUR
- Power Supply: NDR-480 for 121 EUR or SDR 489 for 171 EUR
- Servo Motor: MiGe, 20 NM or 30 NM . Unsure about the prices, as I only found these on alibaba and aliexpress, not sure which are correct or uncorrect version of the motor. Starting at 175 EUR
- Biss-C encoder: 100 - 130 EUR, currently unavailable at both Augury and Simracingbay, didnt find other source
- 2x mini usb cables 10 EUR
- not sure about any other cables, plugs, adapter for the shaft to accept wheels ?

In summary, due to the very promising looking FFB software and the low price even with customs fees and import tax, I am lending towards AccuForce. The only thing making me hesitate is the lack of communication, the uncertainty with the order process and the distance (in case of warranty issues). So I would really appreciate any input and expererience regarding any of the kits, or if I got something wrong.
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