Trembling Mountain

Trembling Mountain V1.2.0

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Hi everyone,

as I've mentioned to a couple of people who have contacted me for various reasons, I always planned to make the full version of the track (all layouts) free after a certain amount of time, which I think has now come.

So here's the full version - now completely free!

Note: this update has no changes to the track. It's simply releasing the all layouts version free of charge.

I want to firstly say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me by purchasing the all layouts version from my sellfy page (now closed). I really appreciate your support and kind words as this made all the effort worthwhile.

I doubt that I will be updating this track any further in the future but if anyone would like to make any improvements themselves then that's absolutely fine and should you need any of the original files just get in touch!

I'll also be uploaded mexico 1966 here very shortly as well!

For full disclosure on the money side:
- 190 sales (some double as they also purchased mexico 66 at the same time)
- Total revenue (after fees) = 462.74 GBP (Paypal took on average around 40p from each sale.)
- Costs of sales (sellfy 1 year store page) = 211.90 GBP
- Total profit = 250.84 GBP

Thanks again to everyone for your support!

Hope you continue to enjoy the track.

As mentioned, I had a little trouble uploading the update here but Neilski has kindly sorted that out for me - so here's the Clubs Only version of the V1.2 update.

Please remember to unistall V1.0 & V1.1!

Just for clarity, here's the change log for v1.2 again:

- Fixed AI not being able to pit properly and refuel (WP connections in pits now all correct)
- Fixed rolling start issue where cars would go to 0,0,0 (WP connections for grids positions now all correct)
- Fixed rolling start issue where cars would all start in a centre line inside of each other (teleport spot needed to be after the final grid position)
- Shading improvements for flag, fences (pit and safety), rocks, bridge (arch and walls), walls, some tents, and some buildings (using set to face vertex normals)
- Minor improvement to armcos material (specular adjustments)
- Fixed tower banner (no longer behind railings on one side)
- Fixed transparent inner control tower material (concrete material now double-sided)
- Adjusted colour settings for big tree (less dark now)
- Fixed billboard shadow issues (separated face and no shadow cast for structure - only face)
- Improved nightlighting (more lights around pit area + adjusted intensities)
- Fixed flashing cones + distance markers at night (incorrect pivot points fixed)
- Adjusted all main ("FASTEST") AI lines (except GP)
- Added "LOW_DOWNFORCE_FAST" AI racing line to each track (except GP versions) for low downforce cars [primarily designed for road cars and similar - not optimised for historics]
- Added "LMP_FAST" AI racing line to 24 and International versions for LMP cars
- Added RCD file to each track layout (except GP versions) to determine which cars use which racing line (default line is "FASTEST" which is intended for GT3 cars still)

As mentioned previously, the AI do seem a little slower from my testing but are hopefully now better behaved.

Hope you like it!

Hi everyone,

So I've managed to get around to updating the track and addressing the issues identified. Here's the change log for the update.

Please remember to uninstall V1.0!


- UV texture mapping errors fixed in the corners of the control tower windows.
- Water (lake behind pits) position and sized fixed (no gaps to terrain) + norm map now working.
- Terrain section around water now uses the multi grass terrain shader.
- AI pitlane issues fixed (tents moved + fence + trees moved back to allow more space).
- Fixed whiteline issues (lines no longer partly in the asphalt).
- Fixed gravel edge colour differences (they were particularly visible at night under headlights).
- 2 of the 3 infield buildings recreated as much more simple buildings with fewer polygons to aid performance.
- Corrected AI garage locations as appropriate for new tent positions.
- Addressed AI issues in T1 and T2 (AI spinning out) - track edge corridor moved inwards + line moved slightly inwards + speeds edited.
- Fixed nightlighting appearing in the day (VIS groups set accordingly)
- Edited VIS groups of trees on outer terrain (now only appear when using MAX circuit detail settings - therefore using HIGH circuit detail settings should significantly aid FPS).
- Ambient sounds added (birds + crowds + announcer - quite subtle though as I didn't want them to get annoying!) (big thanks to Schumi21!)
- Fences fixed (weird shading) - duplicate faces removed.
- Glass texture fixed (on pickups and other vehicles).
- Paddock trucks glass texture now reflects (very subtle effect though)
- Control tower glass now see through + some basic internal structure added (walls, doorways and desk shapes).
- Hangar shading issue fixed (vertex normals corrected).
- Bridge arch shading issue fixed (vertex normals corrected).
- Billboards shading issue fixed (vertex normals corrected).

Everyone who purchased the all-layouts version of the track should hopefully be able to return to sellfy and download the new v1.1 full version. I'm unfortunately unable to send out an email because this is only available on an upgraded plan and I'm not really willing to spend another £200 (annually) just to send emails out. I think anyone who bought the circuit from sellfy should be able to go to their purchases and re-download the track from here (this should then download the new version which I have replaced over the old v1.0). Of course though, if this is not the case or anyone has issues with this please let me know and I'll find a solution.

EDIT: it seems that if people who have already bought the track find the original email for their purchase and follow the link to re-download the track you will be able to download the new version from there (thanks to Vanisch for pointing this out!)

EDIT 2: if you have any problems, just message me with the email you used for the order and I can provide you with a link for the new file!

From my testing, the AI seem to be much better behaved in the first sector (a lot less spinning out, etc.) thanks to the methods mentioned above: moving the track edge corridors in a little to make the AI think the edge of the track is actually further in (I've done this down into T2 at the bottom of the hill on the left and on the left through T1 - the edge of the track no longer includes the outside curb) and this seems to have made a big difference. I also very slightly edited the line into T2, moving it marginally away from the left-hand side and then also edited (lowered and made more progressive) the individually speeds associated with each waypoint in these areas to hopefully create smoother driving from the AI, which I think has worked overall without slowing them down. In testing, some AI (particularly lower skill ones) do occasionally go wide through T1 and spin and sometimes if two cars go through there side by side it can also result in some incidents but I've managed to get rid of most of the carnage that often occurred previously (especially on the first lap!).

And just finally, as is perhaps given away by the name of my sellfy store, I'm a big fan of historic racing and always wanted to create some historic content. I actually started creating another track before this one here and after uploading the v1.0 version of Trembling Mountain, I decided to return to this original project before my Maya and Max licenses run out! I've been working away and the track is now currently about 85-90% complete - hoping to release shortly so watch this space!

Link to all layouts version:

Cheers & Merry Christmas,