rfactor 2 mod

  1. neoprenium

    Converting Ledenon RF circuit to RF2

    Hello, I got my Ledenon circuit obtained on rfactor 1 to my Rfactor 2. I can play on it, but would like to randomize the FFB rendering (vibration in the steering wheel, due to the number of polygons for the detail of the track) and the textures MAPs. Sorry for my poor English (Google Translate)...
  2. B

    Trembling Mountain V1.2.0

    Hi everyone, Around 2 years ago now, I decided to give this track creation thing a go and have been quietly working away. As someone with no previous experience in anything like this, the whole process turned out to be very, very difficult indeed but I’ve always wanted to produce some...
  3. rFactor 2 - BTCC at Donington Park (PT-BR)

    rFactor 2 - BTCC at Donington Park (PT-BR)

    rFactor 2 - BTCC em Donington Park with the Subaru Levorg BTCC.
  4. rvieira

    Virtua LM Cars to rFactor 2!

    Dear mates, After the permission, we are working on the conversion of some old cars from Virtua LM to rfactor2! We still have a lot of work to do, starting with DX11 compatibility! We have working on Jaguar XJR-12, porting all stuffs to rfactor 2. Following we'll have other cars from that...