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permanent circuit

  1. Schmuckiiii

    (OLD) Norwich Autodrome 1.0

    Fantasy Permanent Road Course with 2 Layouts: Short: Distance: 2.614km Turns: 10 GP: Distance: 3.544km Turns: 20 Images:
  2. Schmuckiiii

    (OLD) Gesch Pack 2.3

    Gesch Park Layouts: Mini: Distance: 1.25km Turns: 13 Average Lap Time: 0:40 --------------------------------------- Short: Distance: 3.69km Turns: 18 Average Lap Time: 1:18 --------------------------------------- Grand Prix: Distance: 4.16km Turns: 24 Average Lap Time: 1:29...
  3. B

    Trembling Mountain V1.2.0

    Hi everyone, Around 2 years ago now, I decided to give this track creation thing a go and have been quietly working away. As someone with no previous experience in anything like this, the whole process turned out to be very, very difficult indeed but I’ve always wanted to produce some...
  4. Ghoults

    Tracks Horsma Raceway

    CIRCUIT INFO: TYPE: permanent road course CONFIGURATIONS and video: - Full 5.33km - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363506801 - Club 3.87km - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/362420901 - Trophy 4.84km - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/364042806 There are also some early vids of the track on the...