TheLounge - SBR MotorSports Park 2022-09-18

    Discord | | Tiktok | | Patreon - 32 Pit Slots - RainFX - Track Lights - IRL Track Recreation - Extra Track Images -
  2. frasie

    Karelia - Cross (update by frasie) 1.00

    Hi everybody! I made some fixes and imrovements to this nice little Rally track Karelia Cross . Converted from RFactor to GTL and GTR2 by Sergio Hundo Thank You for your effort and nice job Sergio. I know this Track created by KittX for RFactor many years ago...! And I ever love it...
  3. C

    Real Street Circuit in Sao Paulo - Brazil

    Check out Ecar Track's latest update on his track for Assetto Corsa. Those are real streets. Download link for the track can be found on comment's section in this video I hope this track becomes more popular, as it is based on the neighbourhood I actually live in! The track coming out by my...
  4. I

    Order/buy custom AC tracks

    Hi there! First of all, I apologize for my English since I'm not used to use it nearly ever. I would like to know where may I find and order a custom track for Assetto Corsa PC version. I have tried emailing and DMing Simtrax but, unfortunately, I haven't get any answer. Please, any help is...
  5. RustyRussell84

    Rusty Valley Raceway 0.52

    Greetings, fellow racers! I present you Rusty Valley Raceway, my first track I made after six months of on and off Blender learning. This is an old abandoned track in the middle of American nowhere. With deteriorated road surface, severe elevation changes and some negative camber surprises you...
  6. F

    Drifter's Resort 1.0

  7. Street Racing - Dalian - VibeSmack Digital Race Track

    Street Racing - Dalian - VibeSmack Digital Race Track

    Street Racing - Dalian. VibeSmack Digital Race Track for Assetto Corsa.
  8. Tyrone

    Sebring 1966 1.0 - Release

    Sebring 1966 The track will only work with CSP, CONTENT MANAGER and the ADDITIONAL SHADERS. Special thanks to everyone on my Patreon who have helped fund the time needed to make this and many other tracks. The link to my Patreon feed can be found by pressing the 'more information' button to...
  9. emomilol

    Mantorp Park f1 Grand Prix (BETA) 0.6

    An swedich race track (in Motala City) i have done to an f1 GP I try to work with it as often as I can and donations mean so much to me. And thanks for downloading the track. I've only been doing 3D for less than 1 year and I'm improving my 3d modeling skills every day so it will only get...
  10. CrazTheKing

    Double Palm Tree 1.2

    The following video is footage from first upload 1.0 : Fictitious race track on an island. Built for drifting. Cameras working on forward layout only, for some reason I could not get them working on reverse, will look into it for future builds. Grass is currently dependent on CM, however I...
  11. MJQT

    Amaroo Park 1996 V3.0

    Long live Amaroo Park. Another great circuit of historical significance lost to the sands of time and luxury home developments. Produced some amazing Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC) racing back in its day! Here's a video of the 1987 ATCC race: This track mod is admittedly not the...
  12. MJQT

    Wellington 500 1987-1992 2022-07-23

    A fantastic street circuit largely lost to history. The Wellington street circuit used in 1980s and 1990s touring car racing. Including the famous (or infamous?) WTCC 1987 season. To learn more about the event's history, check out Wikipedia: This...
  13. F

    Industrial Drift Park 1.0


    TheLounge - Platinum Motorsports Park 2022-06-19

    (Assetto Corsa Track) Good For Training & Tandems - 20 Pit Slots
  15. THL

    Motodrom Gelsenkirchen 1981 (Almaring) 1.1

    Scratch-made version of Autospeedway track Motodrom Gelsenkirchen 1981 (Almaring). Requires Content Manager and Custom Shaders Patch. Mostly for stock car racing, no free roam track. Track length is 750 m, lap time is around 30 seconds. The layout is simple: One tight hairpin and a bend on the...
  16. H

    Tor Dziki Wschód 0.2

    Drift Track Tor Dziki Wschód located in Brzeźno Poland
  17. F

    Port Drift 1.0

  18. 2

    tianmen_mountain insane graphics (PBR)mod 0.04

    Install instructions: extract the contents of the file into your original tianmen_mountain folder and overwrite all files when prompted.
  19. baptiste lallement

    RC DRIFT 01 01

    Hi everyone, Here is my first track I upload on RD A complex RC style drift track hope you like it more tracks are coming soon...please support and have fun :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  20. TomDom

    Docks | Drifting 1.2

    Docks 32 pit boxes (ONLY WORKS ON CSP 0.1.74 AND UP) This map is a fictional drifting track located at the Docks, it's got a parking lot, storage/warehouse area and of course a docks/cargo area. This one has been a lot of fun to make! although it took a bit longer than intended I'm glad I can...