WIP - Madras International Circuit | Chennai (India)

    So I´m trying to recreate Madras International Circuit, a not very well known racetrack in Chennai (India) I´ll be posting advances as I create and texture all the props.
  2. Genis

    Circuito HRT - Fuente Alamo de Murcia 0.95

  3. ChechenskiiHya6

    Circuit Ajloun, Fictional Track by Hya6GT 0.7

    "EARLY ACCESS, THE TRACK WILL BE IMPROVED, NOT THAT MUCH WORK NEEDED". Hya6GT again, new track. I made this track to test some new stuff and things are going well. It's fairly a small track, it can be used for racing for low horsepower cars or drifting. Hope you guys like it. and finally some...
  4. psykorc38


    dcr autobahn 52 pits

    Qlispé Raceway Park 1

    Racing in Spokane back to full throttle! The Kalispel Tribe of Indians brings you Qlispé Raceway Park (QRP)—the Inland Northwest’s most exciting venue for lightning-fast racing.
  6. J

    Q: Creating TreeFX Tree Models

    Hi, I have been creating Tracks with 3D Trees using the TreePlanter App & 3D models from posts with free pre-made models. The linked post showcases trees made Via 'TreeIt'. I would like to make my own Tree models with Tree it or Blender but I need a step-by-step guide as I am new to AC 3D...
  7. Rainmaker_87

    Nashville Street Circuit 2023 1.4

    The Music City GP is a new track in the IndyCar schedule since 2021. This 3D-track was made for rFactor by LFT. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Thanks to macko68 for helping. Big thanks to Neil Shaw for adding the sponsors to the track! Features: -working AI...
  8. S

    Kirkmoar - VAO, GrassFX, RainFX, etc. 0.82

    FEATURES: VAO, GrassFX, RainFX, Light Bounce, *very* basic lights and material tweaks and some other stuff. INSTALLATION: I don't like installing thru CM, so I recommend manual installation. Drop the Extension folder to the following directory: ...\assettocorsa\content\tracks\kirkmoar KNOWN...
  9. ASC57

    Edgewater bay international circuit 0

  10. ASC57

    Desolation International circuit 0

    Desolation fantasy circuit
  11. abrimaal

    Rallycross tracks 202308

    Tracks created by @jomoog for RFactor. The pack contains 3 tracks: Auentalring, Teufelsbach, Weidenring External download: Important for users of the original Race 07, GTR Evo: If any track or a part of it is undrivable...
  12. AATR

    Ubpark Circuit – Ulaanbaatar 1.0

    Hi All, A new modern fictional built from scratch circuit in a park south of Ulaanbaatar, with two super-fast sectors, plently of overtaking spots and a challenging final part. It is supposed to be fun to drive :) Design...
  13. AlonsoBeast

    Istanbul Park - REWORKED track skin 1.0

    I am glad to provide you with a great visual update for the Turkish Grand Prix - Istanbul Park. Features in 1.0 version: - New high textures for asphalt, grass, outside environment - Remade terrain texture (also deleted all weird dark shadows) - New global illumination and postprocess filter...
  14. Rainmaker_87

    Rainmaker GTL Collectors Pack 1.0

    All releases I've made for GTL in one pack for your collection. Pack includes: Meadowdale1968 v1.31 GTL by philrob and Rainmaker Riverside International Raceway v1.0 GTL by philrob and Rainmaker
  15. B

    Physics Cars spun into air from Turn 8 Daytona

    I need a bit of help on this one. All cars after turn 8 at Daytona seams to hit an invisible wall or a hole in the track and gets thrown into the air. As I approach my car bottoms out and then falls through the track. Any Idea what causes this glitch?
  16. S

    Trying to find a not so old custom rfactor track

    Hi. Back in April of this year I had to delete my rfactor 1 file and most of the other track files to clear up some space on my laptops C drive. One of the tracks I had downloaded and deleted I really liked. I dont remember if I got it from here or rfcentral (Most likely from here) just...
  17. taikoro3

    Recreate the village of resident evil 4 using assetto corsa's track mod and driver mod

    Recreate the village of resident evil 4 using assetto corsa's track mod and driver mod. I changed the model of the existing village of resident eivl 4 to the track for assetto corsa and made Leon (R.P.D costume) walk in the driver mod. The gear HUD on the left notes that it is assetto corsa...
  18. S

    Custom track doesn't load into kseditor

    I just made a track in blender the size of it is 3305m x 2474m as blender shows, and i tried opening it's fbx file in kseditor and it opens it without errors i can edit textures but nothing shows up.
  19. P

    ODTJ Autodrom Pomorze w Pszczółkach 0.3

    Recreation of Autodrom Pomorze created via photogrammetry - that's the reason trees look weird. This is clearly WIP. Why I made this? I wanted to rent this track with a friend, who has driven there more times than I did, so I wanted to get some practice. Working as of now: - track (mostly) -...
  20. Rainmaker_87

    Circuit de Pau-Ville (TMM) new shader, AI and fixing 1.1

    Shader overhaul, new AI and some fixing for the TMM (Trained Monkey Modding) track. IMO the best modern version, it has night lights.