Sveg Raceway

Sveg Raceway 1.2.1

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Great detail, fun to drive on.
other beautiful track, good job, thanks!!!
I took a 2019 F1 car around this track! It is amazing! Here’s a video from me
Amazing work!
Very nice track! I love it with the Porsche 962! <3
Amazing Track, and the details are 20/10 Love it, I darn sure Love it
Masterpiece, attention to detail is insane. 10/10
Best track. Attention to detail is awesome.
Somehow missed this masterpiece until now. Nice detail and awesome to drive, great job
Love this track for high speed runs. Nice work
Thank you for the amazing track, with tricky and technical turns.
Looks really good!! Thank you for sharing.
Great update for this epic track. Thanks!
Great Track. Excellent Job!. Big Details in this track. Thanks for shared.
You should be very proud of yourself...this is great stuff especially at your first attempt...thanks for your hard work its a really enjoyable experience..jim
Simply incredible! You nailed the swedish forest atmosphere perfectly! Thanks alot Leon!
My God!!! How have I missed this???? Just found it today. Amazing track. Love it Love it Love it.
Just fantastic, through and through.
I've always loved this track!!! it has been a pleasure to watch it come along since the beginning
A blast with Group C and Group 5 cars. High quality all around on a unique setting, thank you!
You're welcome. I've come to find it interesting with some slower cars as well, for example the Yellowbird.
10 stars!
we need more people like you.
One of the best tracks released for AC, ever. The layout, the details, the venue... wonderful work.
thanks a lot!
Awesome stuff, but we've lost the rails lights ?
Actually that does look pretty cool, I hadn't seen it before. Must be part of the old extension (made by somebody else) that broke the track in some ways. I'll think about it for future updates :-)