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  1. mint731

    Poland Autumn Rally - 2020 - 26 Km 1

    Próba stworzenia rajdowych odcinków na Rfactor. Na początek odcinek leśny jesienią. Miłej jazdy.
  2. K

    Hulligan Karting 1.1

    Small go-kart fantasy track in a forest. Up to 20 drivers, AI working (some crashes expected in narrow sections). First ever track made for AC, I used Race Track Builder. Feel free to give advices! Cockpit: view; Track cameras view:
  3. THE Giulliano Larin

    forestrally CamTool replay - GiuNiral 2020-12-28

    Camera set for this terrific rally stage - Forest rally
  4. Black-Coffee

    Sodegaura Forest Race Way (rFactor Convert) 0.9.3

    千葉県袖ケ浦市に実在する国際自動車連盟(FIA)の規格に従った日本自動車連盟(JAF)公認レーシングコース。 そらまめさん作成でrFactor用に公開されていたトラックを Black Coffeeがそらまめさんの許可を得てAssettoCorsa用にコンバートしました。 - *詳しくはReadMe、動画概要を確認して下さい。 オブジェクトは実際のコースと異なる部分が有ります。 - v0.9からの変更点 *オブジェクト構成の見直しや統合を行い動作の軽量化を目指したつもり。 *一部オブジェクトの調整、一部テクスチャ変更。(オブジェクトは実際のコースと異なる部分が有ります)...
  5. S

    Mountain Route 1.0

    Mountain Route is a fantasy road and was made with RTB. Most of the track is narrow road which is connected by 2 highway parts. There are 2 additional layouts, the downhill and uphill part which are different parts of the track. This is my first track project and I hope you enjoy it! Specs...
  6. LeonS

    Sveg Raceway 1.2.1

    Sveg Raceway, Sweden Official website: http://svegraceway.com/ RD Thread: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/sveg-sweden.142223/ Brought to you by The Sim Channel in partnership with Heusinkveld Engineering. Installation The recommended way to install this track is to manually copy and...
  7. Akinastyle

    Kiszewall 0.3

    Hi! I present you my first mod "kiszewall" , it's a fictional map made to drift. I share this mod to get information about the pilots' feelings. Feel free to share your feelings! All opinions are good for me, it will allow me to improve myself and the track. Have fun;)