Sveg Raceway

Sveg Raceway 1.2.1

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for your first attempt at a track mod this is hugely impressive work mate. and what a joy it is to thrash some automtove sim metal around here, and a shout to chris haye for the heads up on this lovely piece of fantasy AC real estate.
It was great to be able to test with Niels' prototype Formula E car here!
My God!!! How have I missed this???? Just found it today. Amazing track. Love it Love it Love it.
Simply incredible! You nailed the swedish forest atmosphere perfectly! Thanks alot Leon!
Tested just now with Shaun's Ginetta GT3 and your recommendation. What a ride! Very very good track, extremely fast and fun. Thank you, Sir.
Great design job...much tighter than I expected...a nice variety of turns, great scenery....I can see many races here. Thank you!
Outstanding track, beautiful masterpiece and joy to drive.
Sublime. I tried the recommended Short Tail Porsche and it's an amazing combination.

RSS Formula 79 is also perfection.
Amazing. Thanx for share
Top Raceway! Sehr schöne Umsetzung. Macht jede Menge Spaß und sieht toll aus.
You should be very proud of yourself...this is great stuff especially at your first attempt...thanks for your hard work its a really enjoyable experience..jim
Great track!
Amazing Track, and the details are 20/10 Love it, I darn sure Love it
Very well done! :)
Had some trouble with the curbstones, but that is all fixed with this version. Outstanding track. Love the layout and rhythm. It has a very good flow to it. AI is one of the best. They are (very) fast and if you start at the back with 98% strength and 20 cars, you'll have your hands full getting into the top 10. Love it!!
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Leonardo Ratafiá
Must have track for sure, even in its stage it's a 5 stars track, only thing missing are a few accesories
One more Swedish track to ride with the STCC pack, after Mantorp, Knutstorp and Anderstorp here is the Sveg Raceway. Great job thank you for sharing
That's a classic work of art Leon. Hope you carry on with something just as good. Thanks for all the work.