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Sveg Raceway 1.2.1

Sveg Raceway, Härjedalen, Sweden

  1. changed installation, fixed a minor AI issue

    The only changes here are a minor fix to the AI, as well as ditching the MODS folder structure.

    The recommended way to install this track is now to manually copy and paste the "content" and "system" folders into the .../assettocorsa/ root folder. Installing it via drag & drop into Content Manager will not install the flowing water shader.
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  2. Bringing light into the darkness

    It's finally here. Highly anticipated by some of you, here's the night update for Sveg Raceway 1.2. But the night lighting isn't the only thing that has changed since v1.1 -- here's the change log:

    - kicked out all CM/ CSP extensions to the track and the related issues (hopefully)
    - removed competition layout
    - improved brightness levels and color settings of road, grass, etc.
    - toned down color saturation of spectators
    - main asphalt now has red stones in it, like the real asphalt in the...
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  3. curb rattle fix

    Sorry guys, next hotfix on its way. This should finally tone down the curbs. If you're racing without curb effects, this update isn't gonna change anything for you -- no need to download again!

    And I'm aware it's a pain in the attic to have the hotfixes coming in piece by piece, but apparently my personal quality control didn't really work all that well this time around. Just trying to keep everyone happy as soon as I know there's an issue. My appologies, and thank you for your understanding.
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  4. hotfixing floating white lines

    Something must've gone wrong with the white lines last minute before release of 1.1. This is a hotfix for that, putting the white lines back on the road where they belong. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  5. massive visual and performance improvement

    In what's likely to be the final update, I'm giving you much improved visuals and a big performance increase. Please rate this version, even if you have rated previous versions already - thank you! :)

    Changelog v1.1:
    • new grandstand
    • new pit wall
    • overhauled pit building
    • added podium (in race mode only)
    • added crew command booths and banners in the pit lane
    • new first bridge
    • new marshall outpost before first bridge
    • new tire walls
    • added large ad board monument...
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  6. Sveg Raceway - the big 1.0 update is here

    Almost a year after the initial release we're finally making the jump to 1.0, and it's a big update. The track has finally come to life with lots and lots of details added in all places, and a big overhaul of the overall look. These are the highlights from the change log:
    • improved shader settings for road and curbs, waters, fences, white lines
    • improved visibility of grid position markers
    • improved road, curb, and environment textures
    • improved look of grass, tires...
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