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Hayosiko Kesselinperä Racing 27.11.2016, V1.3

Custom Hayosiko

  1. ajanhallinta
    Hayosiko Kesselinperä Racing Edition
    Modification made for My Summer Car UPDATE 27.11.2016.

    Custom paint job, rims & tyres, side exhaust pipe, sounds, bull bar, sport wheel and leopard interior for Hayosiko.


    - Converted to UPDATE 27.11.2016

    - New custom sounds.

    - Converted to UPDATE 24.11.2016
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Recent Reviews

  1. woktto
    Version: 27.11.2016, V1.3
    Doesn't work but I'm not all that surprised. I'm sure it was once a working good mod but now it is rubbish. Anyways, it's dead
  2. Mitchelskater
    Version: 27.11.2016, V1.3
    your uncle is gonna ****ing kill you once he sees you spray painted his work van
  3. MALczan14
    Version: 27.11.2016, V1.3
    please update this to 17.04.17 version
  4. y tho
    y tho
    Version: 27.11.2016, V1.3
    can u give me the rim texture
    1. ajanhallinta
      Author's Response
      It's original Satsuma's racing rim model / texture from game files.
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