1. itsDraik

    Pennzoil Nismo JGTC livery 1.0

    Hello, im itsDraik, and i'm back with one of my favourite liveries. I present to you all the Pennzoil Nismo JGTC Team from 1999. This team was the winner of the 1998 JGTC Championship, with E.Comas and S.Motoyama on the steering wheel, with the number 23 on the car. But on 1999 they put the...
  2. speedracer1893

    RSS GTM Bayro V8 Schubert Motorsport 2020-01-18

    3 x Schubert Motorsport BMW M6 Skins 2016 N24h No. 18 2017 N24h No. 19+20 Thanks to @Oscurr for the help on the Glow Pay Car Mod:
  3. H

    "Cherry bomb" Cd cover art

    This mod adds a sweet new cd cover to your game based on the Nissan Cherry/ Datsun 100a. just put coverart.png in CD 1-3 to get it as the cover for that CD.
  4. T

    Very strange custom job for Satsuma 1.0 [ithink]

    So i got bored and decided to try myself at photoshop... well... this paintjob happened. Nothing more. Also i messed up a little with trying to make carbon on hood, sorry about that :C


    We discuss what's happening with the 2020 season mod and also what's going to be happening moving forward!!! Follow me on Twitter for updates on the Season M...
  6. P

    BMW M3 E30 DRIFT(flower power skin) 2020-01-05

    if you like my skin, here is the option to donate. Thank You! BMW m3 e30 Drift skin can be applied to the e30 and e30 step1.. just extract folder to your assetto corsa main directory Drew an...
  7. Haze Racing Design

    Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 (RSS Bayro 6) 2020-01-04

    Walkenhorst Motorsports 2016 24h Nurburgering Livery for the stunning RaceSimStudio Bayro 6. Buy the car here - if you don't already have it! Pack includes skin textures & tyre textures. You Do Not have permission to modify and reupload my work to other skins...
  8. itsDraik

    Sad Machines JTCC Fantasy Livery 1.0

    Hello, my name is itsDraik, and I present to you a new skin for the Nissan Primera GT BTCC. I make the Sad Machines JTCC Fantasy Livery originally made on a Nissan President with a custom body kit, now on the Primera GT, because it was the appropiate car for it. It comes also with custom gloves...
  9. vaporZen

    My Personal Satsuma Skin (Bosnia/Anime) 1.0.0

    This is my very own skin for my Satsuma in My summer car. If you want a skin, or you have an idea, just tell me. Installation: 1. Open your File Explorer 2. Go to: This PC>Data>Steam>steamapps>common>My Summer Car>Images 3. Put the file in there. Optionally: 1. Go to Steam 2. Locate My summer...
  10. g25driver

    Hamann Motorsport i8 Official Configurator Pack 0.9

    Hamann Motorsport i8 Official Configurator Pack is made for Steven Stirpe's Hamann Motorsport i8. The full i8 Coupè standard colour selection is filled with the BMW Individuals colour list with some personal details interpretation.
  11. g25driver

    BMW i8 Coupè Official Configurator Pack 0.9.2

    Standard Official configurator pack for BMW i8 Coupè with the recent addiction of the BMW Individual Program colours selection. Take a look on my website.
  12. garyjpaterson

    Skin Templates - Auto Union Type C 1

    Skin templates for the Auto Union Type C (which you can get here: I've tried to keep it reasonably logical but ask if you're unsure about how something works. Includes 3D PSD templates too. (Just an example skin in 3D/2D...
  13. Mascot

    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale - eight paint and trim options December 2019

    Since I basically live in this fantastic car at the wonderful Fonteny right now I did a few quick paint and cockpit trim options. If you want them, unzip to the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 'skins' folder.
  14. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Porsche Motorsport F1 - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: Merry Christmas everybody! Another new entry, another new challenger. Porsche wanted another new challenge and decided to try to go...
  15. krissboo

    Acid '88 Ligier JS8 1.0

    Whilst listening to an Acid house mix I did a while back, I was suddenly inspired to create this rather trippy skin for the Ligier JS8. My first ever release here so be gentle. I'm sure it's not perfect but I suppose it doesn't matter when you can't see straight ;)
  16. cristianoid

    Fantasy Skin - F-Retro Porsche Team 1

    Team Porsche's F-Retro skin fiction is an idea of a team I made to make my offline racing more fun by imagining a factory team settling in F1 in 1976. The team has 2 cars and uses the classic colors of Gulf, the classic sponsor of the brand in racing.
  17. ArashTaFace

    [Skin] Chrome & Fire By Arash

  18. morado77

    Steffen Sd 1.5

    Skin disponible pour la vdc_ls14_stump
  19. Cauri Design

    Porsche RSR 2017 - don't work on v. 1.2.0 1.0

    -HOW TO INSTALL- You only have to extract the files in the main ACC folder in your HD:\Steam\steamapps\common\Assetto Corsa Competizione\AC2\Content\Packs -HOW TO USE IT- To use this skin, you have to select the 2018 season, and choose the team "Black Swan Racing". -ATTENTION- Once you install...
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