1. Seb5sf

    Alonso 2022 ACSPRH Helmet 1.0

    2022 Fernando Alonso Helmet in ACSPRH mode. The top of the helmet is based on @JSoria last year helmet. A big thanks to him for giving me permission to use part of his helmet. I hope you will enjoy it.
  2. OzBoz

    RSS 4 - Lega Corsa Skin Pack by 1.0

    A skin pack I created some time ago but which was requested in a YouTube comment. The skin is 4k and comes with fitting gloves, helmets and suits. Race on! Oscar - / Other skins by me
  3. ranzteezy

    Redbull x Aston Martin, Fictional Livery. 1.0

    I wanted to design a Red Bull x Aston Martin livery but got bored with the usual Red Bull stuff, so I've decided to take a whole new direction. I am not associated with any of the sponsors/companies that I've placed into the design, this is just a fictional livery that I did for fun. I can...
  4. Xiang Zhang

    Audi Sport Quattro S1 #2 #5 - Toyota Corolla BTCC 1.1

    A fictional skin livery based on Audi Sport Quattro S1 for 397's Toyota Corolla BTCC. Includes #2 and #5 skin livery. Installation: extract and drop MAS file into following folder (or move to the newest version number of the car's subfolder in case of update) rFactor...
  5. cubero

    Praga R1 Opline Skin 2022-05-17

    Over the years on assetto, I've created a lot of car skins for fun, and I think there's no point in them sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. Maybe there is a person who likes it and wants to fill his grill with a different skin or even use it himself! So I have decided to take some time...
  6. Santi007

    Cupra Racing My Team 1.0

    CUPRA RACING MOD FOR F1 2021 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by Cupra Racing cars such as the WTCR and Extreme E. MOD FEATURES Standard package: Team badge Car livery Driver race suit (with helmet, cap, gloves and boots) You need to use Intergalactic (free unlockable) or Devon Butler (Deluxe...
  7. Corsica Modding

    skin Ferrari GT3 evo DTM de Sébatien Lob

    small preview of the skin I made on Loeb's Ferrari DTM ( assetto corsa ) hello, you have to go to my patreon page to get the skin
  8. GreenMachine13

    Portland 2022 IMSA Skin 1.01

    What if IMSA raced at Portland International? With this track skin, now you can imagine. This skin is for aa_portland_final by 13x. Just drop this into the aa_portland_final folder in your track directory and enjoy. If you're running a fictionalized IMSA championship, I hope this skin...
  9. shebahahaha

    Audi F1 Team 1

    Hi everyone ! I did cool skin for My Team in career. If you like it, feel free to download ! Hope you enjoy. :) Install _d and _s files with ERP archiver and play! Sorry for low resolution screenshots. Image was too big for upload.
  10. Alex Foulkes

    WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway | Kunos Track Reskin 1.0

    THIS SKIN IS ONLY COMPATIBLE FOR USERS USING CONTENT MANAGER. THIS CAN BE FOUND AT: Hey there! This is a reskin for the Kunos Laguna Seca, that gives the track a new resurfaced look (in line for the plans to resurface the circuit later this year)...
  11. Sprytheodor

    Impala 1967 Skins More Colors 0.1

    !!!!Fixed matte color on Impala Red W Black Roof!!!! Red W Black Roof Original car Only comes in black so i mixed it up a bit link to original car...
  12. GreenMachine13

    Colorado 24 IMSA 2021 Skin 1.0

    Hi all! Here's a skin for Colorado 24 by Edobot, GTR2 converted by LaChub, AC converted by shin956. Found the track through the AC Tracks Listing 3.0 by Breathe. To update the track for modern IMSA, I re-did all of the billboards and trackside adverts, along with attempting to make the dirt...
  13. N

    AMG GT3 EVO X-Force / Deadpool Racing 0.99

    AMG GT3 2020 EVO X-Force Racing fictional livery. So I rewatched Deadpool the other day, and shortly after that I watched a British GT race when I realised that those headlights could be used as eyes of Deadpool. Then Merc with a mouth has born (pun intended) :) Tried to keep it really simple...
  14. A

    Skinpack for Nissan Skyline DR30 Super Silhouette 1.0

    Important : see update Hi all ! This fictional skinpack is for the Nissan Skyline DR30 Super silhouette put together to AC by Lu Thua Kien, TonySSS, Masscot, Flyingsaucer and JakubP 8 differents skins, in 4K, with drivers, team and country. Just to bulk up a bit a line up with this monster...
  15. Mascot

    Alternative Billboard & Texture Skin for Vitus Park 20.04.2022

    Alternative billboard & texture skin for Shi's excellent GTR2 Vitus Park conversion, including new billboards, kerbs, armcos, s/f asphalt logo, and track branding. Unzip to AC 'Tracks' folder (or install manually), then select the skin in Content Manager. Track? Seek and ye shall find. Like...
  16. M

    Ricard-EDITION LANCIA DELTA S4 final skin 2.0.0

    Hi, I am posting this custom LANCIA DELTA S4 skin to customize your car. The skin is based on a DELTA S4 livery that was raced in Group B. This skin is a fictitious skin which takes the colours and patterns of a well known drink in France... I add the link of the reference car (the mod of the...
  17. M

    (1st version) lancia delta skin 1.0.0

    there is a 2.0 version here :
  18. Haddock67

    Team Meubles Arnold Skin for Russell-Alexis Formula Ford 1.

    Skins representing the 70's Shell Furniture Arnold livery for the Formula Ford Russell Alexis
  19. Shadowarrior_IT

    McLaren 720S Enduro Motorsports #77 2022 1.0

    This is not a skin I made, just a conversion for the original Assetto Corsa of Tef164 livery. Be sure that the car model you have is the mclaren_720_gt3_acc.
  20. Santi007

    Dragon Penske Autosport My Team 1.0

    DRAGON PENSKE AUTOSPORT MOD FOR F1 2021 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by Dragon Penske Formula E team and the dragon figure. MOD FEATURES Standard package: Team badge Car livery Driver race suit (with cap, gloves and boots) You need to use Intergalactic (free unlockable) or Devon Butler...