1. C

    Cars CRSH GT3R Issues - Can anyone help?

    Hi, I'm having a couple of issues with the Crash 991.2 GT3R and I'm hoping the folks on here will be able to help. 1) The headlights show correctly in previews and in the showroom, but in-game they appear as a solid yellow/grey colour depending on the colour of the glass in the skin - see...
  2. 3hunnaboi

    EVA MATS 1.2

    EVA MATS 100 color combinations To replace textures, you need Texture Pack Importer or UnityEX Installation (Texture Pack Importer): 1. Open the archive and navigate to the SHADERASSETS folder, then move the sharedassets1.assets file to My Summer Car\mysummercar_Data 2. Open the EVA MATS...
  3. T

    Texture for second ferndale 0.0.1

    It's my paintjob for second ferndale. To update texture eou must install SecondFerndale mod, unzip and copy this files to SecondFerndale's folder\Assets\SecondFerndale.
  4. G

    32k-SimTraxx SEMETIN (all in one) 1.5

    Before you install this mod go to your semetin folder and delete the folder "texture" in it !!! Here a 32k ground texture + many other for Semetin. Original from: Vasek Sourek AC Version from: SimTraxx p.s. It´s for the version 1.05 from simtraxx...
  5. G

    Background Texture 4 SimTraxx SEMETIN 1.1

    Reworked background texture for Semetin. (without white border) Don´t use this with the 32k version, there it´s included !!! Original from: Vasek Sourek AC Version from: SimTraxx p.s. It´s for the version 1.05 from simtraxx...
  6. G

    16k Ground Texture 4 SimTraxx SEMETIN 1

    Here a 16k ground texture for Semetin. Original from: Vasek Sourek AC Version from: SimTraxx p.s. It´s for the version 1.05 from simtraxx: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/semetin-czech-republic.10782 it´s a absolut stunning track in VR. I use this texture with CM / CSP and GrassFX...
  7. Feralo14

    Real Wheel brand (OZ Racing) for Formula RSS 2 V8 1.0

    A very simple mod that replace the default RSS wheel texture by the real one with the O-Z Racing brand. The real car : Before : Now: Tyre texture by @formulaHEINE here Of course you can use it for your skins! (would be cool to credit me :))
  8. K

    Clean Steering Wheel v1

    Just a clean steering wheel texture, install with Texture Pack Importer Tool Goes into sharedassets1 Before After
  9. Halcyon9453

    Question about background texture flickering

    Does anyone know how to fix the background textures and shadow flickering issue? It happens a lot when I replay the game record, it seems to happen less in playing. Also a little question about the werid mosaic/pixel motion blur at the edge of the car and how to fix that. Thanks for your...
  10. Lucas Mulati

    Problem with textures and .veh files.

    I am having some strange problem which I simply couldn't solved. Right now I'm making a mod, and all the parts of the cars are ready. I want to use this parts on multiples vehicles, with different textures. The problem is: I have already done the .veh file with the DefaultLivery, Extra0, Extra2...
  11. R

    I want to know how to protect texture data

    I would like to make a course and publish it on the internet. I sometimes analyze official and public courses for study purposes. I knew at that time. I noticed that the extracted texture data is strange. The data capacity is 70 bytes. The image size is also only 1x1px. I'm guessing this is due...
  12. steffersonlopes

    F1 2021 Blurred original game car textures

    Hi, I'm having problems with the textures of all cars and some helmets that come by default in the game, they don't load correctly and they look like this, does anyone know the solution? F1 2021 / I play with High Quality graphics Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 8gb ram i59300H
  13. JSoria

    George Russell post-season testing Mercedes Helmet 2021 | ACSPRH Mod 2021-12-20

    Hi! With the season finished I'm looking forward to the new helmet designs for 2022. And I can't wait to see the new car on track as well. So as I wait to the new season I'll keep posting helmet desings. This time Russell's for the post-season tests with Mercedes. As the title says, the skin...
  14. D

    Racing Stripes For The Covina 1

    Simple racing stripes for the covina.
  15. C

    F1 Grand Prix 2010 Soft tyre Bridgestone texture mod 1.0

    I was missing the green soft tyres so I decided to do add them. It looks really good. Download the three .dds files and put them inside the skin driver folder of the car you want for example : f12010_mclaren/skins/button/here Additionally I have added my cameras.ini if you want to have the...
  16. D

    My Summer Car Black Fittan Texture 0

    Black Fittan Texture Mod
  17. Whirey


  18. Pyyer

    Silverstone pit straights and bridges sponsors extension 1.0.1

    On some Kunos tracks including Silverstone , mapping of textures is a bit restrictive (inverted textures, re-use of texture elsewhere...) So here is a small extension which add new separate textures slots for : - International pit straight Bridge - International pit straight sponsors (left...
  19. vittuperkele69420

    Windows 95 coverart.png 0.1

    A coverart.png . Just swap the original Coverart.png with this and there you go. I don't know if the note that points that Petteri gave this CD to the player is visible in the CD case, tell me if it is. Anyways. that's what you need to know. Ahahahah. Windows 95 was released in August 12th of...
  20. baallzebub

    tier 3 painted tire and wheel 1.0

    this mod change texture of blank default tire to branded one of IRL and fictional racing event also texture of the wheel that match 10 original team color extract "cars" folder to grid autosport directory folder credits to: UDegani Shino tenshi // Philip Heck always backup first