1. 12412412

    My Autumn Car 1.1

    Instructions: 1. Place all application files and folders in the installation folder of my summer replacement machine. 3. Run the textpackimporter.exe file.
  2. 12412412

    Road textures 2.0

    The mod only changes the appearance. The characteristics remain the same, which does not change the balance of the game. Reworked texture connections throughout the map Have fun!
  3. gabrieleronzini

    Texture italian food v1.0

    IT - Questa texture pack è nata dall'esigenza di voler portare alcuni dei prodotti italiani su MSC, si è cercato di mantenere le marche più famose che si possono trovare in commercio, nel caso aveste suggerimenti su altri marchi che ritenete da prendere in considerazione, fatemelo sapere qui...
  4. D

    Coffee Texture

    Is there a mod that changes the texture of the coffee liquid inside of the coffee cup at home to a more realistic texture? The coffee Teimo serves you at the pub is a perfect example of what I would like for home. Its smooth, black and has little bubbles in it. Just beautiful If anyone is...
  5. bluestilldie00

    Lando Norris Realistic Skin Tone v1.0

    By Default Lando Norris' skin texture is too tanned compared to IRL, this mod reverses that Mod by Bluestillidie00/TCSSkin How to Install: Copy and Paste 'pakchunk2-NorrisSkinColour_P by TCSSkin.pak' to "steamapps\common\F1 Manager 2023\F1Manager23\Content\Paks" Compatabilty: This mod...
  6. my.name

    How to make car 3D template for Photoshop?

    The question in the title )
  7. my.name

    F1 2020 driver suit texture error or glitch, idk

    Everything is fine in the game, no problems with textures, but drivers previews and on podium celebrations it looks like this:Low, medium, high video settings looks the same and with DX11, DX12 No problems with the video card, this glitch I only noticed in F1. (P.S: Translator)
  8. D

    Orange texture for mosquito spray 1.0.0

    Essa textura modifica a cor do mosquito spray, e deixa ele com a textura laranja!
  9. D

    Brazilian texture for seat covers, dashboard and steering wheel 1.0.0

    Texturas Brasileiras para a capa do banco, volante e painel, espero que gostem! Tutorial de instalação: Extraia os arquivos que estão compactados em uma pasta .rar na pasta raiz do jogo, execute o Texture Pack Importer e siga os passos! Qualquer dúvida me chame no email...
  10. DEKOL

    Talking Heads fear of music CD cover

    Music is not included with coverart!
  11. B

    Ferrari F138 / SF15-T / SF70H – Pirelli Tyre Textures 1.0

    Hello everybody, I have taken the existing default tyre texture for each vehicle and coloured it in the matching colours. I also created a new blur texture. In addition, there are also a Few shader adjustments, which I have taken over from my previous (RSS FH2020 Tire textures ) "Mod". Ferrari...
  12. DroneGamer

    help understanding this texture map

    hi, i'm trying to modify a skin to put my driver number and some other sponsor, this is what i got this is the normal skin, all right with this! problem is with the map i dont know what map type is that, and i need help to generate the new one with the skin that i made
  13. JereAnnala

    Finnish Groceries -TEXTURE FIXED 2.3

    This is replaceable texture for finnish groceries at Teimos shop. Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets1.assets -Find from there every TEX files same named that you have downloaded -Right click, and choose "Extract this file" It will make new...
  14. JereAnnala

    Golden Rolex -Watch TEXTURE 1.0

    This is Golden Rolex (Maybe submarine?) texture to normal boring watch. Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find from there every TEX files same named that you have downloaded -Right click, and choose "Extract this file" It will make...
  15. JereAnnala

    Pohjolan Matka -Bus TEXTURE 1.0

    Pohjolan Matka is one of the biggest finnish bus companies. Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find from there every TEX files same named that you have downloaded -Right click, and choose "Extract this file" It will make new folder...
  16. abrimaal

    DDS batch converter

    I need to downsize about 300 .dds files. Looking for a batch converter with resize option. I only know a batch converter (png, jpg, bmp, tga) to DDS, but there is no resize option. I could downsize the textures to PNG then convert them again to DDS, but the common image editors don't support DDS...
  17. C

    Cars CRSH GT3R Issues - Can anyone help?

    Hi, I'm having a couple of issues with the Crash 991.2 GT3R and I'm hoping the folks on here will be able to help. 1) The headlights show correctly in previews and in the showroom, but in-game they appear as a solid yellow/grey colour depending on the colour of the glass in the skin - see...
  18. 3hunnaboi

    EVA MATS 1.2

    EVA MATS 100 color combinations To replace textures, you need Texture Pack Importer or UnityEX Installation (Texture Pack Importer): 1. Open the archive and navigate to the SHADERASSETS folder, then move the sharedassets1.assets file to My Summer Car\mysummercar_Data 2. Open the EVA MATS...
  19. T

    Texture for second ferndale 0.0.1

    It's my paintjob for second ferndale. To update texture eou must install SecondFerndale mod, unzip and copy this files to SecondFerndale's folder\Assets\SecondFerndale.
  20. G

    32k-SimTraxx SEMETIN (all in one) 1.5

    Before you install this mod go to your semetin folder and delete the folder "texture" in it !!! Here a 32k ground texture + many other for Semetin. Original from: Vasek Sourek AC Version from: SimTraxx p.s. It´s for the version 1.05 from simtraxx...