1. S

    Cold War Era German Cigarettes v1

    ERNTE 23 CIGARETTE TEXTURE CHANGE --------------------------------------------------------- This changes the default Petsamo cigarettes to Ernte 23's from cold war era West Germany. --------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION...
  2. S

    Better Marlboro Cigarette Texture v1

    Not a lot to see here, this is simply a reboot of the previous Marlboro textures that could be seen on here, but I centered the texture on the box and did a less sloppy job, and replaced the pub texture with a vintage Marlboro Man ad, as opposed to the same texture as the box.
  3. baallzebub

    tire tread - slick & semi slick 1.0

    it's emphasize tire wear effect on slick one extract "cars" folder to grid autosport directory folder always backup first
  4. baallzebub

    tier 1 painted tire and wheel 1.0

    this mod change texture of blank default tire to branded one of IRL and fictional racing event also texture of the wheel that match 10 original team color extract "cars" folder to grid autosport directory folder credits to: UDegani Shino tenshi // Philip Heck always backup first
  5. baallzebub

    helmet and racing suit color for cup car 1.1

    this texture mod change drivers Racing suit and helmet color based on primary color of the car that excluded from 10 original team - all default livery car (some of them are still mismatch) - all cup cars in all category : touring endurance GP/openwheel tuner & street extract "characters"...
  6. V

    Rusty GT skin 2021-02-03

    basically just my attempt at a custom blue rusty GT skin. enjoy your new satsuma. HOW TO INSTALL: left click the image of the template right-click the image and press "save as" then go to my summer car/images and click "car.png" then press the "yes" button if it shows a question to overwrite...
  7. kieranhendy

    Lexus LFA Style Dashboard Texture | DonnerTech ECU 1.0

    This texture pack is based off the Lexus LFA dashboard screen. Note: Due to limitations the text on the screens is still white - currently waiting for a response from the mod author about being able to change the text colour. Note: The needle doesn't change for me but I've included it incase...
  8. meglon986

    [Plugin] External Parts Texture 1.1.0

    It is a plug-in that can edit the texture of external parts with PNG. 社外パーツのテクスチャをPNGで編集出来るプラグインです。 [EN] Note!! If you paint in a Fleetari's repair shop or spray can, the texture will collapse. Save and load to restore. I tried to fix this, but it didn't work. It takes too much time, so I will...
  9. Palerider23

    Ford skin for the Tangerine mod (ONLY ON NEXUS) 1.0

    A skin for the Tangerine mod. Cause why not!
  10. MadPav

    Актуальный Русификатор текстур My Summer Car / Russian texture pack 1.10

    Русское описание: Это обновленный текстур-пак от Roman266, были исправлены все текстуры из обновлений, упрощена установка и требование к системе. Работа без MODLoader'а! Присутствует выбор двух версий; Полный перевод Только текстуры для дополнения русификатора текста, без порчи атмосферы...
  11. W

    Bugged track textures

    I have that weird texture bug. I have tried to reinstall the track. The problem appeared when I installed a different version of this track and now none of those are working.
  12. bayram537

    satuma vin plate mod custom textures 1.2

    i made some textures for komeo's vin plate mod these textures shows you specs of your car included models: -gt -rally edition (more will come)
  13. JereAnnala

    RAY Hedelmäpeli -Slot machine TEXTURE 0.6

    Hedelmäpeli is original finnish slot machine game. Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find from there every TEX files same named that you have downloaded -Right click, and choose "Extract this file" It will make new folder on your...
  14. JereAnnala

    KOFF Terrace shade for Pub 1.0

    Matching texture to my latest textures: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/siwa-vanha-kippari-pub-shop-texture.37555/ Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find " shaderassets3/terrace_shade.tex -Right click, and choose "Extract...
  15. JereAnnala

    SIWA & Vanha kippari (PUB & SHOP Texture) 1.0

    SIWA is an old Finnish shop, That many Finnish people was loved in to. Vanha Kippari is Finnish PUB. Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find " shaderassets3/char_shirt02, shaderassets3/shoppingbag.tex...
  16. JereAnnala

    SPARCO -Seat & harness 2020-12-06

    I made texture to racing seats and harness, This time it was Sparco. 2 Years ago i made MOMO-seat and harness, and people have been asking for Sparcos :) ( MOMO:https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/momo-seat-and-harness-msc-textures.16426/ ) Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press...
  17. F

    Beauties/Woman in raincoats -- People wet 1

    These will replace the audience (as by the great track 'Feldberg Wet') with some breathtaking woman. Concentrate! Eyes on the road!
  18. NekoIron

    Lotse Red Suede Steering Wheel 0.5

    Lotse red suede steering wheel. Texture installation must be done by UnityAssetsExplorer program. :D
  19. Dukol

    Custom Yellow Gauge +1000 RPM 1.0

    Yellow 1000 rpm tachometer Day Night How to install? 1. Download the TexturePackImporter Tool archive ; 2. Unpack it in the root of the game ; 3. in Custom Gauge will be a folder Unity_Assets_Files, copy and paste with the replacement in the folder with the game; 4. Launch...
  20. Whills

    New Spark Texture for rFactor 1.0

    More realistic look spark texture made by me. Installation: Download and extract the file into your rFactor installation folder. Example track: Red Bull Ring 2015 Example car: McLaren MP4/13 from Grand Prix Evolution ENJOY!