1. Ghiaman1334

    General Rollovers TCR '18 not available?

    I've been redownloading my mods because my game majorly broke, and I've come up on a problem. I downloaded The Rollovers TCR pack (2018 - with the newer Civic model) while it was available on the website under 'free mods', but now it is no longer available. Is there a way to get this mod pack...
  2. Fabian Balle

    Will NR2003 Mods come to RD ?

    With NR2003 beeing probably the best ever Nascar game on PC it would be great to have a section for the 1000+ mods/tracks/physics and paint schemes hereon RD. It also could make the game a bit more active when many Nascar fans see NR2003 here on this site.
  3. Prototype_

    Kyalami 2016 0.9

    Kyalami 9 hour track dressing 3 Options now available Choose in the CM dropdown menu or via track selection menu Requires 2 additional shaders, (UV Flow and Emissive) which have both been included in the download folder structure. Thanks to @Johnr777 for the night lighting...
  4. Nikolai_CA

    Anyone still have a track file for Mont Tremblant?

    I saw that this existed a couple years back for Assetto Corsa but it was mysteriously removed from race department. My Dad marshalls there and he'd love to race it in the sim. If anyone still has the file on their pc and could share, it would be much appreciated!
  5. V

    could we have something like deleted files are not "showing function"

    Is this not possible to filter these deleted downloads out of the search mode, or better swap them to an archive read only section.
  6. abrimaal

    What can I upload to RD what can I not?

    Recently I uploaded a full game mod, compiled by myself from existing cars, addons, cars built and converted by myself, modified cars, modified tracks, modified graphics, music. The whole resource was a link to an external server. It was deleted. What can I upload here? Who should I credit in...
  7. frasie


    Version 2.10 This should be the final version of Glencehill Scotish (fictional) racetrack. Addet and changed some textures , like grass road billboards ecc. Flags and birds now animated. some more lights at night. Addet the missing sounds in track, like crowd and speaker sounds. New Lodscreen...
  8. derick_pereira

    Ayrton Senna Toleman TG184 1.0

    Installation instructions: Extract the 'Ayrton Senna Toleman TG184 1.0' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'lotus_98t_livery' DDS file Assetto Corsa - Ayrton Senna Toleman TG-184-02: Download link...
  9. NinjaOficial

    Save Game Fully Tuned Satsuma

    NinjaOficial submitted a new resource: Fully Tuned Satsuma - Experimental test-branch #6 - 09/11 Read more about this resource...
  10. mesa

    Marlboro Lancia Integrale 2017-08-13

    LANCIA INTEGRALE Evo 2 (1994) for DiRT 4 Features: livery, window stickers, Michelin tyres. It will replace the REPSOL livery. Dedicated to László Ranga -Ernő Büki - Champions forever!
  11. mesa

    Martini Lancia Delta HF 16v 1.0

    LANCIA INTEGRALE HF 16v (1990) for DiRT 4. Features: livery, window stickers, Michelin tyres. It will replace the REPSOL livery Warning! Use at Your Own Risks! Modded cars results will not upload to Steam servers! Use another copy for offline (modded) cars
  12. ajanhallinta

    JDM/Ricer styled Racing Exhaust Muffler 27.11.2016

    Only for My Summer Car UPDATE 27.11.2016. This isn't very finnish '95 style... but it just had to be done.
  13. ajanhallinta

    Pulkka-Skuuppi a.k.a Laplander's sled scoop 27.11.2016

    Pulkka-Skuuppi a.k.a Laplander's sled Scoop for Satsuma. Modification made for My Summer Car UPDATE 27.11.2016. Installs pulkka a.k.a laplander's sled to Satsuma's hood.
  14. ajanhallinta

    Hayosiko Kesselinperä Racing 27.11.2016, V1.3

    Hayosiko Kesselinperä Racing Edition Modification made for My Summer Car UPDATE 27.11.2016. Custom paint job, rims & tyres, side exhaust pipe, sounds, bull bar, sport wheel and leopard interior for Hayosiko. Changelog: V1.3: - Converted to UPDATE 27.11.2016 V1.2: - New custom sounds. V1.1...
  15. Paul Ad

    Porsche 917/30 @ Riverside Nascar

  16. Fabris78

    Seat Leon Cup 2016 - Campionato Italiano 1.0

    Hi guys I want to propose my first league career, so if there are problems please contact me. Thank Tommy78 for the mod and the ACCG boys for careers editor. 12 races totals... Circuits (2 races): -Monza -Imola -Misano Adriatico -Magione -Vallelunga -Mugello Cars: Seat Leon Cup Racer 2015...
  17. nokanmov

    BTBfin: Rally Finland RX / RSRBR, Track Archive 2009 - 2016

    BTBfin: Rally Finland RX / RSRBR, Track Archive 2009 - 2017 Main Archives: BTBfin: Rally Finland RX Track Archives 2009 - 2017 2017: 2016: Päijänne Lake Winter 2016...