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  1. lowrenzmusic

    Custom Rider Dainese pack 1.0.1

    This is a personal project i want to share with you. Also this is the first mod i make for Motogp series For now only Dainese Suits, boots and gloves from MotoGP oficial teams are done, may be updating it with the rest of the categories soon. Hope you like it
  2. Whalenap

    RTSH Pennzoil Bentley Continental GT3 1.0

    Good evening simracers, Tonight I share one of my favorite designs ever : yellow with black and small touches of british racing green. A kind of Pennzoil livery on a fictionnal british team. Some of you already know that you can follow me on instagram, facebook, and of course on my website...
  3. G

    Custom racetrack 0.3

    It's my first contribution so it can be rough at some parts but I can say that it's very fun to drive. Around 1m30s in a F1 car. 2 hairpin, slow and fast corners. Quite tricky. Barriers are not working properly, sorry. Made with RTB. Don't have a name yet for it. I'm waiting for your opinion.
  4. Whalenap

    Viner Ale Motors NSX GT3 Evo 1.0

    Introducing Viner Ale Motors, a Racing Team coming out from my imagination several years ago. Red glossy paint with metallic red facings, white lines and curves, Panasonic and Repsol sponsors plus the team's original logo. As you will see, the front view shows matte back paint hiding the...
  5. Whalenap

    KSR Mountain Dew Lexus RC-F GT3 1.0

    Hey everyone, I have been kind of busy last weeks, but I don't forget you guys and girls. This time, matte black has a shiny filigree providing an interesting effect when you zoom in the green radients. Basically, this livery may work well on the replays. The latest Fanatec banner has been...
  6. Whalenap

    Farina Competizione Huracan GT3 evo 1.0

    This livery is clearly a reference to Lotus F1 team, late 70's and early 80's visual black & gold identity. Anyway, the sponsors are not vintage and the global design intends to show a modern rendering. More content from my collection is available here, as I share at least two skins by month...
  7. XG-PRO

    SPOON skin for Subaru Impreza 1995 1.0

    1. Credit Made by XG-PRO and SooIcedOut Do NOT redistribute any of the textures without permission or proper credits. 2. Info Hello, we just made a skin for the Subaru Impreza 1995 car in Dirt Rally 2.0, featuring an original design! The skin can be installed either on the first or the second...
  8. XG-PRO

    Subaru WRX STI NR4 UNDF Official skin WIP 1.1

    The official skin for the Undefined SKG brand! Way too many logos and sponsors were kept due to low budget. Download the zip file and extract it into your deLivery skin folders and install it through "deLivery" manager, or manually by placing the nr4 folder inside the game's directory. The skin...
  9. Cozy61

    Add-on champs file to Zuno toto 2020 Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship mod 1.0

    Thanks go to zuno toto for the race grid and Skins Custom Championship Requires: Content Manager (Full version) free lite version here: https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html Assetto Corsa: Dream Pack 3 for Brands Hatch Circuit Car: See Below Skins and Race Grid: See Below Tracks: See...
  10. Cozy61

    RSS FH 2021 - F1 2021 Full Season ‘Custom Championship' 1.0e

    Hi Simracers and F1 fans Update 19/06/2021: I have updated the SON Season Champs file only to reflect the latest changes to the F1 2021 schedule (Singapore cancellation and the addition of the excellent new version of Paul Ricard 2021 by @marc_13000 and @blackcelica) Links can be found in the...
  11. Z

    Ferrari 488 EVO Camouflage RED 2021-03-27

    Camouflage and suponsors decals are fixed for Ferrari 488 EVO. Zip file contains decal.png file with and w/o driver's name. check my design on my youtube channel
  12. Whalenap

    Valune Racing Ferrari F488 GT3 1.0

    Hi there, here I am with a new skin. This time for Ferrari F488 GT3, but not the latest evo model. As you will see if you try to customize it, my original version is based on the full-carbon body but you can swap the livery scheme in order to use your own color for the raw carbon parts and...
  13. johnkevnguyen1980

    Aston Martini Racing 2021-03-24

    Custom skin.
  14. M

    Porsche GT3 ii Abstract custom livery 1.0

    Porsche GT3 ii abstract custom livery
  15. M

    Porsche GT3 ii Alza 1.0

    Porsche GT3 ii Alza livery
  16. M

    Porsche GT3 ii Techno Custom Livery 1.0

    Techno Livery
  17. M

    BMW M4 GT4 Pickle Rick 1.0

    Pickle Rick custom livery for BMW M4 GT4 :D Enjoy
  18. Whalenap

    Vortex Compétition Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo 1.0

    This livery is a full personnal creation, for it does not aim to look like any existing design. The main idea was to display a real traditional french blue (close to Alpine blue, as a consequence) However, I did not totally start from scratch, as the scheme is an ACC basic livery for this...
  19. Whalenap

    Piratella Martini BMW M6 GT3 1.4

    A refreshed livery full of history. The thing was to make this vintage style look as modern as possible, without losing the spirit and soul of it. Three years ago, Martini Racing celebrated its 50th birthday. This livery displays the particular logo they published in '18 As most of the...
  20. Whalenap

    Mythos Compétition - Alpine A110 GT4 1.0

    Mythos Compétition, french fictionnal team. This team's livery is quite simple, in fact : A deep metallic shade of blue, slightly darker than the Alpine blue but close to Bleu Roi, which could be translated as King Blue, for this was the color of the kings of France - with a golden lys flower...