my summer car

  1. elari222

    My summer car (FULL STOCK) v0.1

    (FULL STOCK) 50 000 mk Van and gifu key unlocked
  2. hzsozso

    HONDA NSR50 1.3

    HONDA NSR50 [Replace] v1.1 ============================================================ file release date:2021/02/19 author:gosuke URL: ============================================================ This mod replace JonnezES to...
  3. hzsozso

    Plugins delete please

    hzsozso submitted a new resource: HONDA NSR50 - This mod replace JonnezES to HONDA NSR50. Read more about this resource...
  4. S

    My Summer Car V2 2021-02-13

    Yo whats up guys this is a brand new game save i just did you start of with 500k on this game save you just **** around do what ever youd like and yes download the turbo and ecu mod into my summer car
  5. C

    EasyMobilePhone 1.6

    Version 1.6 A simple mobile phone is in hand or in the car. You can find the manual of this mobile phone near the home phone and operate it in detail in the Mod setting of this Mod ----------------------------------------------------- Pay attention: The detailed operation of changing mobile...
  6. L

    My summer car Teimo Slovakia Texture coop jednota supermarket and Fleetari car repair shop FINAL

    This is slovakia addon for slovakia Supermarket named : Coop Jednota and fleetari repair shop translated to slovakia / Toto je slovenská textura pre coop jednotu supermarket a fleetariho autoservis -satsuma best auto servis:)
  7. Mr_Mystery

    Satsuma GT Red Edition 1.0

    Satsuma GT Red Edition Save game I would suggest that you install this mod, it makes the interior look much better! It The GT Interior Mod on Nexus Mods. Won't let me upload on here, but the link is in read me file in the .zip ~~~Info~~~ Van And RCO Rusco Are out front Comes with food and...
  8. Mr_Mystery

    Satsuma Windows Sticker 1.0

    Just made this with my free time. it contains most of the brands in my summer car and a self-made Satsuma GT Sticker. Help me out at my PayPal -
  9. jim0205

    quick start save game 1.2.1

    build your car easily and quickly this is my first save please leave rate and suggestions thank :) Are you tired of having to run to the store or to flettari? to sort all the parts before building the car? then this save is made for you :) detail of the save all parts are sorted and...
  10. gabrielZN.141015

    For Sale Peugeot (SatsumaAMP) 1973 2021-01-22

    Peugeot (Satsuma) modelo AMP 1973 (em bom estado). Modelo deluxe com motor de 4 cilindros na linha 2.0, carro com poucos quilômetros rodados, é quase novo, Possui direção hidráulica, banco reclinável de couro, rádio AM e FM e acabamentos de topo! E tudo por um preço muito acessível! não perca...
  11. L

    My car not work pls help me 2021-01-20

    Plsss help me with this
  12. McNasty

    MSC save game Ultimate 1.0

    You start the game with everything you need, you have 90 thousand, sit back enjoy the game, listen to the birds. *comes with Gifu truck skin*
  13. MadPav

    Актуальный Русификатор текстур My Summer Car / Russian texture pack 1.10

    Russian texture pack for the new experimental version. English: Thís is a Russian texture pack that replaces most of the in-game textures to russian ones. Installation: Download: "TEXTURE PACK IMPORTER BY CHROME v1.02" And place that in your My Summer Car game folder. Secondly download the...
  14. F

    Clean MSC Save Game with 800000mk, Gifu, tuned satsuma and stock satsuma! 7.0

    Clean my summer car save. Pls rate my save game!
  15. JereAnnala

    RAY Hedelmäpeli -Slot machine TEXTURE 0.6

    Hedelmäpeli is original finnish slot machine game. Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find from there every TEX files same named that you have downloaded -Right click, and choose "Extract this file" It will make new folder on your...
  16. JereAnnala

    KOFF Terrace shade for Pub 1.0

    Matching texture to my latest textures: Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find " shaderassets3/terrace_shade.tex -Right click, and choose "Extract...
  17. JereAnnala

    SIWA & Vanha kippari (PUB & SHOP Texture) 1.0

    SIWA is an old Finnish shop, That many Finnish people was loved in to. Vanha Kippari is Finnish PUB. Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find " shaderassets3/char_shirt02, shaderassets3/shoppingbag.tex...
  18. JereAnnala

    SPARCO -Seat & harness 2020-12-06

    I made texture to racing seats and harness, This time it was Sparco. 2 Years ago i made MOMO-seat and harness, and people have been asking for Sparcos :) ( MOMO: ) Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press...
  19. H

    Textures delete this

    huuliseehilo submitted a new resource: My Summer Car build 179 ferndale skin - My Summer Car Read more about this resource...
  20. MafiaYT

    Turbo Satsuma Game Save (MOD IN DESC) 0.1

    Dazys Turbo Mod: Creator Of The Mod: Location to Put Files: C:\Users\NAME\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MY SAVE I ONLY ADDED THE...