my summer car

  1. D

    DonnerPlays's Satsuma Turbocharger 1,31

    NOTICE: you need to put modapi_v0120-alpha.dll inside the Mods/References/ folder and make sure there is no other version or modapi. I can't find any other newer version of the modapi so if anyone knows where you can get it let me know Part install locations: (names as in the game when...
  2. allymysummercar

    Fixing broken satsuma's for free

    Satsuma broken down? Tried everything you could? just send me your savegame and i'll fix it for you!
  3. kunedo

    SatsumaMirrors 0.1

    Description: =========== Hello! Today I bring you a mod that adds a different style mirrors and add right mirror for satsuma.. Requirements: ============ -Requires Modloader. -Requires latest game version. Installation: ============ Place SatsumaMirrors.dll and Assets folder into your Mods...
  4. A

    Actual Mop 1.0.1

    Actual Mop adds a... Mop to My Summer Car, which lets you clean the urine stains in your home! Visit project's GitHub repository to learn more! Requirements My Summer Car (newest release) MSC Mod Loader 1.1.5 Windows operating system (this mod will not work on macOS or Linux, due to required...
  5. fremen

    skin lakers koby

    skin Tribute to Kobe Bryant.
  6. T

    Very strange custom job for Satsuma 1.0 [ithink]

    So i got bored and decided to try myself at photoshop... well... this paintjob happened. Nothing more. Also i messed up a little with trying to make carbon on hood, sorry about that :C
  7. M

    Stock Satsuma Save Game 1.0

    Stock Satsuma Save Game. Comes with food and 500,000 MKs all cars available Satsuma is ready to go! >INSTALL< drop all files from ZIP folder into, then start up the game. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car >Contact< If you need any help message me on my Discord at Mr...
  8. duboisveiga

    MY SAVE SASTUMA GT-TURBO 23.12.2019 experimental

    la vesrion experimentale de my summer car cest une version pour les developeur vous aurait les nouveauté avant les autre joueur pour activer la version experimenal il faut se rendre sur steam bibliothèque clic droit sur my summer car popriétés betas vous rentrer le code dingdongpong faite...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    My Summer Car | December Update Now Available

    New update time! My Summer Car December update is now live. A new build of My Summer Car recently released for the Steam Early Access title, continuing a recent trend of regular updates and improvements for this strangely popular driving / lifestyle simulation from Amistech Games. Developed as...
  10. A

    MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.2.1

    MOP (Modern Optimization Plugin) is currently the ultimate performance enchancing project for My Summer Car. It is partially based off of KruFPS, but optimized for even more performance. The only FPS optimization mod, that does all of this without any user interaction! No need to remember...
  11. ArashTaFace

    [Skin] Chrome & Fire By Arash

  12. M

    all of my /images (my summer car) f.i.a.t..8.5.0.

    includes 2 of my previous posters, new poster, pohjanmaa car paint, rear window sticker with Fennia vakuutus Insurance (finnaly insurance for datsun) and suzuki pv skin for datsun!
  13. Yellow Perkele

    Cassette Tape: Metallica - No Life til Leather 1.0

    NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT YOU HAVE THE CASSETTE TAPE MOD!!!! (Cassette tape mod created by piotrulos) Well hello there! Thanks for checking out my tape! This is for all the metal heads (or bootleggers) out there that enjoy Metallica! Here is a little history lesson: No Life til Leather was a tape...
  14. cosmic 43

    1969 Dodge Charger download?

    Howdy MSC fans, there's been a mod that I wanted to get my hands on for awhile now, the 1969 Dodge Charger mod, I've seen a lot of videos about the mod from 10 months ago and seen that it's been taken down from being downloaded, not sure who the developer of the mod is ether, is it possible to...
  15. stepbro dasher

    My Summer Car save with 35k full GT Satsuma Food Beers FIREWORKS and other stuff! 2019-10-25

    This is a MSC Save Game that contains 35k markka Full GT Satsuma Fireworks Food Beers Van And Gifu Truck Keys for fleetaris car and other stuff. I hope you enjoy it! if you need any help add me on discord stepbro dasher#6530
  16. NMV0327

    New save: [DELETED] 2019.10.19

    Now download the new save:
  17. ser1706

    My Summer Car Save My Summer Car

    My Summer Car Save
  18. Z

    please help me cant fit battery right, i am having troubles with doing it 2019-09-25

    please help me fitting the battery
  19. G

    I Realy need help, My car does not start! 2019-09-19

    I have tried for soooo long and i can never find the problem! Plz can someone help me and tell me what is wrong! I REALY need help!
  20. K

    Clean interior roof v1

    I could not find any texture with a clean interior roof for the satsuma so i did it my self under 30min. And by the thought i did it that fast i think it looks really good. Your welcome:) Here is a DDS file: