my summer car

  1. S

    Frozen Satsuma

    Hello! This evening I was playing with MSC and after a game restart I noticed my Satsuma is frozen and I am unable to move it with Hayosiko or pushing.
  2. KASYN

    '80 Music 0.1

    Here's a mod with some good old music. If you have any suggestions write that in the comment section. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.
  3. Lamia_20


  4. greencat89


    Can someone PLEASE HELP. So this was my first time actually putting the time into rebuilding the Satsuma. After I had finished (I was watching a tutorial) I drove down to the inspector so I could get a plate. Everything was fine except for emission. I looked it up and it said my carburetor...
  5. matukkapatukka

    Minun Save 1,0

    tä on Minun save my summer carissa sori satsuma ei toimi tässä
  6. Mitchelskater

    Grafiti Style Hayosiki Van 1.0

    This mod is a RE-UPLOAD FROM A DIFFERENT USER! The reason for re-upload is because the file is now nowhere to be found on any modding sites and I had it leftover on my computer hard drive. If the original owner would like it taken down please contact me on this website. The interior is designed...
  7. Linkoln_TECH

    My German Rally 0.0.1

    Warning! I'm only provider of that save game JUST QUALITY SAVE GAME FOR RALLY SAVE GAME CREATOR
  8. P

    my summer car save Full tuned satsuma all

    is msc - my summer car save
  9. J

    Could someone please help me fix my Satsuma?

    Hi! Could someone help me? It starts but sounds weird and stuff! I would love to drive the car but i cant figure out what´s wrong. If someone could help, i would have been so happy!
  10. L

    MSC save game almost all vehicles and lots of money, tuned satsuma at home road 2021-11-18

    ready for dating and tuned satsuma with radar buster and other gauges and have gifu,ruscko,tuned satsuma, jonnez es, hayosiko,kekmet,flatbed but fernadale is at fleetaris. money, and the satsuma is at the home road (not in garage) you can walk by the road and see it cuz i was testing it.:roflmao:
  11. L

    Extremely Good Tuned Rally Satsuma with 50k money and suski dating done waiting for call & cars 2021-11-16

    Nice save game by finnish boy and suski dating done and waiting for her call and about 50k money could be under and some cars and the satsuma is ultimately fast and well done!
  12. ZaosTV

    Zaos's Redbull Rally Satsuma 1.0

    Please let me know how you like it. :D Also on Nexus: https://www.*********.com/mysummercar/mods/1144
  13. Mr.Gitsen

    Food Condition Indicator 1.0

    To find out the state of food - you need to pick your food and press Alt + X (default)
  14. Mr.Gitsen

    Lantern (Revieved) 1.2

    This mod adds a lantern to the front yard of the house. There was already such a mod (made by BrennFuchS), but it stopped working. So I decided to make my own improved version from scratch. Advantages and features: - New design - Now it operates from a separate switch - Yes, it consumes...
  15. racempmsc

    savegame satsuma just got tüv 1.0

    hello just gave the satsuma tüv tutorial to insert the savegame available you start at teimo in the toilet key For: Van 1 Gifu 1 Satsuma 1 Ferndale 1 Track gate 1 mods are also included :) have fun
  16. GhostSniperTR

    alternative save 2021-08-24

    İlk 50,000mk ve %0 ihtiyaçları ile başlayarak Oyun, Ventti'nin sizin için bıraktığı kabinde geçmektedir. Hiçbir iş/etkinlik başlatılmadı veya tamamlanmadı Oyunun başındaki varsayılan ev, YALNIZCA görevler tasarruflar ettik Için kullanılacak sekilde ayarlanmistir. not : my first finished...
  17. szymonjasgamer45678

    Save game do mojego wakacyjnego auta 2021-08-24

    cześć to jest muj pierwszy save co w nim jest minimalna stuningowana satsuma kekmet gifu van po domem bimber jest prawie gotowy jedzenia w opur nic tylko pobierać
  18. A Look at My Summer Car | A Quirky and Popular Car Mechanics Sim

    A Look at My Summer Car | A Quirky and Popular Car Mechanics Sim

    My Summer Car ranks among the most popular titles featured here at RaceDepartment, but it’s not a racing sim, it’s something different altogether. With over 2,000 downloads currently available through RaceDepartment, My Summer Car ranks among the most active sub-communities on our website...
  19. T

    Ricochet Shopping List skin 1.0

    Just a skin made by me. I didn't test it maybe you can and tell me how is it :D
  20. E

    C4 Mod 0.3

    Adds a C4 bomb to the game. Press L to spawn the bomb Detonator spawns wherever you spawn. This is so if you lose it, simply save and reload! If you spawned too many bombs, you can easily delete all bombs with Left Control + Backspace Thanks to the MSC Modding Community for help. Big thanks...