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Driving Through The Decades - 70 Years of F1 - 1969

Driving Through The Decades - 70 Years of F1 - 1969 1.0

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70 Years of Formula One Mod
YT 70yearsF1_1969_ Background_1080p.jpg

1969 (Freemium)

Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_kyalami1967_17-10-120-18-56-51 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_montjuich1975_17-10-120-19-59-50 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_monaco_1966_17-10-120-20-30-54 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_sandev_f3ct_17-10-120-20-56-23 (Large).jpg charade_spc2018 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_ks_silverstone1967_18-10-120-15-31-2 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_nurburgring1967_18-10-120-15-35-14 (Large).jpg ks_monza66 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_jr_mosport_thr_18-10-120-15-44-56 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_glen_18-10-120-15-54-17 (Large).jpg Screenshot_legion_lotus_49c_4thgpmexico67_18-10-120-15-57-11 (Large).jpg


  • Content Manager (Full version) free lite version here: https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html
  • SOL 1.52 or higher: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sol.24914/
  • Custom Shaders patch v1.52 or higher: Link in 'readme' file
  • F1 1969 (Lotus 49c) Skins (Full Set):
  • Tracks/Cars: All the tracks/Cars can be found using original AC tracks, Racedepartment, assettocorsaclub or a google search.
Background (this is a work in progress)
During the lockdown I’ve cobbled together a number of F1 decades (3-4 years from each) to make up a Career mode and a User Championship mode to celebrate the 70 Years of Formula 0ne from 1950-2020 - The years (TBC) are 1950s (1950/54/58), 60’s (1960/63/67/69), 70’s (1971/75/79), 80’s (1982/86/88), 90’s (1991/94/98), 00’s (2000/05/09), 10’s (2013/17) and 2020

My aim, if there is enough interest, is to release them over the coming weeks

Thanks to the AC modding community there is a plethora of cars, skins and track mods that allow this to happen. As with all modding some are better than others as well as being more recent. After all, it is Assetto Corsa’s 6th Year and it is still going strong!

There will be some years that are completely freemium but others that I will class as premium because they require one or two paid mods to complete. Knowing the AC Community most of us have the mods already :thumbsup:

Where possible I’ll point you in the direction of an alternative free option on RaceDepartment or within the existing original Assetto Corsa content and DLC packs.

I have started with 1969 as its most probably the year I started to understand Formula One thanks to my dad.

To stay within the rules of RaceDepartment I cannot link to files outside of the download section. (Please don't ask - Thanks)

The car is an adaptation of the Lotus 49 by Legion called the ‘LOTUS 49C’ and can be found using a search with your favourite ‘Search engine’ including the phrase ‘Assetto Corsa mods and the name of the Modder.

Tracks from 1960/70’s can also be found with the same search along with the TARNHOERNER group who do a fantastic collection of tracks and cars from this era.

1969 (Lotus 49c)

Please note: 1 track is payware if you want authenticity, but an alternative is the more modern Kunos version of Zandvoort.

Car: Lotus 49c ‘Search engine’

Skins: (frape56) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/legion-lotus-49c.32894/

  • Drag the champs folder into: Your PC\documents\assetto corsa folder (When you run Assetto Corsa or Content Manager you will find it under 'user championships'> '1969 F1 (Lotus 49c) Championship'
  • Drag the career folder into: Your PC:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content folder (When you run Assetto Corsa or Content Manager you will find it under career> '1969 F1 season'
  • Drag the Screens Folder into: Your PC\documents\assetto corsa folder (Provides backgrounds for each race)

Using 'Content Manager' all the parameters are adjustable


These two videos may assist you if you haven’t set up a User Championship before

Assetto Corsa RSS F1 2020 Championship Guide to installing:

Cloning and amending any Assetto Corsa Custom Championship using Content Manager:

I recommend using 'Content Manager' - all the parameters are adjustable (See included screenshots using content manager)

Content Manger can be downloaded for free here: https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html

However, I do recommend paying for the full version to support its development and to get the full potential.

I also use the following MODS for enhanced immersion

SOl v1.5/6: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sol.24914/
Custom Shaders patch v1.52 or higher : https://**********/patch/

As ever - please recognise all the hard work done by the mod community to help support any future development - Thank you

Hope you enjoy it and have as much fun as we have

Any constructive comments gratefully received

If you spot any errors please give me a personal message before rating the mod - Thanks

Stay safe and healthy. #KeepOnRacing #WeRaceAsOne #70yearsF1 #1969


Latest updates

  1. Added Kunos Zandvoort track as alternative in career version (event 4)

    Instructions Rename event.ini to orig_event.ini Rename freeeversion_event.ini to event.ini...
  2. Happy Holidays - My personal F1 70 Year Celebration cars and circuits from 2020

    These are just some of the F1 cars and circuits I have enjoyed racing during a very different...

Latest reviews

Fantastic! You clearly have put a lot of effort into this and it's a great experience. Thank you
Upvote 0
Ayyy love it!
Upvote 0
Can you tell me how to replace the Dutch track that is paid one with the modern Zandvoort one that comes with AC? On content manager it says the paid one is missing, i tried renaming in event config the name of the paid one with the Kunos one, but it still shows error in the CMM under that event.
Hi, First question are you using career or Championship? 2nd Have you started the championship yet? if not watch this https://youtu.be/ufhOGIToXps if you have this one may help https://youtu.be/N6UKsomzDzI. 3rd If its the career go to my GDrive (link in readme file) and I'll put an amended event4 folder under your name - just download and drag and drop to career - say yes to replace - Hope that helps
Upvote 0
Only tinkered around with this a little, but I have to say it's awesome seeing love being shown to the vintage seasons!
Thanks. Hope you enjoy it
Upvote 0
Thanks for this. I love the 49c and can't wait to run your championship.
Buggered if I can find a working link for Mosport Historic though
Thanks - BTW, Try their discord channel
Upvote 0
out done yourself again cozy! and to all the other users who contributed., many thanks
Thanks - 1950's next
Upvote 0
Wow looks awesome!
Thanks- Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions as it is a WIP
Upvote 0
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