Guerilla Mod Toyota_S-FR Cup Round the World Skins

Guerilla Mod Toyota_S-FR Cup Round the World Skins 2.02

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__custom_showroom_1613524256 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613669769 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613606676 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613606639 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613594711 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613578758 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613565846 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613695761 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613694887 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613696067 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613843695 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613776716 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613773795 (Large).jpg

These skins are for a Round The Word Challenge custom championship but I thought I'd share them in case they are of use to anyone outside of this

Due to a number of requests, there are now 51 skins

Just drag the Zip file into Content Manager
  • This car requires Kunos Japan DLC, active custom shader patch (v1.66 or above recommended) and content manager
Car info:
Car Download: (you must be a member of the forum)

Because of the requests I've also scaled it down to an individual skin for each country except where shown (x2) following the initial upoad.

(Updated) 27/02/2021

• Argentina (x2) (NEW)
• Australia (x2)
• Azerbaijan (x2)
• Burkina Faso (NEW)
• Belgium (x2)
• Brazil (x2)
• Canada
• China
• Czech Republic (x2)
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Great Britain (x2)
• Greece (NEW/Updated)
• Hungary (NEW)
Indonesia (NEW)

• Ireland
• Israel
• Italy
• Jamaica (NEW)
• Japan
• Mexico (NEW)
• Netherlands (NEW)
• Norway (x2) (NEW)
• New Zealand
• Northern Ireland
• Poland (NEW)
• Portugal
• Romania (NEW)
• Russia (NEW)

• Scotland (NEW/Updated)
• Singapore
• South Africa (x2)
• Spain (x2)
• Sweden
Turkey (NEW)
United Arab Emirates (NEW)

• United States (x2)
Uruguay (NEW)

• Wales (x2

As ever - please recognise all the hard work done by the mod community to support any future development - Thank you

Hope you enjoy them and any constructive comments are gratefully received

If you spot any errors, please give me a personal 'discussion' message before rating the mod - Thanks

Stay safe and healthy.

#KeepOnRacing #WeRaceAsOne #ACMods #Simracing

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This is awesome, bro!! Could you please do Mexico?? Thank you!!
Update done - Mexico in
Thanks mate. You are really producing at a really quick pace ;-)
Good idea and nicely done.
Thanks much appreciated - Lockdown and boredom so it stops me twiddling me thumbs
Muchas Gracias!!! amigos , Argentina esta ????
soon :-D
Thanks for these great skins Cozy61.
Look at that beautiful NZL skin.
Top work as always. Thnx mate
Really nice mate!