Nurburgring 1967

Nurburgring 1967 1.1

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Nurburgring 1967
Original tracks made by Nick303 and Motorfx, then merged and improved by Kackbratze for rFactor.
Converted and improved for Assetto Corsa by me.

To install extract in 'assettocorsa' folder

ATENTION: To enjoy this track in all its potential you need Content Manager and Custom Shaders Patch installed. Some shaders from CSP are required in order for the track to work, otherwise it will just crash.
If you don't want to install CM and CSP, you can still get the required shader files in this link:

Drop the content from "new" folder into assettocorsa/system/shaders


- 6 Layouts (Dry and Wet versions of each)

Steilstecke Loop

- Working AI
- 12 Pit Boxes in Steilstrecke Loop layout. The other layouts have 32 Pit Boxes.


- Full scenario mesh smoothening
- Road physical mesh
- Vegetation rearrangement
- Complete texture overhaul
- New 3D models for signs, fencing, structures, and vehicles

- New camera facing spectators
- Replay cameras
- Custom Shaders Patch file config includes night mode and seasons

Alternative replay set for betonschleife by FFF789.

Thanks to Alberto Fracasso for handing me the required textures to make wet version layouts.

Any bugs, problems, observations, write them in the support thread with some pictures if you can so i can understand any problems easily.

This work is based on hundreds of pictures and some videos from the 65/70 era of Nurburgring, with emphasis in 1967. There's a few spots around the track where i didn't had any media to work on, but the scenario is roughly accurate.











Latest updates

  1. Nürburgring 1967 V1.1

    Before running this version please DELETE EXTENSION FOLDER LOCATED IN...
  2. Nürburgring 1967 V1.0.1

    V1.0: Wet versions for all layouts (Thanks to Alberto Fracasso for the textures) Tire groove...
  3. Nürburgring 1967 V1.0

    2020-01-24, V1.0: Wet versions for all layouts (Thanks to Alberto Fracasso for the textures)...

Latest reviews

Absolutely amazing!
Runs really well in VR (G2) too.
I can't imagine the time and effort you put into this track.
It's absolutely stunning! ...and bloody difficult too.
Those dudes racing this in '67... ...balls of steel.
Excellent Track! I've just hosted an online server for this awesome track, search for: A01 HISTORIC TRACKDAY @ NORDSCHLEIFE 1967
drive this track, in october, at sunset in the 60s formula jr... and you'll have the most beautiful and visceral experience asseto corsa has to offer. I literally didnt want to stop driving and racing the a.i., they're programmed very well. great job man. my new favorite Nürburgring now.
hi ive downloaded this version without any other versions of this mod and its the latest version the map will not load and i have changed the cars multiple times and its just not working i looked in the folder for the extentions folder and couldnt find it so how do i get it to run i would love to enjoy this mod i can see myself playing it for hours on end hope you can get back to me thanks
fantastic track. love the detail.
Yo Bro - TBOPN DO6Po \0
This is simply terrifying. Scarier than any horror game i've played.
Thank you so much for this. I love this version of the Nurburgring but it does seem to be a little buggy... A number of times I have span out and my car has fallen off the edge of the map! If this issue is fixed I would happily rate it as 5/5 every time.
Fantastic work, thanks a lot for your efforts to revive what that track was in the past. It's amazing to discover the differences (and similarities) with what it is today. Brilliant !
This is THE BEST track you can drive in AC!!!!!! Its the purest of racing and just take a 60´s F1 car and round you go! Also has Südschleife, Betonschleife, Steilstrecke, Touristenfahrten and all combined! Its amazing and the best mod i have ever seen! LOVE IT!
What a track ! Unbelievable !
Must've been around '67 when i had my first Lotus and - well, it was driven by a clockwork - but the direction was very clear: One day this had to become reality and now it is*.
(* Well, virtual reality, with respect to the environment )

Thank you, folks !
Hi, can you tell me which specific folder have I to delete? Thanks
Amazing track, Thank you.
I made a short video using it.
It looks good, but when I try to open the track the game take me back to the Content Manager launcher. Please tell me what I must do to play this mod.
Did you follow the installation instructions written in the overview?
Awaesome with the Lotus, thank you :)
Amazing and beautiful tracks. Thank you!
Just fantastic!!!
Absolutely stonking fantastic. Thank you for making this
dam man thi **** unbelievable! wtf! thank u so much, whats ur paypal? dam im so happy to try it lata, looks amazin! dam!
Incredible set of tracks. What a nice trip back in time.

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