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CHARADE _SPC2018 1.3

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here is my new approach to the charade circuit 8k, reconstitution on the roads of 2018 (real creation of the circuit 1958), I tried to respect a maximum, the current roads, and the vintage route, curvature of turn, defect of road felt and visual, road width, new textures, vegetations, I left nothing! so I hope this version will live up to your expectations! thank you again for your support and encouragement and criticism ,,, I wish you all a good race
remember to delete version 1.1 before installing 1.2,or1.3
to download my other circuits:

Latest updates

  1. little corectif

    little correctif 1.3 : collision wall and texture "puy de dôme"!! good race !!!
  2. CHARADE _SPC2018 1.2

    NEW UPDATE 1.2 GOOD RACE remember to delete version 1.1 before installing 1.2, THANK !
  3. charade_spc2018

    update 1.1 CHARADE _SPC2018 _regrouping the two circuits into a single file _optimisation...

Latest reviews

This track is one of my favorite tracks.
The track has a great rolling flow.
You climb up and down the hill, and bank into some turns where you flow from turn to turn while still keeping a good pace.
The scenery is really outstanding. It truly is a work of art.
This is definitely a gem... great job!
You'll definitely want to give this one a try.
Being French I knew this track by name, but never really knew what it looked like... And damn it's brilliant, thank you so much for that fantastic work !
there are a lot of little mistakes, to say that it is fantastic, it may not be the right word, but thank you very much
If you like flat circuit, please go away.
Sinuous like i love, a really must have sircuit, superb design ans weaving. A pro modder job. Thank you for this masterpiece !
thank you ,
Excellent work, thank you !
MadBrain hi, and thanks, but the road is not quite what it should be!
I was offered the laser scan data of the charade, a new version will arrive one day!
I have to finish the new version of sebring

thank you so much !:!
Graet work! Legendary track!

thank you so much
I can't stress enough how good this track is.
First, go watch some Chris Harris drives on Youtube - he raves about this track, and of course does it proud.

Then download this and attempt to drive like him!

This has become my favourite go-to test track for testing cars. You'll have one, you know the typical laptime so will know if a car is going better or worse than before...

And the track, enough elevation changes and interesting corners to 'have another go to get a bit faster'.

I can't comment on the likeness having never been there, but there's enough compression bumps and realism in there that I reckon it's tip top.

A must-have in my opinion
ahhahah thank you
I prefer to reassure you, it is not perfect, it is more fluid, less bumps, there is too much deformation of the road, one of my first projects ,,, poorly optimized ,,, but thank you very much, there will be one day some fixes, but at the moment I'm working on
This is by far one of my favorite mod tracks. It's so much fun and it looks beautiful. Definitely download it!
héhéhé good race friend !!
excellent, from driving on this track received a lot of pleasure
thank youu
Un grand, très grand bravo ! le circuit est magnifique, tant en ce qui concerne le tracé que les détails et l'environnement. En plus on a le choix entre le petit circuit, assez lent et technique, et le grand circuit, rapide et difficile. D'ailleurs, je suis désolé mais j'ai un peu déglingué le rail de sécurité en quelques endroits, j'espère que le service technique ne m'en voudra pas trop :)
Plus sérieusement, ton travail est vraiment superbe, merci beaucoup !
merci beaucoup ! thank you guys :I bring this year an update! there are corrections and improvements to be made! thanks again have fun
C'est très bien fait, du travail d'orfèvre. Really well done mate. I'm not so picky on track environment (althought here it's rich and well done), I concentrate on road feel and here it's a huge and deep immersion into driving at this track. Norma M20 fc260 or Radical SR3 are my favs here, althought a bunch of other series can be enjoyed here.

Congrats and thanks a lot for sharing.
it's a great pleasure thanks to you
silken temptress
ty guy !!
Nice track, thanks!
merci ! thank you !!
BRUTAL !!!!!, alucinante, perfecta, intensa con los TCR. muchisimas gracias, muy buen trabajo, sigue asi.
okkk lol thank you !!!
Super fun to drive this quality track!
thank you good race!
Excellente ! TU as laserscanner la piste ?
thank you!
thank you guy
Muchas Gracias =)
thank !
JUst gave the 4km a go with the acl prototypes mod, some proper racing on this wonderful track! Bumps, elevation changes, some balls to the wall corners, great fun all around!
A must have.
thank you, nice comment
Amazing track with all the elevation changes, twists and turns surrounded by thick forests. This is real joy to drive in VR. I had to google the track since it seemed almost unreal - and yes, it looks just as wild in real life. One could describe it as a twistier and more forest covered French version of Nordschleife.

This is definitely worth downloading for everyone who likes tracks that aren't as boring, safe and flat as many modern F1 circuits are.

Thank you for your amazing work!

I have one question that doesn't affect the rating I gave. Can the hanging electric/phone wires be thinner? Other great tracks also have trackside wires looking kind of thick in VR, so I guess it is hard or impossible to avoid.
thank you ! I have to finish a last project, soon to download, and after, I finish the updates of my circuits charade, rouen, ....
Just drove some vintage cars on this track and it's glorious. Super high quality.
thank youuu !!!
File size
130.4 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.87 star(s) 114 ratings

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