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BMW m3 e92 with M57 35d Diesel tuned (2 version) Diesel Tachometer + fixes

BMW m3 with an engine swap, diesel M57 Diesel

  1. robnitro
    M3 e92 with engine swap from my favorite BMW engine so far, the M57 3.0 Liter diesel.
    Search youtube 335d drag or dyno to see how much power these engines can make!
    They are torque monsters with almost no turbo lag and a very flat HP curve.
    The stock trans is a ZF 6HP which is easily tuned by XHP Flashtool to shift as fast as current day DCT's.

    M57 335d diesel engine from e90 series.
    Tune 1- JR Stage 2.8 with stock turbos and upgraded intercooler
    374 whp/ 607 ft lbs (822 Nm)

    Tune 2- JR Stage 4 with hybrid turbos, upgraded intercooler, and upgraded injection pump
    430 whp/ 656 ft lbs (889 Nm)

    To install, unzip both folders into your assettocorsa\content\CARS folder. They will be listed below the kunos BMW m3 e92 as separate tuned vehicles.

    (The sound used was very close to what a 335d sounds like. Only difference is the idle sound. Unfortunately I don't have skills with making .bank audio files for the cars


Recent Reviews

  1. romain delombaert
    romain delombaert
    Version: Diesel Tachometer + fixes
    I would love to help you create a custom sound but unfortunately I do not know, I like your version of this car thank you.
  2. Sasha Jovanovic
    Sasha Jovanovic
    Version: Diesel Tachometer + fixes
    nice Job !
  3. Blatzheiner
    Version: updated boost for stage 4
    I really loved the car and the way that it really feels like a diesel... but i will like it to be a little less M3, you know, like a standar 3 series diesel
    1. robnitro
      Author's Response
      Yeah, it was just a fantasy idea since I have a 35d. My next plan is to do the Audi R8 with TDI V12 and TDI V6 from lemans cars. They had a concept car with the V12 TDI but it didn't come out :(
  4. anthony78p
    Version: updated boost for stage 4
    nice job ! thanks
  5. Jeremy Chaim
    Jeremy Chaim
    Version: updated boost for stage 4
    Neat idea, feels like a diesel for sure. badly needs diesel sfx, though.
    1. robnitro
      Author's Response
      I agree but I don't have skills with sound, just data files/ excel calculations.
      But the sound used was very close to what a 335d sounds like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA9WXJGnV74
      Only difference is the idle sound.
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