1. T

    how to do better handling with tuning in files

    so i was just tuning some random cars like supra or gtr and when i increase torque and hp it spins out and thats normal but i just wanna know how to make them get better handling with using the assetto corsa car tuner or just from the data file, can someone teach me how to make the car get...
  2. MrWaflz55

    McLaren 720s GT4 Converion Mod 0.9

    1st Racing Studio McLaren 720s GT4 Conversion by MisterWaffles (and a few others) (Link to the required mod is included in the README file) Unlike the Genesis, this isn't available on any other website, so the only way to make this is to copy and paste the new files from this download over...
  3. FormulaET

    Ferrari F2002 Road Atlanta Tune_by Faded Dreams 1.0

    A well balanced tune for Road Atlanta and elsewhere by my pal on Steam, 'Faded Dreams' https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000874179/. Here is how badassss he is, JamesY has tuned with a reputable British team on Forza Motorsports as far back as Forza 2. He, and other notables of...
  4. robnitro

    BMW m3 e92 with M57 35d Diesel tuned (2 version) Diesel Tachometer + fixes

    M3 e92 with engine swap from my favorite BMW engine so far, the M57 3.0 Liter diesel. Search youtube 335d drag or dyno to see how much power these engines can make! They are torque monsters with almost no turbo lag and a very flat HP curve. The stock trans is a ZF 6HP which is easily tuned by...
  5. K

    Satsuma Horsepower Comparison

    Updated thread here
  6. DaBomb330

    PC2 Setup: Toyota Ts040 Silverstone Gp 1:34.2

  7. DaBomb330

    PC2 Setup: Porsche 911 GT3 R @ Laguna Seca|1:22.2