DirtRally remove DUST on lens 2016-07-17

DirtRally remove DUST on lens

  1. robnitro
    cornholio.gif Note: if anyone knows how to remove bloom and/or godrays, please help. I can only find a way to remove dust. I'm all for doing the work on the xml's, but it's not the same as previous codemasters games.

    DirtRally remove DUST on lens

    I always disliked dust on the bumper and hood cams, it's annoying and useless because of the annoying bloom.
    Those cams will show dirt/dust in the sunlight, to be clear what this removes is that exact ugliness.

    I don't like post-process off because lighting is bad- I use post-process low which looks good despite bloom and has NO BLUR (blur is garbage too haha)
    This is set inside graphics, quality-advanced ---> shader detail. (sorry for the confusion as it is not called post-process in game)

    I could not remove the bloom or godrays but I found an easy fix that removes lens dust. It works fine with online play.

    Unzip the files into postprocess folder, copy your existing reloadable.xml, overwrite existing file and play game for fun and profit :)

    dirt rally\postprocess\reloadable.xml
    just remove the whole line < to /> for dustmap
    (removing palettes doesn't do much if at all)

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


    <pssg processor="PostProcessPlugin" filename="postprocess/palettes.pssg" userdata="palettes" />

    <pssg processor="PostProcessPlugin" filename="postprocess/dustmap.pssg" userdata="dustmap" />

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