Shadows without flickering Mod instructions 2017-01-24

Dirt Rally Shadows Graphics

  1. robnitro
    (my file is attached if you need to see an example, but just edit your own to keep your other settings)

    I have been annoyed at the shadows in this game flickering, despite running 8x msaa (even adding FXAA sweetfx).

    So I looked into the file inside
    My documents
    My Games or Saved Games
    \DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings

    Change the line containing <shadows... ... > to this if you want simple shadows without flicker and no pop up.

    <shadows enabled="true" size="256" maskQuality="2" particles="false" />

    (my file is attached if you need to see an example, but just edit your own to keep your other settings)

    With game off, save this change. Run the game and you will see in the advanced graphics options "CUSTOM" instead of the Low/Medium/High/Ultra

    Background of the factory presets which are crap:

    Ultra Low uses shadows=false which gives you very little lighting which looks artificial.
    The rest are set to shadows=true, some using particles=true, but that's connected to smoke shadows setting.
    Low size="512" maskQuality="0"
    Medium size 768 maskquality 1
    High size 2048 maskquality 2
    Ultra size 3072 maskquality 2

    So size is the resolution of the shadow which makes it flicker.

    Mask is the distance of draw in.

    So I chose a very low resolution for no flicker (smoothed out shadow) and a high maskquality to stop draw in popup shadows.

Recent Reviews

  1. RasmusP
    Version: 2017-01-24
    THANK YOU so much! I can't decide if shadow on ultra or shadows on ultra low since about a year... It drives me insane -.- 4k dsr + 2x sgssaa and these damn shadows where still flickering. But ultra low looks really poor...
    This mod finally gives me ultra-ultra-low shadows :D
    1. robnitro
      Author's Response
      Yeah they badly programmed the draw in. I like a clean looking game don't care if the shadows are perfect or not!
  2. Cristiano Vaccarini
    Cristiano Vaccarini
    Version: 2017-01-24
    Good explanation thank you
    1. robnitro
      Author's Response
      Thanks, yeah I wish they gave us more control over other things. The post processing blur stinks too. I rather run low postprocess and use sweetfx fxaa with lumasharpen. Much cleaner and you can see far!
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