Colored Tachometer and Brighter Pace Notes v1

tachometer, pace notes mod colored, Proudly UN-ORIGINAL!

  1. robnitro
    Proudly UN ORIGINAL, because that is how we improve.
    I did not copy btw, I just edited the original in a way I felt was better.

    FYI to those that think they were first: (ORIGINAL MODS ON THE TACHOMETER/ETC STARTED ON APRIL 2015!

    Colored tach, Green is torque zone, yellow getting to limit. Bright red in the middle when at redline (see screenshot below).

    Some cars are faster when you shift at yellow (the torquey engines like the Subarus for example which lose power before redline). Here is how the WRC cars typically look, see the lines with the dots for HP, the restrictor plates kill power up top- but because it's turbo, they make up for it mid range. See the dotted blue line for what is typical in WRC engines around 300 hp. Of course they dyno more than rated :)
    In the past I have seen graphs for older WRC cars with similar results.
    Thread with info on why WRC have this kind of curve:


    I decided to make this and it's helpful to have green where the power doesn't drop hard meaning you don't have to upshift.

    Grey area is low power zone on most cars.

    Also includes pace notes that are brighter for the warnings and less bright for the slight corners. I don't like the audio notes, but the visual ones help me a lot!

    TO INSTALL: Optional- backup b_osd.pssg + b_osd_codriver_a.pssg first by copying or zipping up.

    Unzip both pssg files from mod to DiRT Rally\frontend\bundles folder.

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Recent Reviews

  1. comah001
    Version: v1
    very nice!!!! i like it! thanks u!
  2. megane44
    Version: v1
    1. robnitro
      Author's Response
      You know there's only 1 thing copied and it originally came out in APRIL 2015!
      The graduated colors were my idea, as you seen I posted in your thread.
      Nobody owns a colored limiter, and you can make your own version. The colors I made from scratch on the stock file, since I had a different idea on the colors.

      But this is for people, I didn't have to share it - I was using it for myself and figured a choice is better
      We don't do this for money, we do this to help others who want better of this game!
  3. xXAiykoXx
    Version: v1
    like it :)
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