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  1. Alexandre Christianini

    Peugeot 106 Rallye S2 - Soirée livery 1

    Livery for Peugeot 106 Rally S2 Mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/peugeot-106-rallye-s2.32274/ I hope you enjoy guys :) Best regards, Tuba
  2. Alexandre Christianini

    Peugeot 106 Rallye S2 - Vert Rusé livery 1.0

    Livery for Peugeot 106 Rally S2 Mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/peugeot-106-rallye-s2.32274/ I hope you enjoy guys :) Best regards, Tuba
  3. JackGeeza

    Greentrees Industrial [UK STREET RACING] 0.1

    The Greentrees Industrial Estate (based on a real location) was a street racing hotspot in the 1990s. It's simple, but fast layout was perfect for UK 90s car culture. From small, front wheel drive hatchbacks to high horse power saloons, this street racing circuit has something for every type of...
  4. Daniel Jimenez

    Peugeot 106 Rallye S2 1.1

    From the same unconventional team who brought you the Skip Barber, now the Peugeot 106 Rallye S2 comes to Assetto Corsa. Special thanks to Ben O' Bro for the driver animation, Leonardo Ratafiá for the research help, MADr1v3r for the testing and help, and all the people who contributed to this...
  5. F1TomeeHD

    Looking For Assetto Corsa league

    Dear Forum members, I hope i post my question to the good place. I'm looking for Open Wheel / Formula OR Street Cars league championships for Assetto Corsa where i can join in. I'm not a professional driver, I'd say I'm semi-pro / above beginners. I'm racing for fun for years but i want to join...
  6. A

    Track day with AI for "SSS HAGUENAU (France) Street Rally Show" 2020-01-20

    The "SSS HAGUENAU (France) Street Rally Show" is one of the better SimTRAXX additions for Assetto Corsa. Now with this few fixes it is available as Track day competition between various AI and you. Included is a small config enabling the grass, mild WetFX and the bounced light in bad weather...
  7. Ruhisu

    Mercedes CLK GTR - Need For Speed 3 style street livery 2019-11-23

    Simple street livery for those who miss the Need for Speed III vibes and would like to do some street racing against Diablo SV at L.A. Canyons Enjoy!
  8. A

    Physics reworked for Toyota GT86 2019-09-23

    This time you get 3 more cars for the price of... 0 actually. Unlike Toyota, Subaru, Eibach, Crawford and Kunos I`m not asking for your money. Have them for free. Simple thanks wouldn`t hurt, tho. As you see the numbers don`t lie. But the people who drive this car don`t do it for the numbers...
  9. L

    Traffic in Aspertsham

    Hey Guys Again, I got a question about Assetto Corsa: You might know this sweet little bavarian road called "Aspertsham" for AC. I think, It would be pretty nice to have some Ai-traffic (contraflow) through these streets. I tried myself creating some AI-lines, but i don't have that much know-how...
  10. robnitro

    Audi R8 V12 TDI Concept (diesel) 2019-9-11 new dash

    Thanks for the new dash with correct RPM range by X21_Eagle_X21! Info on the concept car that was forgotten. https://www.motor1.com/news/224275/concept-we-forgot-audi-r8-v12-tdi/ Install directions: Copy the ks_audi_r8_plus folder in assettocorsa\content\cars Rename folder to...
  11. Lemax

    Lemalands 0.2

    Lemalands Modeling this fictional track years ago, I wanted to create something that feels historical. The layout is quite simple and the entire track is simple comparing it to sim racing standards that we have today. I don't like releasing anything in these early stages, because missing track...
  12. robnitro

    BMW m3 e92 with M57 35d Diesel tuned (2 version) Diesel Tachometer + fixes

    M3 e92 with engine swap from my favorite BMW engine so far, the M57 3.0 Liter diesel. Search youtube 335d drag or dyno to see how much power these engines can make! They are torque monsters with almost no turbo lag and a very flat HP curve. The stock trans is a ZF 6HP which is easily tuned by...
  13. KOGamer

    Race Satsuma Savepack [2019] 2.0

    110 Horsepower The most powerful Satsuma available Monday 8AM start, all needs at 0 5,000 Markka Satsuma needs Gasoline, Coolant, Motor Oil & Brake/Clutch Fluid Permanent and non-permanent death saves No Jokke progress, no Jobs phoned in yet Strawberry picking maxed Ventti bet at max (you can...
  14. DeeLoo

    DE - Toyota Camry 2007 1.0

    Hello. After working on a car after car and learning the basics, I decided to create my own mods. This is my first released car, Toyota Camry 2007 Hope you guys like it. credits goes to : MohdTN: for creating the car physics Animium: FOR THE MODEL - Update: for everyone who's complaining...
  15. richar03

    Circuito Internacional de Vila Real 0.1

    This track was converted from rFactor, the original creator is Mário Morais and you can find the original track [here]. It's not that well converted but it gets the job done, for any more information just contact me and don't forget the [readme.txt] before you ask anything :) Enjoy!
  16. AccAkut

    Glas GT Exo-Rod 0.5

    Felt like sharing this thing It's a fun project I started some time last year, initially just physics to test out a solid rear axle. Then I started building a "car" around those physics. Then I started animating everything according to ACs DIR-conventions to learn that stuff. Then added...
  17. Black-Coffee

    [DCGP] Ken Nomura 2018 D1 Last Year [Street Heroes] 1.11

    Skin@[DCGP] Ken Nomura 2018 D1 Last Year v1.1 [Street Heroes ] D1GP Ken_Nomura_2018_D1_Last_Year * 以前に作成&公開したスキンを車両変更に伴いブルーガラス、 ヘッドライトスモークカバーを再現など各部変更調整。 * ウインドウバナーは[D1 type]&[DCGP type]の2種同梱 *ウインドウバナーが違うだけで2種のファイル構成は同じものです。 どちらか好みでインストールしてください。 両方同時にインストールしてスキンを適応させる事も出来ます。 AssettoCorsa...
  18. K

    Toronto MotorSport Park ,Cayuga V 2.0 final verson (maybe)

    this is our local drift track, toronto motorosport park, located in cayuga,ontario,Canada. this is my first time making a track so suggestions are more then welcomed! all walls have collisions on, rubble strips, dirt drops and media stands to get your shine on.
  19. aphidgod

    Cars Project Rex - a tuned GD-series Impreza for AC

    Once upon a time in December 2014 I decided I wanted to bring my real-life project car into a driving sim to give it a good thrashing without risking financial ruin, death, or incarceration. I was also halfway through this rather extensive build and I wanted to use the simulator to help guide...