2020 Hublot Ferrari Challenge - Revised Template w/ Fonts

2020 Hublot Ferrari Challenge - Revised Template w/ Fonts 1.0

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I hope this is okay Hublot and Ferrari?

I was playing with the skin template so that I can go through the headache for you on how to properly export your skin. I have included the necessary font pack so you can type in your number for your number panels. Yep, they made them type-able. - There were some graphic errors with the skin, namely in the accent stripe area.

I imagine that they do not want the official sponsors moved. So, I'd say leave them where they are and fit your teams logos and sponsors around them. The accent stripes I do not believe are mandatory. They did not release a Graphical Charter for skins. So, driver name location and appearance are up in the air I assume.

They have added in THREE number panel styles. I renamed all layers to English as to what they are and what they do. I have included ALL Official Mandatory sponsors that THEY have put on the cars.

I DID NOT CREATE ANYTHING. I just made this file "Skinner Friendly". I have included instructions for nVidia Texture Tool Exporter for Photoshop CC.

My car in Rosso Scuderia (hex key).

Isaac Chavira
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Great work on this template, however...
Direct from the Administrators of the Ferrari Challenge Discord, only the official Kunos/Ferrari Liveries are permitted for the series' online events.
Isaac Chavira
Isaac Chavira
I guess that explains why there is no graphical charter . Thanks for tje review buddy.
Nice and easy. thanks!!