1. S

    Speedworks Motorsport Tom Ingram Toyota Corolla BTCC 1.2

    Extract to \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\Toyota_Corolla_2020 choose car #77 and choose alt livery
  2. Haddock67

    13 New Skins Formula Ford Russell-Alexis 5.0

    13 news skins with helmets for Formula Ford Russell-Alexis. 12 based on historical liveries .... Enjoy !
  3. Defragler

    ACC Manager

    (The tool is always under development, check the notification in the tool itself to find new versions or join the discord) Requires .NET Framework 4.8 to run What is ACC Manager? ACC...
  4. Haddock67

    Skins Formula Ford Russell-Alexis 3.0 4.0

    5 new skins for F.Ford Russell-Alexis based on historical liveries
  5. Cozy61

    Race Weekend #4 F1 2022 - Italy - Imola RSS 2022 FH X-EVO 1.0

    Track, Skins, Car Skins and presets all in one file Updated with latest Pyyer, Paez, Shadow118 & Cozy61 Extensions, Skins, Crowds, Pit Crews and Trackside SFX F12022 and 2021 ACSPRH Helmets by JSoria F1 2022 ( Helmets by various Race Grid and Strength set as per Qualifying Result...
  6. T

    BMW M4 GT3 2022 | KFC-BMW-ADAC USA Racing Team 1

    BMW M4 2022 racing for KFC-BMW-ADAC US based team, as you can see by the sponsors Fully fictional, however its based on a livery i recall seeing on an R8 GT3 Feel free to edit the driver name and flag, its fully random since i didnt know what to put If the images kinda suck (quality wise)...
  7. bdd

    Skins How to remove/ change "R8 LMS" badge from Audi R8 LMS 2016?

    Hello maybe some of you guys could help me. I'm painting a few assetto corsa skins for my personal use based on the Audi R8 LMS 2016. I wonder how i can remove or change the "R8 LMS" badge which is placed in the front grill. I thought that it is like with the carbon parts which are controlled by...
  8. F_B

    BMW M1 PROCAR Martini Fictional Livery 1.0

    A little mashup from several other real Martini liveries. HOW TO USE Please copy the bottom section into your personal "bmw_m1_procar.xml" file you created. <LIVERY_OVERRIDE LIVERY="66" NAME="Martini #80" BASELIVERY="BlackWheels"> <PREVIEWIMAGE PATH="FB\" />...
  9. mkramer0820


    Feel free to message me if something doesn't work. I can try to fix it, this is my first go at a livery. Night Day + Wing Decal Update Day Side INSTRUCTIONS: This mod uses modular mods to replace the haas livery. I can add a copy paste later if needed. If you do not have the modular...
  10. ivi666

    NLS 2022 W&S AVIA Motorsport 1.0

    Hello Guys and Welcome back. So this is my second skin now on RD and i must say it was a lot more work and patience then the first one. Thats my NLS W&S Avia Skin for the URD Darche Cup It was a little bit hard to make that one because of the few rendering and bad photos on track that where on...
  11. Cozy61

    Race Weekend #3 F1 2022 - Australia 1.0

    Individual Race Weekend Presets, Skins and Track with On the Day Drivers Track, Skins and presets File in GDrive - Link in 'RW3 F1 2022 Australia_README.txt' of this download (track too large to include on RD upload) Updated with latest Pyyer, Shadow118 & Cozy61 Extensions, Skins, Crowds, Pit...
  12. eeeeeeeeeeeeer23r23

    ACFL 2022 McLaren MCL36 I McLaren Racing Audi 1.0

    since the news says audi wants to join mclaren so i made this mod! enjoy it!
  13. F_B

    Joe Crevier BMW M1 PROCAR 1981 IMSA skin 1.0

    So....this is my first published skin here. Please be gracious. :D The Joe Crevier BMW M1 PROCAR 1981 IMSA skin, raced by Al Unser Jr. and Jo Crevier in 1981. Probably not super exact everywhere but I'll hope it will work for you. HOW TO USE Please copy the bottom section into your...
  14. A

    Skinpack - Porsche 917LH, Le Mans 1969 2.0

    UPDATE : V2.0, now you can have the skins for both Legions 917LH of 1970 and 1971. Unzip the archive and read the readme before Hello gents' ! I propose you another skinpack of my own, but this time it is a little bit different. We are in 1969. Porsche wants a piece of the Le Mans cake shared...
  15. TGrinnell

    GTR2 Super GT GT500 templates?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have templates for the Super GT GT500 mod posted here? Thanks in advance.
  16. Cozy61

    Race Weekend #2 F1 2022 - Saudi Arabia 1.0

    Individual Race Weekend Presets, Skins and Track with On the Day Drivers Updated with latest Pyyer, Daniel Paez, Shadow118 & Cozy61 Extensions, Skins, Crowds, Pit Crews and Trackside SFX F12022 and 2021 ACSPRH Helmets by JSoria F1 2022 ( Helmets by various Includes; #27 AMR...
  17. Russo (GOTORVICKEN MP)

    Formula NA 2021: 7Eleven Fictional Car (Noº 7 Timony Green) 1.1

    Car made by myself for online races and competitions of Indycar This car is a FICTIONAL SKIN, not an real one. Inspirated by: Tony Kanaan 7eleven car Soon as I can, I will make the Pit Crew and the Helmet!!!!!!!!! Mod used: VRC Formula NA 2021
  18. A

    20 skins pack for Opel Kadett Blitz RHD 1.0

    Hi everyone ! I finished a new skin pack, and I hope you will enjoy it. To change a bit of style with all the F1 hype around at the moment, I propose you a new challenge : the British Blitz Cup ! Nicknamed BBC, it is a racing serie featuring the wonderfully fun Opel Kadett Blitz RHD, made...
  19. Cozy61

    DIY insert yourself Photoshop/GIMP AC_CREW template 1.1

    Layered plate to make your own files Multi purpose GT/Formula/DTM etc Just drop the finished '' file into the driver skin of choice Based on my F1 Selection here...
  20. Cozy61

    RSS FHX EV0 F1 2022 AC_Crew Pit Banners and Team Pit Wall Skins 1.2

    PLEASE NOTE_ These will work with any F1 Car Mod with a manual install EDIT 22 /03/2022 All 10 Teams plus Nico Hulkenberg added V1.2 20x AC_CREW skins for the RSS FH X EVO Mod F1 2022 skins from shadow118...