1. wesbe

    Classic "Red Bull Style" Skin - F1 2020 Livery (FOM Chassis) 1.0

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Today i want to present you my fictional Red Bull livery, that can be used in the MyTeam mode or to replace the actual Red Bull car by using this mod: Previews: If...
  2. Italya

    1999 British Formula 3 1.0

    Here are some skins for the 1999 British F3 season. There were some fairly famous and successful drivers in this particular season. Namely people like Jenson Button and Luciano Burti who both went on to drive in Formula 1 (the former obviously going on to be world champion in 2009). However...
  3. krissboo

    RSS GTM Lanzo MAd Factory Racing Livery 1.0

    Was asked to remake the Mad Factory fantasy livery that I made for Mister Waffles for the Kunos Huracan GT3 last year but port it across to the RSS GTM Lanzo mod. Had to remake this from scratch as the cars are obviously different and this has a revised and updated front end and a few hi res...
  4. Cozy61

    Guerilla Mod Toyota_S-FR Cup Round the World Skins 2.02

    These skins are for a Round The Word Challenge custom championship but I thought I'd share them in case they are of use to anyone outside of this Due to a number of...
  5. R

    Spotify F1 Team (Full Team for MyTeam) 1.2

    Hello F1 fans, This is a full package of my Spotify F1 Team (Only for My Team, using Ego ERP or Copy/Paste) It replaces the Racenet livery (for the helmet use the FOM helmet) The car sponsors are Dutch: - Heineken - Essent - Jumbo - Sligro - ING Package is included with: - Car Decals (with...
  6. monitor

    Vanilla Mazda RX7 tuned|Nulon orc endless with a couple of classic stickers 1.0

    My 2nd attempt at creating a mad livery. hf
  7. monitor

    Skins how to get the mazda rx7 tuned 'gt wing' skin working? here is the .dds file. I pull this template from the ac main folder and so far I had no luck getting it working also tried and fail to run the caliper one. Thanks in advance for your help
  8. Ferrari2016

    Brawn GP Livery - RSS Formula 2000 V10 V1.00

    Welcome to another Modern Classic Livery recreated for the wonderful RaceSimStudio Formula 2000 V10! Feel free to leave a donation if you wish to support my work :D If you enjoy this skin, be sure to leave a review and follow me over on Instagram - @tomeddie.14 for the latest WIP Livery updates!
  9. KlarkGAMER

    Honda NSX - Arte Conceito Team Liquid 2021-02-01

    Arte Conceito do time de e-sports Team Liquid. Não sou profissional, apenas estou aprendendo design gráfico. Deixem suas críticas e/ou elogios.
  10. krissboo

    Ueno CLinic Mclaren F1 GTR Livery 1.0

    I wasn't going to release this as there are a couple of versions of this skin already floating about but after some positive comments I have decided to upload this one and hope it doesn't upset anyone. Anyway this is my version of the 1995 Le Mans winning "Ueno clinic" livery for the Kunos...
  11. DrixGG

    Invictus Racing Razer Team|F1 2020 Mod My Team 2021-01-24

    "Invitus Racing Razer Team" Hi guys, I just make a mod of My Team car in F1 2020. If you want to test it, only follow this steps. INSTRUCTIONS: 1.Extract the File. 2.Go to the F1 2020 directory. 3.Copy the files to the folder. 4.Select the car on Personalitation. 5.Enjoy:). You can donate me...
  12. krissboo

    Lightning Mcqueen / Loris Rosati Livery for the Pessio Garage Ape 1.0

    I decided to have a bit of fun and make a Lightning Mcqueen livery based on Loris Rosati's modified Ape. Check it out here if you want to see it in action Loris Rosati - Ape Proto 95 I got ninja'd by @morado77 as I was a bit slow to release this, their version has the newer logos and comes with...
  13. VernWozza

    ACC Custom Livery Workshop Live Stream With Boonatix

    Hi folks. Do you want to learn how to skin cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione? Do you know how to get your skins in game? Do you know the best practices to skinning for online use? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then tune into this ACC Custom Livery Workshop Live Stream with our...
  14. D

    Fictional SCCA Formula Vee skinpack 1.0

    Had to give the little one's some love. Totally fictional F-Vee skin pack with SCCA series flavor. 22 original cars in the package. Some favorites from big teams and other series adapted along with some vintage and original stuff. Driver names are there but for humor. Stand-alone install...
  15. krissboo

    Ford GT MKII Gulf Skin 1.0

    Google VP Benjamin Sloss Treynor bought this custom Gulf liveried Ford GT MKII and I think it looks amazing so I made a version for the URD Detroit LM 2018 (I'm having loads of fun making skins for this car as you can probably tell) There's a couple of small differences like black circles...
  16. GT3RSAss

    ACL Porsche 906 Skin pack 1.0

    Here is a skin pack for the magnificent ACL Porsche 906 Carrera 6 ! At the moment there are 4 skins based on real cars but more are coming. Three of them are 906 present at the 2020 Tour Auto as you can see on the following images found on instagram. The blue one is the one and only Porsche...
  17. Wolf24h

    Lancia Delta Evoluzione Club Italia 1.0.0

    Check my profile for more info!
  18. Wolf24h

    Lancia Delta Evoluzione Martini 5 / Martini 6 1.0.0

    Check my profile for more info!
  19. Wolf24h

    Lancia Delta Evoluzione Blu Lagos / Bianco Perlato 1.0.0

    Check my profile for more info!
  20. GT3RSAss

    De Tomaso Pantera Gr.4 Skins 1.0

    x2 skins from real Pantera which participate in historic races. Instalation: Drop "skin" folder in the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\1971_pantera_group4 C: is your drive, where you have installed Assetto Corsa and it might vary (for...