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  1. L

    Jaguar XJR-15 Intercontinental Challenge 1.1

    Jaguar XJR-15 Intercontinental Challenge. A kind permission of International Simracing Organization to provide you this roaring V12 beasts for rFactor, converted by PureF1 Modding Team
  2. RD Mini Challenge | Round 1 Highlights

    RD Mini Challenge | Round 1 Highlights

    Action from Round 1 of the RaceDepartment Mini Challenge!
  3. RD Mini Challenge | Round 1 @ Watkins Glen - Friday 09/10/20

    RD Mini Challenge | Round 1 @ Watkins Glen - Friday 09/10/20

    Cockpit stream from Round 1 of the RaceDepartment.com Mini Challenge at Watkins Glen. There are a few slots available, so get yourself signed up for the next round!
  4. AMS 2 | Mini Challenge @ Curvelo - Saturday 03/10/20

    AMS 2 | Mini Challenge @ Curvelo - Saturday 03/10/20

    A race vs AI at Curvelo, using the new Mini JCW in Automobilista 2.
  5. AC | Mini Challenge @ Watkins Glen - Friday 02/10/20

    AC | Mini Challenge @ Watkins Glen - Friday 02/10/20

    Offline preparation race vs AI for the upcoming RaceDepartment Mini Challenge championship. Grid slots still available, so sign up now!
  6. RGF53K

    Ferrari Challenge Europe 2020 1.0

    https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/assetto-corsa-ferrari-488-challenge-evo-coming-as-part-of-new-esport-series.188250/ Steps to get the DLC code (base game required to activate it): Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo Select Country, fill in First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Re-enter your...
  7. Isaac Chavira


    Hello SIM Racers and Skinners, I now release my Ferrari Challenge Europe Skin Factory into the wild. I have included many configurations as I have observed in my reference photos. I could not find a Graphic Charter for the 2020 Euro series. So, I studied the cars. It appears that the Euro...
  8. Isaac Chavira

    [WOMEN IN MOTORSPORT] 2020 Ferrari Challenge EVO skin up for grabs

    Hello Lady Racers, I have a skin I made for Women in Motosport. The first female racer to PM me will have her name and nationality put on the car. I will change the flags on the mirror winglets and hood / bonnet air pressure vent. I will change the number to what ever you wish. The color is...
  9. Isaac Chavira

    [SKIN FACTORY] 2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO - North America. 1.5

    Hello Fellow SIM Racers and Skinners, Today I drop the Skin Factory for the new 2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO car brought to us by Ferrari S.p.A and Hublot®. This template will allow you make a car for any class in the North American Series. The Number Panels have type-able numbers. I have...
  10. Isaac Chavira

    Ferrari Challenge - North America & Europe Skin Factory coming soon.

    Hello Fellow Skinners, Today I have begun work on a Photoshop Skin Factory for the Ferrari Challenge since we now have the proper car to run a series. I think it would be a great addition to the RD roster and all of have cars that look the part. I have painstakingly recreated the shape of the...
  11. Isaac Chavira

    2020 Hublot Ferrari Challenge - Revised Template w/ Fonts 1.0

    Hello, I hope this is okay Hublot and Ferrari? I was playing with the skin template so that I can go through the headache for you on how to properly export your skin. I have included the necessary font pack so you can type in your number for your number panels. Yep, they made them type-able. -...
  12. N

    Display Hotlap Challenge Times App 1.0

    I found it annoying that while trying to complete all the hotlap challenges I would forget the times I was aiming for and have to quit out to check them in Content Manger. This app checks if there is a track/car combo for what you are on and gives you the times needed on-screen. Please let me...
  13. Carlos_M92

    Iron Maiden Guest Car (PCC Brasil 2018) 1.0

    Skin made for the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car from 2018 Bathurst 12h mod by Mickeyfff, SargeantSam and ThatAudiFan (https://gtr2-endurance.forumotion.org/t4355-2018-bathurst-12h-mod-skinpack-v1-2) Car was driven by Chico Horta, Dennis Dirani and Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden as guest on 2018...
  14. GeForce06

    MINI JCW Challenge Brose Racing 1.0

    Fictional MINI JCW Challenge Brose Racing I really hope you like it :) Installation: just extract to your AC root folder You will need the following mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mini-cooper-jcw-uk-challenge-f56.30469/
  15. Mascot

    MINI-branded OMP driver suit for Pessio's Mini Cooper JCW Challenge 30.01.2020

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * MINI-branded OMP driver kit for Pessio's Mini Cooper JCW Challenge, to replace the ubiquitous white Sparco stuff (which we all secretly hate)...
  16. RasmusP

    Volkswagen ID.R challenge - Top Guys' Setups Shared

    Hi folks, this is now really a setup I'm gonna share so I'll create the thread here instead of a setup thread in the setup section. I tried to get a fast time in for about 4 hours. I tweaked and tweaked, that said I'm not really familiar with setups in R3E, and found a good, balanced one and...
  17. blackcelica

    2019 Suzuka Ferrari Challenge Skin Pack 458 GT2 (24 skins in 4K) V2.0

    I present to you all my 100th download for Assetto Corsa, the 2019 Ferrari Challenge skin pack for Suzuka. 24 cars in 4k for the Ferrari 458 GT2. Deluxe carbon finish, Custom Suzuka edition Michelin Tyres, includes my 70th Ferrari Aniversary Driver suit, gloves and helmet. Hope you like it.
  18. Carlos_M92

    GT Brasil 2007-2009 extra skins 2019-05-24

    5 extra skins to be used on Brazilian GT mod (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/base-files-for-gt-brasil-2007-2013-mod.26680/) 2010-2011 extra liveries coming next week 2007 - A.Mattheis Motorsport #9 - Lamborghini Gallardo (Curitiba) 2008 - A.Mattheis Motorsport #9 - Dodge Viper CC...
  19. P

    My Summer Ruscko (reupload) 2019-03-13

    First of all, I'm sorry for just reuploading people's mods. So i will no longer include them in the save file, they will be linked later in this post. It's evening and as you're going to the toilet you think to yourself:"I need my own car." But your parents have sold the Datsun (optional) and...
  20. anto31ad

    Ferrari "GTO 288 Challenge" Liveries 1.0