1. off on

    MAD Formula Team MFTC3 Skin templates V1.0

    Templates for the MAD Formula Team MFTC3 for you to create your own skins. Included in this pack are the common templates for skinning in 2D, but there's also a 3D template so you can use Mudbox to create your car 2D template A .psd project is available for those using Photoshop, but the...
  2. Whills

    rFactor Default Track Loading Screen Templates 1.0

    rFactor Track Artwork Templates optimized and updated by Whills. Templates for making default style track artworks for rFactor. IMPORTANT: Please install the font first. Original templates made by mcoak & Taku. Autosim Circuit Layout Generator 1.33 by Alex Zhdankin. Whills Oct. 2020
  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Template for Toyota Celica GTO Mod 1.0

    Just template for the Toyota Celica GTO
  4. Kn1ght_HUN

    Looking for templates

    I am looking for templates for the following cars, which all are TCR/Touring Cars: (It can be any game, as I just testing my skills yet) Audi RS3 Hyundai Veloster N Renault Megane RS Volkswagen Golf R Opel/Vauxall Astra Honda Civic Type R (fk8) If you got any of them, please send them to me...
  5. Isaac Chavira

    2020 Hublot Ferrari Challenge - Revised Template w/ Fonts 1.0

    Hello, I hope this is okay Hublot and Ferrari? I was playing with the skin template so that I can go through the headache for you on how to properly export your skin. I have included the necessary font pack so you can type in your number for your number panels. Yep, they made them type-able. -...
  6. Ryo-wa200

    ACC GT4 Templates Part 1 1.0

    Hi everyone, decided to upload some templates with proper wireframe set up. This first file contains the templates for the following GT4 cars: * Alpine * Aston Martin * Audi I will upload the rest once i get to them. Note: I included the ambient occlusion in the template as a guide. That way...
  7. zerobandwidth

    Livery Templates for KTM X-Bow GT4 Evo (GIMP) 1.0.20200731.01

    These are the templates I created for myself in GIMP in order to make liveries for the official KTM X-Bow GT4 Evo. Included are: main body (EXT_skin.dds) other metal bits (EXT_bodyMetal.dds) interior (INT.dds) rims (rim.dds) Occlusion layers were calculated by Content Manager and then made...
  8. Steven Poirier

    Racesuit Template for your My Team 1.0

    Here a template for making your own racesuit for your driver Its a PSD files so need photoshop or anything can open it.
  9. Isaac Chavira

    2020 BMW M2 CS Skin Template Generator .90

    Hello Everyone, I have edited the rF2 S397 template to match the released production version of the BMW M2 CS for 2020. Change Log: Checkerboard Carbon Roof Carbon Lip, Wing, Diffuser & Mirror Caps Series Mandatory Decals Number Panels created and sized per reference image "Type-able"...
  10. haasje33

    FIA WEC & Le Mans Number Plates 1.0

    This is my Photoshop template for number plates for the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These number plates are optimized for use with the skin templates for Studio 397's LMP2 and GTE cars. Required font: Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold
  11. L

    Tatuus FA01 - RedBull F1 2019 0.5

    Tatuus/Abarth RedBull F1 2019 Livery with adjusted specular reflections. You can get the template here!
  12. Patrik Marek

    1998 BMW 320i STW paint template 1.0

    Painting template for the 1998 BMW 320i STW/BTCC resolution is 6144x4096, I would typically do all my paint in that resolution, and then downscale it to 3072x2048, to get some finer transition, smoothing, ability for additional sharpening etc. for 4k skins, I would recommend 4096x4096
  13. Hunter Vaners

    A template for Assetto Corsa python app 1.00001

    A Template folder and script for Assetto Corsa Python app >GitHub < I'm trying to make App developpent in Assetto Corsa easier. So here's a template folder , and a script that already include : SimInfo (for 32 & 64 bits) by Rombik , modified by me An acMain()function that already create an...

    Toyota FT-1 Vision GT GR.3 DENGO Racing GT500#39+car template 2020-04-06

    I found the skin of this car is a bit small, so I made this fictional Super GT500 DENGO Racing skin,this skin is referred to SGT500 JZA80 and SARD LM DENGO Racing skin,I also make this car template ,you can design your skin now!hope you like this!
  15. T

    Very strange custom job for Satsuma 1.0 [ithink]

    So i got bored and decided to try myself at photoshop... well... this paintjob happened. Nothing more. Also i messed up a little with trying to make carbon on hood, sorry about that :C
  16. arixant

    Spec Racer Ford SCCA Template 1.0

    Included is a 3D template containing proper contingency decals (all in vector format) to make realistic SRF skins, I originally wanted this to be released with the mod but daniel didnt really budge on my offer. US Majors Tour Ver. iRacing Ver.
  17. DonatDrifter

    Audi R8 LMS EVO (2019) skin/livery and template for Studio397 Audi R8 LMS (2016) 1.1

    When copying and pasting, overwrite all files! This is Audi R8 LMS EVO (2019) livery/skin + template pack for Studio397 Audi R8 LMS (2016). It is made in a new way of making rFactor 2 skins thanks to new PBR shaders for cars. Feel free to use, take screenshots, use the template to make skins...
  18. wesbe

    F1 2018 helmet sponsor templates Final

    As you may have noticed there are no well worked out sponsor templates for people wanting to create helmet. The already existing templates were just very bad. I dont want to flame anyone here. I just decided to do some templates which are matching with the career helmet model. Here are the...
  19. Poopenshnapples

    NASCAR Templates - Sprint + Xfinity + Camping World v1.0

    Templates (.psd) for Poopenshnapples NASCAR mods Based on the 2015 Season: - Sprint CUP Cars - Xfinity Series - Camping World Trucks Also available via DropBox.com...
  20. evandeciren

    Template 3D - Driver Helmet 2014 2018-12-23

    Template 3D Driver Helmet 2014 for Photoshop