[4K] AC Skinner Texture Pack Part I    v.

[4K] AC Skinner Texture Pack Part I v. 1.1

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For those leaving ONE star reviews:

You should familiarize yourself with skinning before leaving a one star review due to not understanding how textures work. Furthermore familiarize yourself with Photoshop and watch some skin template tutorials.


This is a set of 4K textures that include the following:

  • Carbon Ceramic Material
  • Carbonfiber (a more natural hand laid weave flow)
  • Forged Carbonfiber I
  • Forged Carbonfiber II
  • Tire Rubber (made with real tire hi-res image)

texture examples.jpg

Latest updates

  1. CARBONFIBER 4K update v1.1

    I have updated the basic carbonfiber to a much tighter 4K image for use on an entire car. This...

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Invaluable, many thanks for sharing!