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    2-ways and Race_seasons_lighting and animated river for "Krajiska Zmija" 2019-12-04

    "Krajiška Zmija" ("The Ultimate Snake") is a very good small but fun touge-type road in the Balkans. With my addition you can enjoy the course both up and down in 2-way traffic or attack the hill in Trackday with 21 AI cutting all corners. The separate layouts have different outlook with the...
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    Races and Traffic layouts for "Transfagarasan" _seasons config for CSP 2019-12-01

    The majestic "Transfagarasan" mountain pass is a backdrop to some intense racing and traffic in Assetto Corsa. At least the idea of SimTRAXX was to make it that but in v0.951 you still notice most of the game modes don`t work properly. With my update added to the track you will get the long and...
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    2-ways and Downhill_seasons and lighting for Akagi 2019-11-09

    Install: extract from 2-ways and Downhill_seasons and lighting for Akagi.7z into your "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\" and merge folders into "akagi mountain pass". This adds two more layouts and adds the lanes for A-B race downhill. In Trackday / Weekend pits can service 16 cars. In Race the...
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