1. ktulu77

    Misc Kičevo: RainFX, Seasons, LightsFX and GrassFX

    ktulu77 submitted a new resource: Kičevo: RainFX, Seasons, LightsFX and GrassFX - rain, grass, lights and seasons for the track Kičevo Read more about this resource...
  2. ktulu77

    Kičevo: RainFX, Seasons, LightsFX and GrassFX 0.1

    Custom Shader Patch config for the track Kičevo. You now have winter, autumn, lights during the night, rain, and a beautiful grass. You can install it by enabling it as a mod or by unzipping inside your assetto corsa installation. Help / feedback welcome.
  3. GTSpeedster

    GTSpeedster's AMS Stock Car V8 Lights 1.0

    Aesthetics daytime running lights, headlights and backlights always on in game. The lights are not actual working headlight projectors, meaning no significant FPS hit should occur. To install: 1. Simply copy the folder "GameData" and paste it to your main Automobilista folder; 2...
  4. Jlmp93

    Lights and stuff for ACU Yas Marina 0.8

    Lights, grass, water, fireworks, etc; config for acu_yas marina (v1.05, the one with 4 layouts) Delete the previous version (less dds files on this one) (you also need the stFlow and ksPerPixelMultiMapEmissive shaders) v0.8 main updates: -Lighting overhaul; more evenly illuminated throughout...
  5. Jlmp93

    Lippo Village Lights and more 0.8

    Lights, GrassFX, Rain FX (untested) and fireworks for Lippo Village Circuit: Drop it in your tracks folder and enjoy the view. If cars look radioactive, play around with your car lit multiplier: Some...
  6. Billy Pilgrim

    Macau at night: street lights don't come on

    In the Macau (reboot) I have, there are street lights visible but they don't light up at all at night nor do they cast light. Some other objects and building facades light up / glow as they're supposed to though. I've checked in Settings > CSP > Tracks VAO and Tracks configs and that all seems...
  7. romainrob

    SimHub Rev lights 1.1.0

    SIMHUB - REV LIGHTS Hi! This is a SimHub overlay. It will work with many SimHub supported games. It comes in 2 versions. Left to right and outside to center: You can adjust the shift point in the SimHub "Car settings" screen, as a general setting or per car: Enjoy!
  8. A

    2-way Traffic layout for "High Force" + seasons_water_grass_wetFX 2020-01-29

    Fine english country roads. In Assetto they can be used with really high force cars to attempt a fast lap. I`ve seen ~40 min for the double loop which is comparable with the LA Canyons. Mind you, in this one there`s no space for slacking. Unless you put on the "slow ai_hints" included in "data"...
  9. A

    Indy Lights 2019 - Juncos Racing #21 Rinus VeeKay - URD Formula Lights 1.1

    Indy Lights 2019 - Juncos Racing #21 Rinus VeeKay - URD Formula Lights
  10. NitruousFab

    Tracks Blinking light or streelamps light

    Hello All I am asking myself, how i can make lights for streetlamps. For example streetlamps luminating the street. At this moment i am working with RTB. Maybe someone already found the Option Object Type light. But how the heck should i do it? Ideas verry welcome. :) Best, Fab
  11. JTRaceFan17

    RSS Interior Lights Pack and Improvements v2

    I made some Interior lights for the RSS GT cars following the success of my URD lights pack. This pack also includes some improvements for the headlights of the Ferruccios and the tail lights of some cars. Here are some pictures:
  12. Xela1

    EnduLights R8 GT3 1.1

    Middle placed highbeam endurance lights for Audi R8 GT3 These files will not affect the original KUNOS .kn5 file. Place both files in: steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\config\cars\kunos U need Content Manager and shader_patch at the newest version ... see update how to controll the...
  13. Patrik Marek

    posting of modified data.acd

    This was probably already asked, but if I want to change settings on lights.ini for a mod that I'm working in, am I allowed to post it here as well ??? as long as I repack everything back into data.acd ? and I won't be changing the actual .kn5 either it will be a - new data.acd - some more...
  14. JTRaceFan17

    URD Lights Pack v3.0

    This pack contains light configs for the URD EGT and PX cars along with a tail light fix for every car that turns on the tail lights when the headlights are on. To install, extract the content folder into the main Assetto Corsa directory and put the config ini files into...
  15. RedJohn260

    Kekmet Addons 2019-01-18

    I am leaving racedepartment and not gonna further upload, update or support my mods on this site. All of the future updates and dvelopment of my mods, will be continued on Nexus. To check out the new updates go on this link: https://www.*********.com/users/20339129?tab=user+files...
  16. Blamer

    BLM Lights 1.16

    Settings (content manager > settings > apps > BLM Lights): If you want to build lights for tracks or make changes, choose one of the DEVELOPER styles With Presets Per Mode you can choose, for each game mode, the user interface to be used: Something from variuos updates: You can switch...
  17. Marocco2

    Tracks Track Lights support list so far

    I'll write here some of modded and Kunos tracks that support lights on track thanks to last lights patch 0.1.23-preview11 INTEGRATED: ks_highlands forliring tor_poznan KUNOS: ks_laguna_seca ks_brands_hatch ks_red_bull_ring ks_monza66 MODS: luccaring lemans_2017 tajo blackwood_reloaded...
  18. Peregrine

    New level of night driving with lights!

    I just found out about this mod for night this time with lights! I'll just share it here for everyone.
  19. Rupert the bear

    Razer Chroma Shift Lights 1.0

    If you have a Razer Chroma keyboard and/or mouse, then this application will utilize them as RPM indicators. It will also display your current gear to the number row and whether or not traction control and abs is enabled represented by an illuminated 't' and 'a' respectively. The colour of the...
  20. cski68

    Cars Help! lights don't work in the AC Showroom

    Here is my lights ini lights works in the game and in CM showroom but not in AC showroom can anyone see a problem? If this were my car I wouldn't care but this is for a customer.