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    LA Canyons wet config 1.0

    This is my wet config for LA Canyons. I have spent some time going around the map finding all the textures to allow csp rain to be used, I have mainly done just roads and areas you would typically take a car like driveways, parking areas, gymkhana area and a few more locations. Install...
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    WetFX road for Fonteny Tourist and 2-way 2020-02-21

    To get even more immersion into the scenery of Fonteny I made a wet overlay for the road surface. It works best if CSP and Sol are active, the wet variant of "surfaces.ini" in the layout`s "data" subfolder is present and the "Dirty" is selected for track condition. To have spray generated behind...
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    2-way Traffic layout for "Spa 1966" and CSP config 2020-02-12

    After seeing the new Fonteny and tweaking the traffic for it I had much pleasure discovering the "Spa 1966" to be of almost equal high quality. So I did the usual - wetFX chameleon surface for the roads, seasons and lighting to set the scene for hours of an extremely high speed driving...
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    2-way Traffic layout for "High Force" + seasons_water_grass_wetFX New_for_1.0

    Note 2-Oct-2021: Update doesn't include the "roam" layout which i made for the beta. It has improved lines for use with CSP AI flood which is the main focus of interest. If you want to try fitting the roam to the new version - the old download sits in "History" tab. Fine english country roads...
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    WetFX road surface for "LA Canyons" new1

    The .7z package contains a layout for "LA Canyons" in which the road has added one transparent top-most layer that reacts to dynamic changes of "Sol" weather. That way all of the original features of the road are preserved since it`s not replacement of the "main_roads.kn5". Edit 07.02.2020 -...