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2-way + seasons, animated lake, more FFB and fixes for "Simtraxx_provence_alps_F2D" 2019-12-26

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Not that it`s lacking much but I`ve had an increasing desire to prop some of the features of the original track. Here you can test the results yourself and enjoy some traffic from the AI in Track day, with or without "AI flood".

Install: make sure your "PROVENCE ALPS f2d" is in good condition and then place the content from my .7z into the track`s folder "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\simtraxx_provence_alps_F2D\". Confirm merging of folders and overwriting "06specta_hc.kn5" file. It gives you the additional traffic layout with the seasons and removes 9 spectators from the space for U-turn and pits near the hotel. All other objects for your hillclimb layout stay unchanged.
Additionally you may unpack the "more FFB road.7z" into the track`s folder and confirm all the prompts to get the 2 genuine FFB effects from the road - cracks along the full length (road_pa005.kn5) and more tangible bumps on the rough patches (road_patches_v2.kn5).
The shining through the cracks in twilight now is blocked from the floor model.
The absence of greenery in the scene even in spring is addressed by re-skinning of the "fargrass" texture. With some help from SCP and Sol it fits nicely with the surroundings

And last but not least the lake is now prettier too

For the animation the "stFlow shader" needs to be installed.

Thanks to "Simtraxx" for sharing their work so we may enjoy it!

Happy driving!
  • map traffic.jpg
    map traffic.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_miata_simtraxx_provence_alps_f2d_26-12-119-12-23-30.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_miata_simtraxx_provence_alps_f2d_26-12-119-12-24-19.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_radical_simtraxx_provence_alps_f2d_26-12-119-13-23-43.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_radical_simtraxx_provence_alps_f2d_26-12-119-13-24-4.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_radical_simtraxx_provence_alps_f2d_26-12-119-13-24-15.jpg
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Ty, love traffic mods mane.
thanks to give AC a new dimension and fun
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